Trials 1-3  


Lore #1: The Washburn Girl
Location #1: The Kumeyaay
CP: Where-When #1
Legend #1: Esteban Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #1

Lore #2: The Phantom Bells
Location #2: Lottery Numbers
CP: Where-When #2
Legend #2: Rosa Maria Leon
CP: Burden-to-Bring #2

Lore #3: The Ghost Ship
Location #3: About Gold
CP: Where-When #3
Legend #3: Ignacio Souza
CP: Burden-to-Bring #3
   Trials 4-6   

Lore #4: The Bast Curse
Location #4: Extended Family (Feral Cats)
CP: Where-When #4
Legend #4: Jorge Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #4

Lore #5: Apacheland Movie Ranch
Location #5: Jacob Waltz
CP: Where-When #5
Legend #5: David Ravello
CP: Burden-to-Bring #5

Lore #6: An Orderly Hanging
Location #6: George Hunt
CP: Where-When #6
Legend #6: Penelope Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #6
  Trials 7-9  

Lore #7: Getting in Touch
Location #7: Send Help
CP: Where-When #7
Legend #7: Doris Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #7

Lore #8: The OK Corral
Location #8: This Room is Haunted
CP: Where-When #8
Legend #8: Daniel Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #8

Lore #9: Billy the Kid
Location #9: Silver!
CP: Where-When #9
Legend #9: Maurice Arroyo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #9

  Trials 10-13  

Lore #10: Prettiest Cowboy
Location #10: Branding Cattle
CP: Where-When #10
Legend #10: Christopher Freemont
CP: Burden-to-Bring #10

Lore #11: Party Girls at the Driskill
Location #11: Remember the Alamo
CP: Where-When #11
Legend #11: Oliver Souza
CP: Burden-to-Bring #11

Lore #12: La Llorona
Location #12: Visit the Departed
CP: Where-When #12
Legend #12: Anne Ravelo
CP: Burden-to-Bring #12

Lore #13: Jean LaFitte
Location #13: Have a Drink
CP: Where-When #13
Legend #13: Victor Garcia
CP: Burden-to-Bring #13

  Putting It All Together  

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crest  Lore Trial #4: The Bast Curse

So it appears that Aunt Anna is a cat person. Or at least she's a cat goddess person. Her latest story is about a friend who experiences the power that Bast can still have on the world. § Personally, I suck at these types of puzzles. I can never quite grasp just what the picture is supposed to be or how it is connected with the other pictures in the group. This is why I have #uf because there is always someone in there that is better at puzzles than I am. §

Encanto Park is located in Phoenix, AZ and is home to the Enchanted Island Amusement Park, someplace where I can very easily see Aunt Anna visiting in her life time.

crest  Location Trial #4: Extended Family (Feral Cats)

Just when I thought I finish updating the guide, we get two more Location Trials released. The first is taking place in Encanto Park in Phoenix. The story Aunt Anna tells revolves around her friend June, whom we met during the Bast Curse story. § So, our mission appears to be to go to Encanto Park, walk around to the back of the boathouse, and find a familiar number-letter string on the fence. However, like with the Souza BtB #3, it seems that if we go above and beyond this simple task, by befriending a cat or taking a ride on a boat, we might earn additional points. Anyone up to the challenge?

Update: Thanks in part to the Frappr! map, I was able to enlist Citizen Kane into helping out on this mission. Since he had to be in Phoenix anyway, he offered to go check out Encanto Park after he took care of some business.

Although the boat house was closed until the weekend, meaning no boat ride, and the geese kept scaring off the cats, he did manage to snap some pictures of one furry friend before finding the message on the back of the boathouse fence: MSC2121.

Thanks Citizen Kane for being a hero to all four families!

crest  Challenge Piece: Where-When #4

The answer that Citizen Kane provided for the Feral Cats mission is the password to our next piece. §

crest  Legend Trial #4: Jorge Ravelo

Aunt Anna has the oddest family connections. First there was her husband, who she met as the father-in-law of her neice. Now we meet her brother, who wasn't really her brother, but her cousin. Got that? Good. §

Once again, it's Godfather strifey who comes through for the win. He's hoping that he can win a dishwasher at the end of the game. I told him not to get his hopes up. This puzzle is better than the last two in that it doesn't have an error in it, however it does require a massive leap of logic - espeically if you rely on the flavor text to give you a hint as to what to do. §

crest  Challenge Piece: Burden-to-Bring #4

Another weird challenge piece. It seems to be another set of instructions, but I'm not really sure what it's telling us to do. §

Does this mean we are supposed to help out our fellow family members or *gasp* give them our points when we solve the puzzles? And if we give them our points for a Location or Legend trial, does that mean we would get their Challenge Pieces? I dunno. I have a feeling it's just helping out the families, which we are already doing. But it also makes me wonder - are the other families going to get the piece? Or are we the only ones who are gonna see it if the other families don't check out the links we give? Very curious.

Update: Sin Vraal was thinking that this might actually have to do with the family tree, in that two members of each family might have gotten together and had a daughter. Still not sure how that actually helps us, but it's interesting to think about.

The Garcias' new piece seems to attach to their third piece, although so far they don't attach to the first two. Guess they are going to have to get all the pieces to see what it produces. §

The Ravelos and Williams/Freemont pieces. §

crest  Lore Trial #5: Apacheland Movie Ranch

I love that the stories Aunt Anna is telling are real. Did you know that the "Western Movie Capitol of the World" was once located in Gold Canyon, Arizona? Well, the Apacheland Movie Ranch was, until it burned down (for the second time) in 2004. § This one so far is a bit tricky. We've found part of the puzzle, but we're having a small problem trying to figure out what to do with it. §

Well, obviously we're having some serious problems with this puzzle. We've gotten numerous hints, but still we are no closer to solving this.

Hint #1: Taylor found an excel file that has all of the same letters as in the flash and the Youtube video (discovered during the course of the Ignacio trial). It's not a big hint, but it should make working with the puzzle a little easier.

Hint #2: After various emails with Taylor, Redhatty on UF has gotten what is considered to be an accurate count of the sounds in the video. Other emails have hinted that this is what will guide us through the wordsearch part of the puzzle. This series of sounds then repeats two times. Originally it was thought that there were four knocks after the ten footsteps, but this has been ruled incorrect.

Hint #3: A RTF document has been found by Taylor. It is an email conversation she had with her Aunt discussing a dream about a math equation. § Presumably, this equation ([(x(1), y) , (x(2), a) , (x(3), b)] * n) is what will guide us through the maze, along with the sounds from the video (which I'm guessing is the n). Unfortunately, I just don't understand what the equation means. (And can it be called an equation if it doesn't have some sort of equals sign?)

Hint #4: Since we're still not getting it when the math equation, there is a new picture file of a pair of sneakers in the trial folder. If you look closely, you can just make out some writing on the sole of the sneaker. At the very least there is a giant X there, but with the blurryness and the color scheme, it's hard to tell if the other marks are important or not.

Hint #5: More email hints from Taylor via Redhatty. This gives us more of an idea of what we're supposed to be looking for. The hint is, there are 2 words - 9 letters total and the format is: _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Somehow, this still isn't clicking for me.

Okay, latest update from the puzzle geniuses of #uf. I think they have nailed the method, although there seems to be a flaw somewhere as the answer really doesn't make sense (even moreso than my thought that FAMOSASLOUGH was nonsense). §

Ahh, flawed puzzles. How I love thee. It seems that Aunt Anna sucks at math and goofed up on the grid. The above solution was the correct method, and Taylor is gonna try to fix things so that it comes out correctly. The solution was supposed to be La Peralta. Regardless, the Souzas came in first place, so we're making up some lost ground. Well, strifey is making up lost ground for the Souzas since he's been the one to solve the puzzles I've been stuck on for the most part. I'm dubbing him the honorary Godfather of the Souzas so he can go around granting favors people can't refuse.

La Peralta is, I believe, a reference to the Peralta Trailhead located in the Superstition Mountains. It provides access to Peralta, Bluff Springs, and the Dutchman's Trails.

crest  Location Trial #5: Jacob Waltz

These Location Trials are getting complicated. Sure you could go out and do the bare minimum, but if you go above and beyond, you can get extra points! Who doesn't want that? §

So to recap:
To solve the trial, you must find the date and time Taylor entered the Jacob's trail (to learn something about the family).
To gain Toughness points, find a cactus and take a photograph with your family crest in the shot. (Note to self, find a Souza crest.) Nevermind. Taylor has one for us already.
To gain Loyalty points, take a picture of any rope you find along the way.
To gain Smart points, unearth some stone maps with cute carvings and cryptic Spanish words on them and take a picture.

Now, to go find someone in Phoenix who doesn't mind taking a hike.

crest  Legend Trial #5: David Ravello

We now need to read the sad story about how Anna's brother David died on Christmas Day. No, he didn't break his neck trying to climb down a chimney to suprise his young kids or fall off the roof after electocuting himself trying to out-do the next door neighbor's Christmas display. §

It's nice to have an easy puzzle this time around after getting so stuck on the previous few. In fact, this was solved by Rogi before I even knew there was a new puzzle. Taylor must keep some really late hours since this one went up during the middle of the night. §

crest  Challenge Piece: Burden-to-Bring #5

The Souza's have some more Christmas cards. The cards are addressed in the same sequence as in the fourth burden-to-bring piece. §

Under each name is a series of locations. Could it be where the families have lived? Do we need to figure out what the question marks mean for each family? §

The Garcia pieces are fitting together a little bit more. I think. It's kinda hard to tell at times, especially when it comes to the first two pieces. I'm still curious as to what is over the top of all the pictures. §

As it's 11pm the day before the ghosts invade, I'm having a hard time coming up with clever lines for the Ravelo and Williams/Freemont pieces. So I just won't bother anymore. §

crest  Lore Trial #6: An Orderly Hanging

Our newest Lore trial seems to be a tough one. It's been 3 days since it's been unlocked and we're really no closer to solving it than we were when we first saw it. § Okay, so where to go on this one. First off is the picture of the miners. If you look in the image directory, you'll see that there are actually two miner pictures. The first picture has the names John Martin, Mike Ramsey, Cxc Thva, U.M. Gbce, "Wugu", Fo, and Aujha Rct. The second picture names are Chet Wyant, "Bob" Spires, "Bob" Edwards, Sam Rais, Tom McKevitt, George Penn, O.W. Mi??, Dell Neil, Frank Gibson, "Curley" O'Brien, and Joe Higdon.

Several times in the story Aunt Anna has told, she mentions baseball and batting averages. So I'm going out on a limb here and saying that baseball batting averages is the key to the puzzle. Looking up all of the names from the pictures, only three appear to be baseball players: John Martin (who could also be Pepper Martin), Mike Ramsey, and Frank Gibson. With only three names being players, it scratches the idea that the batting averages spelled something out. On the bright side, we still have all of the weird names and the rest of the regular names that could be manipulated somehow.

Luckily for us, Taylor found some journal pages that Aunt Anna had written during her stay in Arizona. This seems to shed a little more light on what we are supposed to be doing. §

Okay, so based upon the journal entries, it seems as if the "weird" names are in some sort of 'shift cipher'. Doing a straight ROT doesn't give us anything, so it's probably a vigenere cipher. The children of Globe would use scores from the swim meet to determine their keywords. It's possible that the batting averages of the men would be our keywords. The fact that Anna says she recognized two of the men probably means that we're looking at John Martin and Mike Ramsey. John Martin batted .205 and Mike Ramsey batted .279. Pepper Martin, the other possiblity for John, batted a .298. However, even after parsing the numbers different (20-5 to 2-0-5), using different values for A (A=1 or A=0), using Pepper's number instead of John's or switching the order of Martin and Ramsey, no results were usable. The idea also popped up from strifey that we may have to alphabetize the ciphered names ("an orderly hanging" could mean alphabetize), but even alphabetizing via last name, or taking each word separately still didn't give me anything usable. I guess it's back to the drawing board.

Well, with one last clue finally gives us the hint that we need to solve this. I really can't figure out how we were supposed to know that one specific year was important vs a career average. Unless it is the year from the journals. That's gotta be it, although you certainly couldn't have figured that part out without them. §

The Cobre Valley Center for the Arts is located in the historic Gila County courthouse. It features a Fine Art Gallery, Exhibitions, Theatre, Artist Studios, Classes, Music Academy, Dance Studio, Frame Shop, and Gift Shop. The courthouse building was established in 1906 and was used until 1976. In 1984, the CVCA was formed to restore the building and to be a center of creativity in the area. Maybe Aunt Anna wants us to take a dance class and film it!

Puzzle Analysis §

crest  Location Trial #6: George Hunt

So we're off to the Gila Courthouse, aka the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to find a giant keyhole there and discover the what a supervising ghost is trying to tell us. §

Not sure who discovered the answer, but it appears to be Edwards 1906.

crest  Challenge Piece: Where-When #6

One piece closer to filling out the entire family tree. §

crest  Legend Trial #6: Penelope Ravelo

You would think in the case of identical twins, they would share many of the same qualities. When it comes to Penelope and Doris, Anna tells us that Penelope got all of the looks and grace. She also seemed to have gotten the wild streak, as she loved to skydive when she wasn't trying to act in Hollywood (or waitressing to make money to do both). §

Right now, the best guess is that this is some sort of Morse code puzzle, but just taking the .s and -s gets me very little. Especially since there aren't too many dashes at all in the text. But the numerous short paragraphs are pointing to something, and the phrase "as she dashed around between rehearsals and her job at the diner" might also be a clue, but I don't know to what. Yet.

Okay, it is some sort of morse puzzle. Aunt Anna provided a picture of what she thought was a pedal of an old sewing machine. But it's really what they used to send out telegraph messages by morse. But we already it's not based upon puncutation. So what then? §

Georgia "Tiny" Broadwick was the first woman to parachute out of a plane and the first woman to parachute into water. She also became the first person to free fall after her static line became tangled and she had to cut herself free.

crest  Challenge Piece: Burden-to-Bring #6

More overlay pictures for the Garcia's. §

Ravelos and Williams/Freemont §

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