Trials 1-3  


Lore #1: The Washburn Girl
Location #1: The Kumeyaay
CP: Where-When #1
Legend #1: Esteban Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #1

Lore #2: The Phantom Bells
Location #2: Lottery Numbers
CP: Where-When #2
Legend #2: Rosa Maria Leon
CP: Burden-to-Bring #2

Lore #3: The Ghost Ship
Location #3: About Gold
CP: Where-When #3
Legend #3: Ignacio Souza
CP: Burden-to-Bring #3
  Trials 4-6  

Lore #4: The Bast Curse
Location #4: Extended Family (Feral Cats)
CP: Where-When #4
Legend #4: Jorge Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #4

Lore #5: Apacheland Movie Ranch
Location #5: Jacob Waltz
CP: Where-When #5
Legend #5: David Ravello
CP: Burden-to-Bring #5

Lore #6: An Orderly Hanging
Location #6: George Hunt
CP: Where-When #6
Legend #6: Penelope Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #6
  Trials 7-9  

Lore #7: Getting in Touch
Location #7: Send Help
CP: Where-When #7
Legend #7: Doris Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #7

Lore #8: The OK Corral
Location #8: This Room is Haunted
CP: Where-When #8
Legend #8: Daniel Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #8

Lore #9: Billy the Kid
Location #9: Silver!
CP: Where-When #9
Legend #9: Maurice Arroyo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #9

   Trials 10-13   

Lore #10: Prettiest Cowboy
Location #10: Branding Cattle
CP: Where-When #10
Legend #10: Christopher Freemont
CP: Burden-to-Bring #10

Lore #11: Party Girls at the Driskill
Location #11: Remember the Alamo
CP: Where-When #11
Legend #11: Oliver Souza
CP: Burden-to-Bring #11

Lore #12: La Llorona
Location #12: Visit the Departed
CP: Where-When #12
Legend #12: Anne Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #12

Lore #13: Jean LaFitte
Location #13: Have a Drink
CP: Where-When #13
Legend #13: Victor Garcia
CP: Burden-to-Bring #13

  Putting It All Together  

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crest  Lore Trial #10: Prettiest Cowboy

This is a story about the prettiest cowboy ever. Surprisingly, the cowboy's name is not strifey, but Eleanor McClintock Williams. I used to live off of McClintock when I USC. Never saw any cowboys there though it would have been very cool if I had. § Seriously, I'm slipping. I keep needing help on what should be easy puzzles. But maybe if they made sense I wouldn't need help. §

The New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum is in Las Cruces, NM (hey, I've been to Las Cruces!) and is 47 acres packed with real stories about real people.

crest  Location Trial #10: Branding Cattle

I grew up on a farm, but we never branded our cattle. Probably because it was a really small farm and the only other one was up the road and they didn't have the same kind of cows that we did. So pretty easy to tell when a cow went missing and where they went missing to. §

Well, I think I finally found out how we've been getting the location trials we haven't been able to get people to. Aunt Anna has a flickr account where pictures are posted! There are pictures of the ghostly keyhole, the first Fort Bowie, the second Fort Bowie, the Bank of Tyrone and the . She even has pictures of the cow brands of New Mexico. This one belongs to Tom and Nancy Kavnaugh.

crest  Challenge Piece: Where-When #10

Closer and closer. We must just have patience, grasshopper. §

crest  Legend Trial #10: Christopher Freemont

Now, I hate having my picture taking as much as the next person, but can you imagine only having one picture taken in your entire life? Would you have to run and hide whenever someone pulled out a camera so that you weren't accidently a part of it? Do you forgo getting a drivers license, passport, or even college id because of it? What about ATM cameras? §

I've been trying to learn how to knit. It's not going very well. I bought this little kit from this discount book sale and I can't even figure out how to cast on from the one tiny picture it shows. I have another knitting book somewhere that has better pictures. Maybe I'll take it up over the holidays. §

crest  Challenge Piece: Burden-to-Bring #10

I now know why we get all the funky pictures. Our burden is to distrubte information about the party. I also now know how we got enough loyalty points to satisfy the ghosts! Redhatty, Lelepooh, Rogi, and Angba have been sending out e-Christmas cards with the answers. Nice going guys! §

The Garcias, Ravelos, and Williams/Freemonts §

crest  Lore Trial #11: Party Girls at the Driskill

Let this be a lesson. If you're staying in a haunted hotel, and you come back from a night of drinking, you might get to see a ghost too! § I think Aunt Anna must be a phisher up there in heaven. Not only is she good at hiding links, she has pretty good ears so she can determine what numbers you're dialing on your cellphone and can grab all your account numbers that way. §

The Texas State Capitol is Austin and is taller than the US Capitol. It is the fourth building to be the seat of Texas government, and for those who like religious controversy, it has a granite monument of the 10 Commandments on the grounds.

crest  Location Trial #11: Remember the Alamo

I've never visited the Alamo, although I have been to Texas once. I wasn't really even close to the Alamo I don't think. Texas is a freaking huge state. I mean massive! But getting back to the Alamo, I didn't see the movie about the Alamo either. I really know nothing about the Alamo except that everybody died. Well, almost everybody if you believe The Young Riders because if you watched the show, then you'll know that Teaspoon snuck out of the Alamo and survived, although I believe he had a lot of issues over it. §

It figures, the one mission I could have gotten someone for (I have a friend who doesn't live all that far from Austin) and we technically need to visit the building. We just need to find the response to the building telling us to "Remember the Alamo". Because it's a Capitol building, it's gotta have a lot of State Seals around it, both obverse and reverse faces. If you've ever seen the reverse of the seal, you'll know it says "Remember the Alamo" and "Texas One and Indivisible" (which is the part of the pledge of alliegence to the Texas flag. I wonder if there is a pledge for the NYS flag).

crest  Challenge Piece: Where-When #11

The eleventh family tree image. §

crest  Legend Trial #11: Oliver Souza

Two things I was never really any good at: music and sports. I used to play both (flute/cello and soccer) but I was only ever medicore. Never took up squash though. I could barely hit a ball with a tennis racket let alone trying to hit a squash ball when it was bouncing around a tiny enclosed room. §

The two main clues to this puzzle: the squash court and the fact that Olie is a musician. §

crest  Challenge Piece: Burden-to-Bring #11

I got the password for the Souza's piece, but it doesn't work :( I emailed Taylor and hopefully will get a working password soon. §

The Garcias, Ravelos, and Williams/Freemonts §

crest  Lore Trial #12: La Llorona

Not only do old wives tales make good stories to scare your children into behaving, they are also great to make movies out of! § We went to some really easy puzzles in the beginning, to really hard ones in the middle, back to really easy ones again. I guess even puzzle trails have to follow a bellcurve. §

There are three cemeteries in Chappell Hill, but the Chappell Hill Masonic Cemetery has the most historic interments and is the most picturesque (at least according to one website). And tying into the Alamo from the previous Location trial, several families from men who died in the Alamo are buried in Chappell Hill.

crest  Location Trial #12: Visit the Departed

It's time to visit a cemetery! I've actually visited a lot of cemeteries ever since the Last Call Poker game. In fact, I found the coolest cemetery in Scotland, where I not only found graves that might be from my mother's side of the family, I found a pirate grave as well! How cool is that? § As I said before, Aunt Anna has been posting pictures from her initial visits on her flickr site. So we are able to find out that the epitaph for Mrs. Holmes is Thy trials ended. Thy rest is won.

crest  Challenge Piece: Where-When #12

Exciting news! This piece has the directions on it we need to figure out the missing information on the rest of the pieces! §

crest  Legend Trial #12: Anne Ravelo

I have to admit, I don't really have nightmares. I have weird dreams at times, getting bit by snakes, being unable to run from a chainsaw wielding madman, stuff like that. But I've never been actually terrified of a dream. I find that the "scarier" my dream is, the more I am able to tell that it's just a dream and I can usually work that to my advantage. Except I can't run away. Everytime I try to run in my dreams, I end up crawling on the ground. It's really quite fustrating because once I start clawing at the ground trying to pull myself along, I know I'm dreaming, but I can't stop it. Weird, huh? §

I had to get help with this, because I took the directions a bit too literally in that I only did the above/left/right blocks. You have to do all of the blocks that are touching. §

crest  Challenge Piece: Burden-to-Bring #12

We Souzas, being the important people handing out information, have just received some more information about what we are going to be doing at the party. It's a Yankee Swap! §

The Garcias, Ravelos, and Williams/Freemonts §

crest  Lore Trial #13: Jean LaFitte

So I just found out I get to leave work in an hour. Let's see if I can get these last three trials written up before then. §

This puzzle is actually much easier than it looks. §

d.b.a. New Orleans is a bar in the New Orleans area (obviously). And luckily for us, we have someone in New Orleans who knows where this is!

crest  Location Trial #13: Have a Drink

Really, in what other kind of game can you get away with going to a bar for research? § Our very own Redhatty took up this mission. I'm sure it was hard for her. She was even nice enough to help out the Souzas (as well as the rest of the families). The picture that Aunt Anna left has a tiny Taylor in it. Isn't she cute?

crest  Challenge Piece: Where-When #13

The very last piece of the family tree. Now we can solve it and find out where we have to go! §

crest  Legend Trial #13: Victor Garcia

The very last trial to complete (not counting the one location we didn't do). And I'm writing this at home because I didn't finish at work. And I'm writing this much later than I intended to as I had to fix the dvr which refused to tape Doctor Who at 8pm. But it's fixed now, and so I can finish this guide without worrying that I won't see "Welcome to Torchwood" and "Doomsday" on a bigger screen than my monitor. §

I don't know why Taylor ever thought that Aunt Anna was too good for anagrams. It seems that a bunch of the puzzles she has given out involve anagraming something. §

crest  Challenge Piece: Burden-to-Bring #13

So, the Souzas got their password, but sadly the piece isn't being released until sometime tonight. How sad :( So I guess we just keep checking back and in the meantime, we can put together all of the files that we do have so far. §

Finally got the last piece during Doctor Who. It's an rtf file with instructions on how to find Aunt Anna's will.
Daniel Ravelo had the right idea (except for the LSD). Follow his lead and locate to my will. You'll know which one to pick by looking for my jewels.

The will will direct you further to our heirloom, the process by which you can escort and amuse the ghosts, and the real real truth about all of this.

Also -- keep an eye on my flickr account. We'll post images there during the event, and we'll want y'alls help looking for orbs, ribbons, and other signs of paranormal activity!

Aunt Anna

I'm guessing we're going to have to look for a tree with jewels on it. Then it sounds like we're going on a scavenger hunt! And for those of us, stuck at home with nasty cold rainy weather, Aunt Anna is gonna keep us updated on her flickr account! Yay!

The Garcias, Ravelos, and Williams/Freemonts §