Trials 1-3  


Lore #1: The Washburn Girl
Location #1: The Kumeyaay
CP: Where-When #1
Legend #1: Esteban Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #1

Lore #2: The Phantom Bells
Location #2: Lottery Numbers
CP: Where-When #2
Legend #2: Rosa Maria Leon
CP: Burden-to-Bring #2

Lore #3: The Ghost Ship
Location #3: About Gold
CP: Where-When #3
Legend #3: Ignacio Souza
CP: Burden-to-Bring #3
  Trials 4-6  

Lore #4: The Bast Curse
Location #4: Extended Family (Feral Cats)
CP: Where-When #4
Legend #4: Jorge Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #4

Lore #5: Apacheland Movie Ranch
Location #5: Jacob Waltz
CP: Where-When #5
Legend #5: David Ravello
CP: Burden-to-Bring #5

Lore #6: An Orderly Hanging
Location #6: George Hunt
CP: Where-When #6
Legend #6: Penelope Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #6
  Trials 7-9  

Lore #7: Getting in Touch
Location #7: Send Help
CP: Where-When #7
Legend #7: Doris Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #7

Lore #8: The OK Corral
Location #8: This Room is Haunted
CP: Where-When #8
Legend #8: Daniel Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #8

Lore #9: Billy the Kid
Location #9: Silver!
CP: Where-When #9
Legend #9: Maurice Arroyo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #9

  Trials 10-13  

Lore #10: Prettiest Cowboy
Location #10: Branding Cattle
CP: Where-When #10
Legend #10: Christopher Freemont
CP: Burden-to-Bring #10

Lore #11: Party Girls at the Driskill
Location #11: Remember the Alamo
CP: Where-When #11
Legend #11: Oliver Souza
CP: Burden-to-Bring #11

Lore #12: La Llorona
Location #12: Visit the Departed
CP: Where-When #12
Legend #12: Anne Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #12

Lore #13: Jean LaFitte
Location #13: Have a Drink
CP: Where-When #13
Legend #13: Victor Garcia
CP: Burden-to-Bring #13

  Putting It All Together  

Where-When - Burden-to-Bring
   New Games   

Game A - Game B - Game C - Game D - Game E - Game F - Game G - Game H - Game I - Game J

crest  Aunt Anna Is a Ghost!

So it seems that Aunt Anna isn't as dead as we all had thought. When I saw the Youtube videos go up after her death, I thought she had just been really clever with progamming and was able to remotely upload the files based upon a trigger in the game. But nope! She is doing it from beyond the grave in order to keep herself from being too bored up in heaven. §

crest  A Change in Our Mission

So it seems that we have more to do than find the Fountain of Truth. Or maybe the Fountain was just a disguise for the real mission. Either way, our number one priority now is to stop the Ghosts from destroying the world. §

crest  New Lawn Games for Life

It's nice that Aunt Anna has given us a way to bypass some of the location trials that we just cannot get at Not only that, by play testing the new games, we can find ones that the ghosts will like in heaven and won't be so bored that they need to destroy the earth. It's a win-win situation!

In order to play the new games, we have to trade in our Tough and Smart points, which will then gain us loyalty points (which are the most important as we need 1000 of them to beat the ghosts). Thankfully, Aunt Anna has scaled the points so that it is fair to all teams.

New Lawn Games
B, C, F, H, and J
(based on legends)
New Lawn Games
A, I, E, D, and G
(based on lore)
Costs (in TOUGH points) Costs (in SMARTS points)

1st place family: 80

1st place family: 50

2nd place family: 60 2nd place family: 40
3rd place family: 45 3rd place family: 25
4th place family: 20 4th place family: 10
earn 75 loyalty points earn 65 loyalty points

It'll be interesting to see what the new games are, and how many we will be able to play for points.

crest  How to Play

Aunt Anna has finally given us some more information on how to work the New Lawn Games for Life. § Doesn't seem too tough. The hardest part will be finding people who will play with you and who won't think you're absolutely bonkers. In my case, that's easier said than done, but I'm sure there are others out there who just love to gather groups of people and play silly games.

crest  Game A: Iqueque

This is a new lawn game inspired by the tale of the ghost ship and also the swimming pool game Marco Polo. Through call-and-response, blindfolded players learn each other's general location. Callers try to tag and responders try to avoid being tagged.

Players: 3 - 10, ages 6+

crest  Game D: Duel

This is a new lawn game inspired by a lore trial not yet released about the OK Corral. Players simultaneously fire silverware at cardboard boxes. The sharpest shooter wins.

Players: 2, ages 12+

crest  Game E: Overland Route

This is a new lawn game inspired by the lore trial about the Butterfield Overland Route. Players race to transport goods across the finish line by rolling them along overland with a wooden spoon. The spooncoach driver who transports the most goods wins.

Players: 2 - 4, ages 6+

crest  Game I: Bast and Mouse

This is a new lawn game inspired by the lore trial about the Bast Curse. Through tag-like chasing, one bast converts mice into basts by snagging mousetails. New basts then help out the original bast in the pursuit of the mice. The bast with the most mousetails wins.

Players: 4 - 25, ages 6