Trials 1-3  


Lore #1: The Washburn Girl
Location #1: The Kumeyaay
CP: Where-When #1
Legend #1: Esteban Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #1

Lore #2: The Phantom Bells
Location #2: Lottery Numbers
CP: Where-When #2
Legend #2: Rosa Maria Leon
CP: Burden-to-Bring #2

Lore #3: The Ghost Ship
Location #3: About Gold
CP: Where-When #3
Legend #3: Ignacio Souza
CP: Burden-to-Bring #3
  Trials 4-6  

Lore #4: The Bast Curse
Location #4: Extended Family (Feral Cats)
CP: Where-When #4
Legend #4: Jorge Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #4

Lore #5: Apacheland Movie Ranch
Location #5: Jacob Waltz
CP: Where-When #5
Legend #5: David Ravello
CP: Burden-to-Bring #5

Lore #6: An Orderly Hanging
Location #6: George Hunt
CP: Where-When #6
Legend #6: Penelope Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #6
   Trials 7-9   

Lore #7: Getting in Touch
Location #7: Send Help
CP: Where-When #7
Legend #7: Doris Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #7

Lore #8: The OK Corral
Location #8: This Room is Haunted
CP: Where-When #8
Legend #8: Daniel Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #8

Lore #9: Billy the Kid
Location #9: Silver!
CP: Where-When #9
Legend #9: Maurice Arroyo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #9

  Trials 10-13  

Lore #10: Prettiest Cowboy
Location #10: Branding Cattle
CP: Where-When #10
Legend #10: Christopher Freemont
CP: Burden-to-Bring #10

Lore #11: Party Girls at the Driskill
Location #11: Remember the Alamo
CP: Where-When #11
Legend #11: Oliver Souza
CP: Burden-to-Bring #11

Lore #12: La Llorona
Location #12: Visit the Departed
CP: Where-When #12
Legend #12: Anne Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #12

Lore #13: Jean LaFitte
Location #13: Have a Drink
CP: Where-When #13
Legend #13: Victor Garcia
CP: Burden-to-Bring #13

  Putting It All Together  

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crest  Lore Trial #7: Getting in Touch

It's a history lesson disguised as a crossword! Today we get to learn all about the Overland Mail Route, at the same time as discovering one of the stops along the way. § The crossword puzzle is fairly easy. You can find most answers via Google or Wikipedia. Once you plug the answers in, it's just a matter of finding the anagram. The answer is Fort Bowie, located 116 miles east of Tucson near Wilcox, AZ. According to the fort's website, "Fort Bowie commemorates the story of the bitter conflict between the Chiricahua Apaches and the United States military and stands as a lasting monument to the bravery and endurance of U.S. soldiers in paving the way for westward settlement and the taming of the western frontier."

crest  Location Trial #7: Send Help

Get on your hiking boots again, because it's time to hike out to the fort. According to Aunt Anna, she walked about 1.5 miles to reach the remains of the Fort. On the plus side though, there is no entrance fee. While we're there, we need to find the dates that the pictures (1 | 2) of the two forts were taken. §

Really, I shouldn't get behind in things. I have no idea who went out to the Fort, but the dates are 1867 and 1894.

crest  Challenge Piece: Where-When #7

The seventh piece of the family tree. §

crest  Legend Trial #7: Doris Ravelo

After a run of easy puzzle after a few flawed ones, we're back to being stuck on three different trials. Now I don't feel so guilty about not catching up with the guide when I wasn't feeling too hot. After last hearing about Penelope, we move onto her twin Doris. We are looking for (I think) the name of a famous singer who based one of his songs on the dreams of Doris. But like Penelope's trial, I don't even know where to begin. Sure, we have a cryptic list, but I don't know how to manipulate it. I thought maybe map the numbers to the letters in the line, but we have 13 lines and only 12 numbers, so that's out. And Ehsan refuses to help because "that lawn stuff has too much text". Ehsan has made it onto my "Sucks" list. So that's where we are. §

Aunt Anna took some pity on us and told us about another song that her sister Doris might have inspired from her dreams. She even provided a link to a mp3 that sounded so familiar. Not being a musical genius, I asked #uf for help. Rorschach thought that it sounded vaguely "dyllanish" and then xnb topped it off with the mention of Bob Zimmerman. Robert Allen Zimmerman is better known to fans as Bob Dylan and his album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan came out in 1963, three years before Doris died. The two songs are "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall" and "Blowin' in the Wind".

So, the full answer is Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall".

crest  Challenge Piece: Burden-to-Bring #7

Now we've gotten a sample letter § that we can send to Taylor showing how we deserve more loyalty points. Guess I should have put this up a week or so ago. I guess I'm just going to have to welcome our new ghost overlords with open arms. §

And add one more funky picture in for the Garcia's. §

Ravelos and Williams/Freemont §

crest  Lore Trial #8: The OK Corral

One of my favorite western movies is Tombstone. Something about Val Kilmer saying "I'm your huckleberry" gets me every time. The lastest Lore gives us a bit history on Tombstone, including the fact that Freemont street is named after one of our dear cousin's ancestors. §

If you look closely at each of the images, you'll see a bit of writing on each of the guns. My guess is that we are going to have to line up the writing on each gun by rotating them in specific ways. However, as I don't have any other than Paint at work, it's a bit difficult to manipuate the pictures (especially since there is a lot of garbage white noise around the guns obscuring the writing when I try to paste one picture on top of another).

Update: Nice to know that Aunt Anna reads this guide or the UF boards, because she ended up giving us some slightly different pictures of the guns. These added a bit of contrast to the writing and were cut apart from the completed picture, so you see bit of adjacent guns in the individual pictures. She also gave us a 'map' of where the guns were supposed to go, although I have yet to figure out what she was using as the anchor point for the guns.

Oh, and one other thing. You don't rotate half of the guns. If they are already pointing in the 'special' direction, you don't do anything with them. WTF?! Yeah, because there was so much telling us that we could safely do nothing with literally half of the guns. And I'm still working out what the 'lining all of them up in 3 rows' means.

I have to say, this is by far the worst puzzle we've had. While I'd give it a B for concept, it would get an F- in execution. Even after I put all the pieces together, I couldn't read what was written. And this is with the extra contrast. This puzzle was absolutely impossible given our first set of information. I just really have two words for this puzzle: Beta Testing.

Okay, enough ranting. The answer is Oliver House, Bisbee, AZ. It's a haunted B&B where 27 people have died since its construction. Lovely. Hopefully the person who goes there to do the Location Trial won't end up dead as well.

crest  Location 8: This Room Is Haunted

It seems that Aunt Anna has always had a thing for ghosts. When she stayed in Room #13 of the Oliver House, she played with them. §

Well, it appears this time we don't actually have to go to the location. Which is good since who wants to become ghost #28? Redhatty called the B&B and found out the name of that room is Quince Quarters. However, that doesn't work for the Challenge Piece password like it's supposed to. I don't know how it was discovered, but it appears that the name that Aunt Anna was looking for is Pomegranate.

crest  Challenge Piece: Where-When #8

I wonder if anyone has figured out what all these family tree pieces mean yet. §

crest  Legend Trial #8: Daniel Ravelo

It seems that a lot of people in Anna's family died young. Daniel was only 18. It's up to us to figure out how. § For once, we didn't need a hint to get this. Well, I did. But I maintain it's because I'm trying to write this quicklike and I didn't read the text closely enough to pick up on the big hint. §

crest  Challenge Piece: Burden-to-Bring #8

It's our invitation to the ghost party! §

The Garcia's eighth piece kinda looks like it's on fire. §

Ravelos and Williams/Freemonts §

crest  Lore #9: Billy the Kid

Does anyone remember the show The Young Riders? I loved that show. Buffalo Bill Cody (before he went onto being the star of the Celebrity Mole!), Wild Bill Hickock (before Babs became his step-mom), Marshall Sam Caine (before he became an evil Other) and Billy the Kid (who hasn't really done much since then). Ahh, good times. §

Whee! Another easy one. I'd say we're on a roll, but then the next would be hard and I don't want to jinx it. §

The Silver City Museum is located in Silver City (duh), NM. It is housed in the restored 1881 Mansard/Italianate H.B Ailman House, and the museum collection resource materials include some 20,000 objects relating to the peoples and history of southwest New Mexico.

crest  Location Trial #9: Silver!

I do have to say, I prefer silver over gold. Gold just doesn't look good on me. Of course, the bad thing about silver is that it tarnishes. Maybe I should just switch to platinum. §

Like most of the rest, I have no idea who got this answer, but it is the Bank of Tyrone.

crest  Challenge Piece: Where-When #9

Only four more pieces to go! §

crest  Legend Trial #9: Maurice Arroyo

Seriously, the ghosts are gonna torment me when they take over the Earth. I'm such a bad person. I actually giggled when I read that Maurice fell of a cliff while trying to take a picture of a butterfly. And then my next thought was, "What if it was like that CSI episode and he was pushed. And somehow he managed to take one last picture - a picture of his murderer Rafael!" And I wonder my mother looks at me funny at times. §

Remember when I said we were on a roll? We got set back a teeny tiny bit again because it seems that Aunt Anna was in a hurry and forgot a bit of the puzzle. §

crest  Challenge Piece: Burden-to-Bring #9

It's time for a Secret Santa exchange with the Souzas! Send a toy or bring a toy! I guess that's what our family representative is going to have to bring to the party. §

The Garcias, Ravelos, and Williams/Freemonts §

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