Citizen Spywatch
It seems that there is some dissent within the ranks. Someone is questioning Citizen One's leadership and has created a new website at as a bit of a challenge. Whoever is running CitizenSpywatch does have a good point about us knowing nothing about who we are following. This of course is not sitting well with the Citizen Skywatch leadership. §
Citizen Thirteen on the Run
An all points bulletin went out that Citizen Thirteen was on the run intercepting top secret information across the country. The notices on Facebook and Twitter are still readable, but the original message that was on (referenced here) is missing-in-action. Luckily, someone was kind enough to save and upload the photo so that those of us who came in late can still see it. §
Mysterious Mines
Washington State is a very bad place to be right now, although Oregon might be next if the southwestern trend of events continues. First it was the random ball lightning strikes, then disappearing hikers, and now mysterious mines popping up in the forests. No one knows who is digging these rectangular trenches, but it is speculated that whoever is behind it is also behind the missing hikers. §
Strange Phone Calls
After making sure their contact information was update in the CSW database, recruits started receiving strange phone calls from Citizen Skywatch. Depending on your location, you received one of two calls. §

If you can get past the static in the recordings, the Morse code decodes as two different URLs to visit: and
Crystal Polecat and Emerald Vanguard
Each of the websites was broadcasting a numbers station (although they have now been shut down). Luckily, Limer was able to record the full streams and upload them for prosterity.
  • Operation Crystal Polecat §
  • Operation Emerald Vanguard §
Recruits were able to reverse engineer the locations of two other broadcasts (Mercury Teacup and Tomato Powderkeg) but they quickly went dark, indicating they weren't supposed to be found quite so early. However, players were able to get a transcription of Mercury Teacup before it disappered. §
Coded Letters
Citizen One just let us know about some of the strange coorespondence they get in on a regular basis. They suspect there is a code behind the messages, but have not been able to crack it yet. §
Punch Cards
Citizen Skywatch has just received a shipment of punch cards. Unfortunately, as they do not have an Infinivac Network terminal, they cannot decode the punch cards themselves. They need our help to do it. §

The punch cards keep repeating the same set of numbers over and over: 0 0100 00 10 0 1 0000 0 11 00 000 000 00 111 10 00 000 00 10 1 0000 0 10 001 11 1000 0 010 000. Using our binary/Morse decode this gives us ELINE THE MISSION IS IN THE NUMBERS, which at this point in time doesn't make much sense. There's also a number of actual punch outs on the cards. If you look back at the letter to dear Aunt Ethel, you can just make out two outlines that just happen to be in the shape of the two punch cards. If you overlay the cards onto the letter, you get a new message from Citizen 13:
Citizen spywatch isn't to be trusted are agents playing games with us? VEcatV Maybe the key I am back on the move friends are sharing informaton about One which I hope to soon! reveal thirteen
So Citizen 13 doesn't trust Citizen Spywatch, but I can't tell if he trusts Citizen One. If he's gathering information about him, then probably not. Citizen 13 also mentions VECATV again. Whatever this is, it must be important.
Mercury Teacup Changed
A new phone call came through to recruits alerting them that Mercury Teacup parameters had been changed. Going to the site, players found a new version of the message being broadcast. §
Disinformation Campaign
Things are not running smoothly in Citizen Skywatchland. Someone from Spywatch took out a classified ad in a Los Angeles area newspaper hinting that they've been in touch Citizen 13 and have given him the location of the secret files of CSW. But if Citizen 13 told us via the punch cards not to trust Spywatch, then why would he accept their information? Or does he not realize that he's getting the information from a Spywatch member? After all, if Spywatch has information on the leaders of CSW, it stands to reason that they are also members of CSW and thus could be acquainted with Citizen 13. The whole thing is very confusing. §
Telegram from Thirteen
Thirteen sent a telegram to One saying that he's seen the papers that he was pointed to by Citizen Spywatch. Although the documents are possibly damaging, Thirteen still trusts One and thinks that sharing the information with the rest of Citizen Skywatch is the best way to move forward. §
First Operation Results
Those attending Operation Crystal Polecat went to Randy's Donuts in Inglewood and were handed a blue box filled with donuts. The box also contained a false bottom filled with photos, documents, shredded papers and a patch. §

The Emerald Vanguard attendees were instructed to meet at a Boston bookstore where they retrieved an egg from an "Out of Order" chicken machine. The eggs had a Citizen Skywatch sticker and inside contained a code that directed recruits to ask for a book from a clerk. The book was titled To Conquer An Enemy Unknown and it was written by Citizen One. The book was hollowed out and inside there were more documents, photos, shredded paper and a patch. GalFriday was able to take video of some of the operation. §

A few days later, Citizen Skywatch updates members on the success of the operations. Oddly, they only post a couple of pieces of recovered documentation and don't even link to where the others could be found. Oh well. I guess the information we received wasn't bombshelly enough for them. §
Tomato Powderkeg Call
Yet another Morse Code phone call was placed to recruits. This led to the last of the number stations, §

The Tomato Powderkeg broadcast is fairly annoying if you only speak English. That's because half of the broadcast is in French and the other half is in Japanese (with a few English numbers thrown in just for fun). However, you really only need to be able to count up to 26 since it turns out to be just a simple Alphabet code. §
Training Session Scheduled
While Operation Emerald Vanguard and Operation Crystal Polecat were a success, the Citizen Elite feel that its Citizen Soldiers need some specialized training, so they are starting a series of Training Sessions to prepare recuits for field operations. The first is taking place in Austin, Texas on October 2nd. §
Judge Dispassionately
Just a brief reminder from Citizen One about not believing the government disinformation campaign. With the upcoming weekend operations, more possibly damaging information could be revealed and we are urged to keep an open mind about what we learn. §
Tomato Powderkeg and Mercury Teacup
Operation Tomato Powderkeg had recruits taking a tour of Eastern State Penitentiary. Before their tour, they were handed sealed orders that told them to find the Prisoner in Cell #9 and tell him "13 IS MY LUCKY NUMBER". Recruits were then handed a cigarette box that contained classified evidence about Citizen One. §

In Operation Mercury Teacup, recruits were sent to 826 Valencia. There they had to find drawer 066. Inside the drawer, there were rolled up scrolls that needed to be decoded using an Atbash Cipher (ZYX becomes ABC). After decoding and telling the clerk "A man with a limp left something behind", they were given a plunger that was hollow and contained the classified evidence. §

Operations Tomato Powderkeg and Mercury Teacup were a success. Citizen Soliders uncovered quite a few documents regarding the start of Citzen Skywatch. It seems that two of the main players are/were the Deputy Director of the I.D.D. and a Colonel Jack Cutter of the Pro-American Anti-Red League. Are either of these individuals Citizen One? §
The Shredded Documents
With the completion of all the missions, we now have enough partial reconstructions to fully recreate the original documents (minus a few words here or there). There aren't any huge bombshells in the documents, so I'm not entirely sure why they were shredded in the first place. §

So what have all these documents told us? Citizen One is almost certainly the ex-Deputy Director of the I.D.D. The I.D.D. also seems to have pissed a whole bunch of people off with the way they were going about things - to the point where more powerful people were able to have it shut down after conducting a smear campaign. Unfortunately for them, they didn't seem to account for One's complete belief in the project and his willingness to see it through to the end. With help from retired Colonel Cutter of the Pro-American Anti-Red League, One was able to launch Citizen Skywatch - but not without making a personal sacrifice. He sent his girlfriend/wife/loved one Jane away for her own safety. Probably a smart move considering he has people harassing him via phone calls who know about Jane. Let's hope that they don't get their hands on her, because I would hate to see One have to make that choice.
Recruitment Meeting Reminder
The all important recruitment meeting is upon us and Citizen One wants to make sure that all those who can attend do so. For those of us unable to attend, they will make sure that we have access to all vital information so that we can prepare ourselves on our own time. §
Strange Weather in Texas
It seems that someone is not happy with Citizen Skywatch's decision to hold a recruitment session in Austin, Texas. A wave of strange weather conditions has been spotted over the city. But fear not! Citizen Skywatch is not going to be scared away. The recruitment meeting will take place as scheduled! §
Report from Operation Round-up
Unfortunately, due to "secrecy", the recap from Operation Round-up wasn't nearly as thorough as all of the previous Operations. What we do know is that recruits were given an ID card and a Recruitment kit. The kit contained a pin to identify fellow Soldiers on the street and Skywatch Field Manual detailing the responsibilites of every Citizen Soldier. Recruits were also put through several tests and shown some slides and a brief film, but sadly no descriptions of either are available.
Picture Recap of Operations
Citizen One has posted a bunch of photos from all of the different Operations showing anonymoized Citizen Soldiers during the Operations. If they had people there watching with a camera, maybe the Operations were more tests to see what the Citizen Soldiers would do and less about picking up the material from Thirteen.

Images from Operation Emerald Vanguard. §

Images from Operation Crystal Polecat. §

Images from Operation Tomato Powderkeg. §

Images from Operation Mercury Teacup. §

Images from Operation Round-up. §
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