Citizen One on the Run
And Citizen Zero is the winner! Or at least she's won the right to update the website in order to let us know what is going on. One has decided to run things from the shadows in order to protect the rest of the Elite. But if I were this Unknown Enemy, I would start taking down as many Elite as I could to try to force One out. I guess it depends on what the Unknown Enemy's endgame is. §
Third Time Is the Charm?
So with Citizen One on the run, the Citizen Skywatch campaign went completely dark. As in not a peep or a whisper of an update to the campaign. Certainly not the first time it happened, but after eleven months of silence and the release of the XCOM: Enemy Unknown game in October 2012, I had written this off as deceased. I mean, if they were going to bring it back, it would have been around the time of the game release, right?

So when a mysterious box arrived in the mail containing items linking it to the I.D.D. and Citizen Skywatch, I figured it was just leftover assets from the game and that I was getting them as a token of appreciation for writing this guide. After all, none of the original websites ( or worked anymore. Nevertheless, I dutifully took pictures of the items and then posted to the original 2k thread about my box in case anyone wanted to see.

Imagine my surprise when someone else said that they too had received a box and that their contents were slightly different than mine. Could it be that this wasn't really dead? But why bring back a campaign for a game that had already been out 6 months? None of it made any sense, especially when Codex was given the URL of a new website that wasn't activated yet. So while we struggled to figure out what was going on, we could at least examine the boxes.
The Confidential Boxes
As word of the campaign resurrection spread, new reports of boxes started to be found on the internet. We determined that there were at least 9 boxes sent out. While most of the contents were the same, there were significant differences between the boxes. Most notably was that each box received a file folder that had a different number and word written on it. These folders seemed to be giving us a message:
  1. (source: Codex)
  2. SECURITY (source: Matt Lees of
  3. ACCESS (source: My box)
  4. CODE (source:
  5. ALPHA (source: GameReactor)
  6. Unknown
  7. Unknown
  8. CLEARANCE (source: GameInformer)

So we almost have what the security code is, but with the website still not active, it doesn't do us much good. So let's check out the rest of the contents instead. Although some boxes didn't contain all of the items, a lot of the content was the same.
  • Note with Filmstrip §
  • File folder §
  • After Action Report §
  • XCOM Operations SITREP §
  • Examination Checklist §
  • Pima, NM Postcard §
  • Map of Rosemont, GA §
  • I.D.D./Citizen Skywatch memo §
  • Hidden Photo: Front -- Back (Item No. 04 4/23/62)
  • Eradite Verum Lighter
  • Bottle with unknown black liquid
  • Ashtray with black gunk
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