Mind Control Weather
Reports have started coming in that there may be more to the weather disturbances than had been previously known. Now it seems that people are being randomly affected by the storms. They vanish for a short time, and when they reappear, they exhibit emtional distances and other strange behaviors. §
Missing NYC Man
The strange weather has claimed yet another victim. A college student from Queens, NY went missing after a violent weather outburst - all because he wanted to make sure that his comic book collection was safe. I guess the Communists are worried about sci-fi geeks figuring out their secrets. §
Spywatch Is Back
Spywatch is back to placing ads in newspapers telling us to beware of who we trust. Citizen One wants us to be on our toes in case they try to contact any of us. §
Training Manual
We've all been promoted! Sort of. We're now officially authorized to act as Field Operatives and gather material/information for Citizen Skywatch. Citizen One even posted an informational field manual to give us a overview of what our new responsibilites are and how to fulfill them. §

At only ten pages long, the Field Manual really isn't all that informative. Basically it just tells us to keep our eyes open, watch out for strange events and spies, and keep all information safe. It does have a bunch of black and white pictures that would make for a great coloring book if you are trying to train some younger Citizen Soldiers into taking up the good fight. §
Thirteen and Spywatch
Citizen Thirteen continues his life on the run, but he still checks in with Citizen One to let One know that Thirteen always keeps the bigger picture in mind. Which is probably good for Thirteen since One seems to be getting rather testy about Citizen Spywatch. One is now seeing spies everywhere and informs us that if we don't report all contact that we have with CPW immediately afterwards, we could under suspicion of disloyalty. §
Locke and Key Email
Recruits started receiving emails from Citizen Spywatch. There were actually two different encoded messages called SpywatchA and SpywatchB. §

It was noticed that the files had different images on the top. SpywatchA had a picture of John Locke and SpywatchB had a picture of Francis Scott Key. It's surmised that these two ciphers are a Lock and Key of each other.

Using that idea, we then need to decode the Key part (Cipher B) first. It's a Vigenčre cipher where the keyword is the first stanza (minus a few words) of Francis Scott Key's most famous work, The Star-Spangled Banner
Keyword: O! say can you see by the dawn’s early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there; O! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, O’er the land of t

Decode: Congratulations, darling. You've found the "key," haven't you? But it won't do you a blessed bit of good until you've found the other bit you turn it in. Perhaps a friend has it, somewhere out there in the great web of this big wide world. Perhaps a fellow Citizen Soldier has pegged it to the bulletin board. Worth a look then, isn't it? Maintain virulence and stand by for further disorder. Kisses, Citizen None.

We then take this decode and use it as the Vigenčre keyword for Locke part (Cipher A). This gives us the final decoded message from Spywatch.
Tired of being a dutiful citizen? Wondering what dear old One is up to, anyhow? Are you so sure he and his Elite are playing the right side of the game? When he accuses Spywatch of casting about disinformation, does that make him more the pot or the kettle? Haven't all his paranormal claims been called hoaxes by every reasonable authority, time and again? Don't you know a flim-flam scheme when you see one?

Is he against the government or all for it? You lovelies taped all his confetti together, but you never asked what party it came from. There could be every reason One was shunned. He's convinced you the government is lying. But what if the lies are true, and the truth are lies? You can tell what stinks when you follow the flies. Get on the side of the angels. Maybe we know something you don't after all. Don't put your trust in names that hide behind numbers. Keep tabs on the elite and question all your orders. More to come. Don't call us, we'll call you. Maintain virulence and standby for further disorder. Kisses, Citizen None.

You have to admit that None has a point. We don't really know where all this information is coming from. But at the same time, if all of these pieces of evidence are supposed to make me distrust One, they aren't doing a very good job of it. Basically what I've been seeing is a man fighting for what he believes in getting run out of his job because of special interests. I'm actually more inclined to trust One if he is indeed the ex-Deputy Director of the I.D.D.
Phonecall from Spywatch
All of the Citizen Soldiers who had their phone numbers listed in their profile on CitizenSkywatch.com received a strange phone call from someone claiming to be from Citizen Spywatch. There were actually four different phone calls, each with a different message spelled out in the Joint Army/Navy Phoentic Alphabet. §

It's noticed that each of the encoded strings have the same amount of letters. By putting them in the correct order and reading down, you can decode the message.

Don't believe everything you receive. If the story doesn't add up perhaps the facts have been subtracted. One has shown his papers and continues to forge ahead. What lies along the primrose path for the easily led?

Needless to say, Citizen One is pretty pissed. §
Break-in at Headquarters
Citizen Spywatch is really upping their game. They have now broken into Citizen Skywatch's headquarters and searched through some sensitive documents. A security camera was able to get a picture of the intruder - and their glowing eyes seem rather familiar. Except now Citizen One is saying that the glowing eyes is not indictive of aliens, but rather just some mundane night-vision gear. That seems disappointing somehow. §
Witness Vanishes
Things are not going well for Citizen Skywatch. First their headquarters is broken into. Now a key witness has been abducted in NYC before she was able to talk to Citizen Thirteen about the strange weather activity there. Did someone from Spywatch take her? Or was it one of the people behind the weather patterns? Either way, expect security to become tighter. §
Trust Is Earned!
Citizen One is not a happy bunny. He's really upset about all the breaches in security and the fact that everyone is out to get him. So to make matters worse, he's basically declared everyone a potential suspect until they have proven themselves. But don't worry - as long as you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. §
Citizen Thirteen Suspended
Citizen One's campaign of Trust or Guilt has claimed its first victim: Citizen Thirteen. Some unnamed Citizen Soliders suspected Thirteen to have been in contact with Spywatch and informed One about their suspicions. Thirteen was then debriefed by Citizen Q, a previously unknown member of the Elite. Despite (and perhaps because of) his testimony, Thirteen's status has been suspended for the time being. §
Sharing Information
Citizen One must be sick or something. He's decided to actually share some top secret information with us instead of just accusing us all of being spies. §

It took a day or so for the Elite to censor out part of the report, but we finally got some of the 'top secret data' that One promised us. §
Message from Spywatch
Spywatch has sent another message to Skywatch - this time asking that they share information on the strange individuals who broke into Skywatch headquarters since they claim it wasn't a member of Spywatch. Or who knows, maybe it was and Spywatch just wants to know how much information Skywatch has on one of its members. Again, the whole "Don't Trust A/Don't Trust B" thing is so very confusing. §
Communist Mole Alert
This can't be good. The latest post on CitizenSkywatch.com has not come from Citizen One but from Citzen Q, our favorite Grand Inquisitor. It seems that he (or she) intercepted a Federal communique that indicates that there is a Communist mole within Citizen Skywatch and that it is the same person who taunts us as Citizen Spywatch. To ferret the mole out, Q has been given sweeping new powers and we should prepare ourselves for an investigation to determine our loyalty. §
Citizen Thirteen Escapes
It's gone from bad to worse. Because One is "otherwise occupied" dealing with the aftermath from the security breaches, Q has "temporarily" taken command of CSW. Not only that, but we're also being informed that Thirteen is the presumed Communist mole and escaped custody with help of other possible moles. And so, if we don't want to be accused of being a mole, we must report any and all Communist activity and any information we have about the whereabouts of Thirteen. §
Comic From Thirteen
Right after Thirteen escaped, he sent out a bunch of packages containing a comic starring himself. I guess he had a lot of free time while being locked up if he was able to put the thing together so quickly. Wonder if he raided the copy machines at Citizen Skywatch headquarters or if he found some sort of precursor to Kinko's after he escaped.

Unfortunately, the recipients of the comics didn't post any high-resolution scans of the comic. While the picture of the cover is readable, the comic panels themselves are not (although we do have one close-up panel image).

Amongst the panels were strings of letters and numbers (like SU5UQUIO in the close-up panel). There was a hint to what these strings meant on the front cover in the lower left corner. The sticker says that it is the "PRODUCT OF BASE 64". Taking all the strings and running them through a Base64 decoder gives you the following:
According to Citizen One, what must we always maintain?
This is the key to solving the cipher on the front of the comic. The top left corner hints that this is a Playfair cipher. The keyword to set up the alphabet table is the answer to the Base64 question, which is 'VIGILANCE'. As Playfair uses a 5x5 square, you need to omit one letter when setting it up, usually either J or Q. In this case, the Q is dropped (a slight dig at Citizen Q perhaps?)
Citizens One and Thirteen joining forces on secret mission to expose enemy spies undermining Skywatch. Stand by for major new operations.
Wow - that's some big news. Does that mean One helped Thirteen escape? I can't imagine that Q would be very happy about that.

Q however is playing things close to his chest. His latest update has him continuing to maintain that he is Good, Thirteen is Evil, and One is A-OK with everything that Q is doing. So please don't believe any lies that you read. §
New (Dis)Information Campaign by Spywatch
Despite what I'm sure was Q's best investigative efforts, Spywatch is still around and sending taunting messages. Q is now afraid that Spywatch will be sending more 'disinformation packages' through the mail. It must really bother Q that, although he was able to become the voice of Citizen One, he still can't silence Spywatch. §

Citizen Spywatch did indeed send out some packages - hollowed out books with various documents inside. And this time the contents are bombshells. These documents say that the entire I.D.D. was a hoax made up by the man we know as the Deputy Director/Citizen One after having his analysis of unusual weather patterns rejected by his superiors. §

Like I said, bombshell stuff. So where do we go from here? Obviously someone has been lying to us and providing false documents. The question is, who? There are a couple of possibilities.
  • The documents from the original four Operations detailing the founding of the I.D.D. are fake.
  • The documents from the Spywatch book saying that the Deputy Director is a fraud are fake.

It's a bit of a toss-up, but I'm leaning towards the Spywatch book documents being fake. It's entirely plausible that Spywatch created these documents after they realized that we didn't care about One being the Deputy Director but that we would care about being pulled into a massive hoax. And they would be right. But if you can't tell one set of forgeries from another, then who do you decide to trust?

Unfortunately for Spywatch, these latest set of documents just don't feel right, at least to me. Reveiwing Citizen Q's memos, there are a couple of phrases (rank-and-file members / cell-like structure) that he "borrows" from the memos between the FBI and the CIA. Certainly it could just be a coincidence that they both just happened to use the same phrases, it could also be a side effect of writing copy for a rush job.

There's also the issue of Jane. If the documents about the I.D.D. being legimiate are fake, then the inclusion of the Jane references is a brilliant stroke to dismiss any suspicions. I mean, if you're building a frame of paperwork for a fake organization, it isn't too difficult to come up with the fact that you'll need lots of inter-office memos to make the fraud seem real. But not many people would be able to think of creating fake documents concerning the effect of a business dissolution on loved ones.

But of course, there is one last wrinkle. The handwriting purported to be One's in the original set of documents is awfully similiar to the handwriting of Thirteen's in this last set. You can see it most in the Rs. You'll notice that each of them write a small capital letter R instead of a normal lower case r. The Zs are fairly close as well. So what can we deduce from this? That One and Thirteen are the same person? I'm not entirely sure how that could work with One and Thirteen sending telegrams back and forth to each other (unless Zero was helping). I'm not even sure what it would accomplish unless it was meant to allow One greater freedom. It's possible that they are both seperate people, but that just one of them wrote all the letters. But I can't think of any scenario where that would end up actually making sense. There's also the possibility about them being related to each other somehow and that is why they have similar handwriting. At least that reason doesn't give a split personality disorder to someone. (I hoping that the true reason isn't just that there is only one person with legible handwriting on the PM team.)

Despite all of that, there is one fact that seems to be indisuptible even when all of the evidence is taking into consideration: Citizen Q is still a dick. He's proud to stand in as the leader of Citizen Skywatch now that One can't be trusted. And as soon as One is available for questioning, Q plans to execute an investigation. §
The Mole Is Revealed
And The Mole is... Corbin Bernsen! Okay, I'm lying. Sadly, he was never The Mole and was always booted out of Celebrity Mole way too quickly. I was also really sad when Al fell victim in the second season. I can never hear Tiny Bubbles without thinking of him.

Okay, okay. The real mole is... Citizen Q! Not only that, but when it was discovered that he was attempting to undermine CSW by releasing potentially embarrassing documents, One did one better and flipped the tables on Q by flooding us with a bunch of disinformation. Because we are also told that One is really Citizen Spywatch! §

I'm guessing that documents from the Spywatch book declaring the I.D.D. to be a fraud are now definitely fake and that One created them in order to help flush out Q. It also seems probable that One and Thirteen were working together in order to lull Q into a false sense of security. So things can go back to normal now, right?
One Is In Danger
Oops! Spoke too soon. Another intruder has been found at Headquarters, this time demanding to know the whereabouts of One. Citizen 11 was assaulted when he tried to stop the intruder, but luckily One wasn't around at the time. I wonder if the intruder has been working with Q and was looking for One for some revenge. §
November 22nd Call
Two new calls went out to Citizen Soldiers - two very long, very Morse codey calls. They were also very encrypted calls - each call was only made up of five letters: A, D, F, G, and X. That made transcribing so much fun. §

The cipher is a modified version of an old World War I cipher called, unsurprisingly, an ADFGX cipher. It works by setting up a 5x5 alphabet square and labeling the rows/columns with A, D, F, G, X, so that each plaintext letter is identified by two cipher letters. In the original cipher, the message would then be subjected to a columnar transposition based upon a keyword. The Skywatch cipher does away with that so the letters we have are able to directly be decoded from the 5x5 table. §

So One is now going underground. And with Thirteen already on the run and Q being arrested, is there anyone around to run things? I guess there's always Zero (although it would be hilarious if Zero was really the mole and Q was just her lackey).
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