Citizen Skywatch starts out by letting us know that the invasion has begun and that Citizen One wants us to join in the fight. You can tell Citizen One from all other Citizens because instead of an actual face, his head sports a giant number 1, which seems very unhuman to me. Maybe Citizen One is really an alien from Planet Numbers and is trying to get us to wage a war against the 26 species of Planet Alphabet (whose faces would of course sport giant letters). If we are practicing due dilligence, then we must at least entertain this idea that we could be helping Citizen One perpetuate inter-species genocide.

But until we have proof of Citizen One's stellar domination plans, let's "believe" that Citizen One is just a mild-mannered (if disfigured) patriot who is only looking out for our best interests. After all, he does have a nifty recruiting poster. §
Keeping Informed
Citizen One may not bother to alert all past IDD recruits as to what is going on, but he is determined to make sure that those who have followed him are kept well informed. So he has laid all out the different ways for his fellow citizen fighters to stay informed. He's set up a bulletin board at the 2kgames forums, a Facebook recruitment page, a Twitter feed, and of course the main webpage at §
Incident in Red Wind
Ooh! Now things are getting exciting. There's been an "incident" reported by Citizen 19 in Northern California. The photo seems to show one of those strange lightning strikes (like from the Yankee Doodle sighting). We still don't know exactly what this is, and Citizen 1 even encourages us to not jump to conclusions as this could be just a hoax. §

The next day, however, Citizen One does seem to provide some confirmation of the storm. He was able to get a RADAR report from a confidential source showing the phenomenon and even suggesting that it was being controlled somehow. Of course, the RADAR report doesn't give us any new information about just what this is, but I guess confidential sources can't give us everything. §

Citizen 19 was eventually able to put together this timeline of events in Red Wind.
  • 8:30 PM: Ball lightning sightings until approx. 9:50 several miles from initial site. Interviewed eye witnesses speculated govt testing
  • 9:30 PM: Lightning "strikes" in "formation" reported
  • 11:00 PM: County police reporting isolated dust devils over scanner.
  • 11:30-12:15 AM: Circular cloudlike formation with lightning strikes sighted
  • before dawn in Hearaldton: Rippling heat spotted above the mountaintop despite the cool weather
Citizen Zero
Meet Citizen Zero: the right hand (wo)man of Citizen One. She is the Chief Co-ordinator in North America and the Central Liaison globally. (Sadly, her speciality isn't spelling specialty correctly.) She also speaks with absolute authority for Citizen One and filters all information to him, so we had better hope that they never have a falling out or things could get messy. Like what would happen if Citizen Zero started working for the enemy and gave Citizen One bad intel? Can you imagine the consequences that could have? §
Preliminary Reports
Citizen One is now receiving reports of incidents from past members of the IDD. Not completely sure how much stock we should put into their reports, but at least they seem to back up what Citizen One has been telling us. §
N.U.F.O.S. Spat
So it seems that Citizen Skywatch doesn't always get along with other Unexplained Phenomenon groups. Apparently other organizations just aren't as displined, dedicated (and of course as cool) as Citizen Skywatch. Seems to be a bit like the pot smack talking the kettle, but what do I know? At the very least, the Northern California chapter of N.U.F.O.S. got about the same amount of information on the Red Wind incident as Citzen Skywatch, so they can't be complete deluded crackpots. §
Recap of West Coast Events
Citizen One is wanting to make sure that we're all on the same page, so he's recapping the evidence from the recent West Coast events. I do find it funny that after smack-talking N.U.F.O.S. for being deluded, the Mount Shasta reports comes directly from the last N.U.F.O.S. newsletter (although they aren't explicitly mentioned by Citizen One here). §
Enemy Agents in Oregon
Here's some new information about the mysterious shapeshifting figures that N.U.F.O.S. first reported. A motel clerk spotted one staying in a vacent room. He even managed to snap a picture of it. (And since this is supposed to be taking place in the 1960s, we can safely rule out Photoshop.) §

These mysterious figures really seem to get around. One was also spotted at the American Stonehenge in Maryhill, Oregon (or Washington if you want to be correct). Witnesses reported someone crawling along the top of the slabs after hours possibly trying to figure out the purpose of the structure. (It's actually a monument to soldiers who died in World War I.) The witnesses were able to get a photograph of the individual, although afterwards, the figure started staring in the direction of the witnesses even though they were hidden in the dark. As there was 300+ miles between occurances on the same night, it's a bit doubtful that they were the same individual, unless they have a better transportation system then we do.
Washington State Activity Nearing Climax
Lots of incidents have been reported around Washington State. Random lightning strikes on clear days, radio & tv inteference, strange men appearing around. As the focal point seems to be the Convention Center in Seattle, Citizen One is calling on any local agents to check in at the Convention Center so that they can be ready for Operation: Papa Alpha X-Ray. It's probably a good thing that Penny Arcade Expo is going on at the same time (August 26 - 28) so that agents can blend in more easily. §
Hanover Site Sabotage
The shadowy figures have struck again - this time at Hanover Site, a nuclear facility. I'm guessing it must be the top-secret twin of Hanford Site, a (now) decommissioned nuclear production complex on the Columbia River in Washington State. Anyway, workers at Hanover Site are investigating damage to the reactor - but it's unknown if the damage is sabotage or accidental damage while the intruders were doing experimental testing. §
Seattle Aerial Activity
More sightings of strange lightning and mysterious figures have been reported in Seattle. This is good news for Operation: Papa Alpha X-Ray. Citizen Soliders should be able to gather a lot of information over the weekend, although Citizen 13 is hoping for a bigger prize: the capture of one of the mysterious people. §
Unknown Agents in Seattle
It's okay everybody! False alarm! All the weird lightning and stuff has just been a new kind of firework. Or at least that is story someone is now trying to spread. I suppose it's good enough to keep regular citizens from getting too upset over weird lightning and people with shapeshifting faces. §

If only that were the end of the story. But it seems that Deputy Chief McElroy was so upset with people launching un-permitted fireworks that he contacted the Expo Organization Committee telling them that they needed to have permits in order to launch these new fireworks. One problem: the Expo Committee had no knowledge of anyone using fireworks. To make matters worse, their offices were broken into and blueprints relating to the Space Needle have gone missing. They suspect some strange acting gentlemen with foreign accents to be behind the theft. §
Operation P.A.X. Begins
Operation P.A.X. is here. Citizen soldiers will receive information for a field meeting to discuss evidence gathered by Citizen 13. Members should report to the HQ early for briefings and be ready at 6:30pm at The Rock Bottom Brewery for an evidence presentation. §
Operation P.A.X. Recap
Operation P.A.X. started with Citizen Soldiers visting the Recruitment HQ inside the Convention Center. As they waited in line, many of them were questioned by Citizen Agents wanting to know if they were Communists or not. On the walls of the office were many pieces of evidence - some of which were taken directly from the I.D.D (which now have the red HOAX and the blue REMOVED FROM EVIDENCE stamps all over them). There was also a large blackboard with all sorts of writing on it (including some Morse Code that translates to LISTEN TO THE RADIO).

Recruits eventually made their way into a medical room where they were again questioned, this time by a nurse and/or scientist. Some recruits were given Rorschach tests while others were asked their opinions on various pieces of evidence. Eventually, recuits were asked if they wanted to join Citizen Skywatch. If they were, they were taken to another room, asked their name, city and technical speciality and given an ID card.

The new recruits were also told to meet Citizen 13 at The Rock Bottom Brewery at 6:30pm to receive new information. Reports are a bit sketchy as to what exactly happened, but it seems there was some sort of police presence, a man was shot and this corpse was left behind. A video taken in the bar not long afterwards suggests that the man who was killed was Citizen 13.
Alert and Shelter Cards
The next day, Citizen 13's body was moved near the Headquarters inside the Convention Center and new recruits were continued to be signed up. After the joined Citizen Skywatch, they were then told to go visit the 2k Games booth. At the booth, they were given either a blue alert card (which has a slogan on the back) or a red shelter card (with a QR code) and sent on their way.

While that was happening, @citizenskywatch tweeted a couple cryptic messages:
  • Citizen 13 left us signs. The blue unlocks the red. The key is on the chalkboard. #citizenskywatch Operation #PAX
  • The secret of Citizen 13 is in the cards. For every fallout shelter, there is a warning siren. Operation #PAX

It's soon figured out that "the blue" refers to the blue Stay Alert cards while "the red" were the red Shelter cards given out at the 2k Games booth by saying "Citizen Zero sent me". Each of the blue cards was numbered 1 through 10 and contained a phrase. Each of the red cards had a QR code on the back that, when scanned, would compose a tweet numbered 1 through 10 and a long string of gibberish letters.

Looking back at chalkboard, you'll notice a square in the middle marked by the words "Transmission Grid" and "Quebec Romeo". This is a handdrawn representation of a QR code - like what is on the back of the red Shelter cards. Above the square is the phrase "I REVENGE" which is an anagram of Vigenere. This is given us the hint that the string of letters tweeted by the QR code is a Vigenère cipher. To unlock/decode the string, we'll need the blue card that has the same number as the red. §

So it seems that Citizen 13 may not be dead after all - if he is indeed the person who wrote the messages. But it seems like a pretty good bet because I can't imagine that the CSW Headquarters would be giving out messages from some random person pretending to be Citizen 13.
Imminent Menance
Citizen One has posted a disturbing X-ray of the corpse from Operation P.A.X. You can see how the weird crystalline structure goes right through his head. Hopefully, whoever he was, he didn't suffer too badly. §
Operation P.A.X. Documents
Now that Operation P.A.X. has concluded, Citizen One has posted links to the Recruitment Docs that were given out as well as a forum where Citizen Soldiers are discussing the codes that were found on the cards. §
New Photographic Evidence
New evidence of the strange mysterious figures has been received from an unknown source. Dun dun dunnnnn. The picture definitely looks like it could be from an alien. Either that or someone has flashlights for eyes. There's also a strange code written at the bottom of the photograph: 01111 00011 00 000 01 0100 00 0001 0. §

The code is discovered to be not binary, but Morse Code. Zeros are dots and ones are dashes:
.---- ...-- .. ... .- .-.. .. ...- .


I really hope that Citizen 13 is the one that sent the photo and is not meant to be the alien figure in the picture.
Disappearances in Washington
There has been a growing number of disapperances from the forests in western Washington State. In fact, there have been so many, that they are now posting warning signs not to hike alone. There's also a handy-dandy clue to the previous picture with the 1s and 0s on it. On the corners of the sign you'll see that it tells you that ones are dashes and zeros are dots. §
Weather Warfare
So maybe all the strange occurances that have been happening aren't extraterrestrial in origin after all. Agents in Washington State intercepted a cache of documents showing that the United States have been conducting their own weather manipulation projects. One of the more interesting projects is Tesla's research into ball lightning and trying to create a Death Ray. §

There's another binary / Morse code written on the margins of the first page of the memo from Citizen 13:
--. --- ...- . .-. -. -- . -. - .- --. . -. - ... --- -. -- -.-- - .-. .- .. .-.. .-- . .-.. .-.. .-. . .-.. . .- ... . -- --- .-. . .. -. ..-. --- ... --- --- -. .---- ...--


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