PEU-17-1312 / Telly Pappadakis
Case Number: PEU-17-1312
Persons Involved: Telly Pappadakis, age 53 (deceased)
Janice Pappadakis, age 27 (missing)
Jack Carver, age 30 (missing)
Date: Unknown
Location: Rio Muerto, CA

Orange Dossier
Evidence #37

Handle with Caution.

Rio Muerto, CA. Apparent homicide Telly Pappadakis. Remains found in desert near diner.
Black substance collected from corpse & surrounded area.

Image 1 --- Image 2 --- Image 3 --- Image 4

Orange Dossier


Analyzed substance contains marked quantities of carbon 
suggesting organic origin, high traces of silicates imply 
non-organic / chemical. Compound's profile does not 
correlate to known substances on record. Accuracy of 
sample < 50%. May contain contaminants from collection 
sources (e.g. sand, human blood).

Gray Dossier


In the back loading area of the Go-Grilla Diner, State Police investigate the suspected homicide of business owner Telly Pappadakis. SACRAMENTO - Yesterday, California Highway Pa- trolmen discovered the gruesomely disfigure dre- [sic] mains of the missing owner of a roadsider diner. Two weeks ago at midnight, Telly Pappadakis, 53, was seen closing up the Go-Grilla Diner off Highway 66 near Rio Muerto. He was probably in the company of his wife Janice, 27, and an itinerant handyman known as Jack Carver, about 30, both of whom lived at Pappadakis's nearby house. The next day, the diner was closed. Soon, local resi- dents realized all three individuals were missing. The local sheriff investigated the property and dis- covered broken furniture and other signs of a strug- gle in the back offices of the Go-Grilla Diner.
Despite an ongoing search, no trace of Pappadakis was found until the Highway Patrol was contacted re- garding what was believed to be an animal corpse lying along a desert road. The disfigured corpse of Pappadakkis [sic] was discov- ered over one mile due east of his property. The Highway Patrol has turned the investigation over to the California State Police. Official reports indicate that the body was gro- tesquely disfigured and was partially covered with a black substance, resembling tar though looser and more fluid. State police are currently investigating the possibility that the tarry fluid was poured on Pappadakis's flesh in an effort to torture him, or to disfigure the body in an attempt to destroy identify- ing marks. Police strongly suspect that the battered, bruised Pappadakis was the victim of foul play. Mrs. Pappadakis and Jack Carver remain missing.

Note: This is on the reverse side of the 'Congressional Candidate Asks: "Who Lost China?"' article.
PEU-23-1789 / Amy J. Framington
Case Number: PEU-23-1789
Persons Involved: Amy J. Framington, age 33 (deceased)
Arthur R. Framington, age 34
Date: Mar. 26 19??, 6:05pm (or earlier)
Location: 1720 Harker, Willikie, NJ

Gold Dossier
Police Department
County of Willikie

4409-112 03/23

MARKS ON FLOOR. in black fluid, viscous. Consistent with women's shoes (note heel marks), apparent struggle
Appears to have been dragged several feet, then poss. lifted through broken window. (see 113-115)

Orange Dossier
Evidence #10

Handle with Caution.

Willikie, NJ. Disapp. of Amy J. Framington, 33. Collected from living room floor.
Black substance spattered on floor, carpet, sofa, etc.

Gold Dossier

Subject found .25 miles from incident.
Mutilated, covered in substance unknown.
Attire matches last known description of
victim. Cloth sample. Poss. contaminated.
Do not handle directly.

                     COLLECTED 03-23-XXXX
Cloth sample

Gold Dossier
                             POLICE DEPARTMENT
                             CITY OF WILLIKIE

                                                 Date: Mar. 26 19XX


Address:     1720 HARKER                         Phone No. XXXXX

Offense: Breaking & Entering / poss. kidnap      Reported by: A. Framington

Address: same                                    Phone No.

Date and Time Offense Committed: Mar. 23 6:05 P.M. or earlier

Place of Occurrence: 1720 Harker

Person or Property Attacked: Same

How Attacked: B&E - Door kicked in or otherwise forced

Person Wanted: FOUR PERSONS UNKNOWN - men in nondescript white collar    
   shirts, ties, hats. At least one armed. Add'l description to come.

Value of Property Stolen: N/A                    Value Recovered:

Details of Complaint (list, describe and give value of property stole, if any)

Arthur Framington claims he arrived at home shortly after 6:00 pm and 
was alarmed to find the front door open, jamb apparently broken. He noted
muddy footprints, broken furniture, black markings on wall (possibly 
related to a fire reported earlier in the day by neighbors - Fire Dept. 
report to come). Framington began calling for his wife Amy Jean and 
surprised four caucasian male intruders. Framington says some had cam-
eras, and were snapping photos, another appeared to be taking notes (or
measurements, unclear). At least one was visibly armed. Framington 
interrupted them, began demanding answers. They brusquely ignored him, 
advised that their identity was "none of your business." They piled 
into a waiting sedan (no plates seen), possibly driven by a fifth man. 
Framington then learned from neighbors about an apparent electrical 
fire earlier that day (about noon) and that no one had seen his wife 
since. Framington angrily called the police department thinking the 
intruders were detective and/or reporters and dismayed to learnt that 
Willikie PD has no information on identity  of men. Unclear if damages 
to house are a result of intruders or previous electrical fire. Black 
marks on floor prev. unnoticed by firefighters suggest a possible 
struggle with attackers. (See evidence photo #112)_ APB issued for 
Amy Jean Framington on suspicion that she is missing, or possibly a 
kidnap victim. Arthur Framington has been directed to sketch artist 
and mugshot files in attempt to identify intruders.

UNFOUNDED               [ ]                      OFFICERS: XXXXX
INACTIVE                [ ]

                        DIVISION: ROBBERY        TIME: 03/23 10:20pm

FORM No. 3745

Gray Dossier


WILLIKIE - Following a series of unusual circumstances, Mrs. Amy Jean Framington, 33, remains missing. The Willikie housewife was last seen at a local grocery store at 10:30 A.M. Thursday. Mrs. Framington apparently headed home. At about noon, several neighbors reported sighting black smoke near the Framington house after the area's power was briefly interrupted. Alarmed at the possibility of an electrical fire, they contacted emergency services. Firefighters arrived at the scene to find minimal damage to the house and no sign of a blaze. However, black markings from a tar-like substance were found on the floors and walls. No sign of Mrs. Framington was evident. Her husband, Arthur Framington, 34, was in New York City on business and could not be reached by authorities. He returned home to discover several men in shirt sleeves and fedoras prowling around the property and snapping photos. They ignored Mr. Framington and hurriedly left. Mr. Framington has not heard from his wife. Anyone with information regarding the accident or Mrs. Framington's whereabouts are urged to contact the police department.

Note: This is on the reverse side of the 'Project Cirrus' article.
PEU-33-1499 / Betty Lou Harman & William Wallace Kaylem
Case Number: PEU-33-1499
Persons Involved: Betty Lou Harman, age 19 (deceased)
William Wallace Kaylem (suspect)
Date: around February 2nd
Location: Burroughsville, KS (Millhaus College)

Orange Dossier

Handle with Caution.

Burroughsville, KS Disappearance of Betty Lou Harman. Material
found on site & clothing of suspect W.W. "Lem" Kaylem.

Front --- Back --- Vial

Silver Dossier

Corpse heavily mutilated. Dental records 
match records of XXXXX

Do not release info to other agencies, 
White House staff or Congressional 
inquiry or next of kin.
Front --- Back

Silver Dossier
PEU-33-1499 R#4

                             INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT
                             TOPEKA FIELD OFFICE


       Q - XXXXXX

(4th REEL cont. from previous)

Q: 	-- (cuts in) times do I have to ask this, Kaylem?

KAYLEM: Until you stop, apparently.

Q: 	You think this is fun - do you think this is funny?


Q: 	Do you know whose daughter she was?

KAYLEM: Of course I know, why do you think she was with me?

Q: 	Do you admit it - 

KAYLEM: Jesus.

Q: 	You were trying to seduce, you were trying to turn her - 

KAYLEM: We've done this.

Q: 	-- to the Communist party.

KAYLEM: She came to me.

Q: 	You made her drop out, you lured. her.

PEU-33-1499 R#4                                           PG 2

                             INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT
                             TOPEKA FIELD OFFICE

KAYLEM: She knew who I was, she'd seen me on campus. She
	came to the bookstore, she was looking for a place to,
	to get away.

Q: 	And you were just being altruistic, I guess.

KAYLEM: (snickers) If you saw those legs, you wouldn't have
	said no - 

Q:	Careful, that's a Congressman's little girl you're
	talking about.
	(Incoherent sounds from Kaylem)

Q: 	What?

KAYLEM: [inaudible]

Q:	Yeah, you'd better be.

KAYLEM: I - I don't - I just -- What the hell does this matter
	anyway? She's dead, anyway.

Q: 	Exactly. What did you do to her?

KAYLEM: What did I - did you see her? You think I did that?

Q: 	You or your friends - some kind of experiment, right?
	You got bored with her - 

KAYLEM: Oh, God.

Q: 	- and you decided to try it out on her.

KAYLEM: You really think that.

Q: 	Some kind of weapon. You were trying it out.

KAYLEM: Jesus - you think this is me? That's all you got
	to go on? Man, you're screwed. This entire country's

Q: 	Okay, okay. Shut it down  (Tape cuts.)

Silver Dossier
File with PEU 33-1499

NAME: William Wallace KAYLEM

ALIASES: Lem Kaylem; William Wallace;
         W.W. Kaylem

DESCRIPTION : Born 04-02-28 Detroit, Mich.
              5' 10" 160 lbs. blue eyes,
              straw blond / brown hair (receding).
              Lanky build, sallow

LOCALITIES  : The Worker's Bookshelf (leftist
              bookstore, employee); Millhaus
              University (part time student & 
              Communist Party organizer). 
              Resides 917 Vickers (same as

FAMILY      : Married GrXXXXX 6. Divorce 1949.
              (Suspected sham marriage for citizenship).
              Father S.Sgt XXXXX Kaylem (deceased).

BACKGROUND  : Member of various socialist / communist organiz. 
              since 1935. Filed for conscientious objector
              status 1942; when challenged, suffered "industrial
              accident at job damaging right hand. Declared 4-F.
              Suspected party organizer. Frequently speaks
              at campus sites, questioning U.S. foreign policy,
              praising Stalinist regime.

CRIMINAL    : Detroit PD# 1XXXXX Several petty thefts &
HISTORY       misdemeanors. Burroughsville PD# 178XXXXX possession
              of marijuana. Disorderly conduct, public nuisance.
              Purchasing alcohol for minors.

ASSOCIATES  : Known member of Communist Party. Frequent visits
              to Party office in Detroit, MI.

Gray Dossier


BURROUGHSVILLE, KS - The body of college sophomore Betty Lou Harman, 19, has been found. She was the daughter of State Representative Fredric Baines Harman, best known for his outspoken stance against Soviet influences here and abroad. Miss Harman was the object of a missing persons probe quietly conducted by the F.B.I. following her abrupt departure mid-semester from Millhaus College. Local rumors hint that a local Communist party organizer has been apprehended for questioning. Official sources have refused to comment.

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PEU-41-3319 / "Yankee Doodle" Sighting
Case Number: PEU-41-3319
Persons Involved: Unknown
Date: July 2nd, 2:45pm
Location: Blueburgh, OH

Indigo Dossier

Clearest known photographic example of 
isolated fog / lightning storm incidents.

No meteorological explanation. 
(See attached.) Offic. attrib. 
to 'fire-works'. 
Image 1 --- Image 2

Indigo Dossier

July 2nd

Hi 79°     Lo 63°

Precip: 0%

Winds WSW 5 mph

Dry, clear & cloudless...
a perfect day to picnic!

Indigo Dossier
[Reverse of article]


[...]hit at the bottom of the [...]was a triple. With a final [...]core, triumphant Bluebirds [...]ed the win and secured a [...]the state finals. The edi- [...]staff of the Blueburgh Ga- [...]congratulates our bold [...]League Stars and wishes [...]the best of luck, as they [...]Akron next Saturday!

Front --- Back
PEU-56-3222 / Mount Serendip
Case Number: PEU-56-3222
Persons Involved: Art Bassman (witness)
Date: Unknown
Location: Mount Serendip, MT

Orange Dossier

Handle with Caution.

Mt. Serendip - found in environment after isolated fog
& lightning storm incident. Collected from pine tree
bark near campsite.

Front --- Back

Gray Dossier


"It was unlike anything I'd ever seen," said camper Art Bassman, a Montana resident camping near the base of Mount Serendip. He was talking about an isolated incident of black fog and lightning recently reported by several campers. The next morning, broken branches, scattered debris and dam- aged cabins resembled the aftermath of a small tornado, said witnesses. The event occurred on an otherwise clear night with no other reported storms. How- ever, several nearby towns reported electrical power fluctuations leading REA (Rural Electrification Administration) linesmen to check for storm damage to the grid. No damage was discovered. U.S. Forest Service Rangers are investigating the incident. "We want to ensure that we know what caused this," said a department spokesman. "All signs point to a freak natural storm. But regardless, we want visitors to know that we're prepared for it in the future."

Note: This is on the reverse side of the Nikola Telsa article.
PEU-58-R#6 / Nikodim Vesilyev
Case Number: PEU-58-R#6
Persons Involved: Nikodim Vesilyev, Ph.D.
Date: May 26, XXXX
Location: North Central Pennsylvania Field Office
PEU-58-R#6				  		 PANC-HQ 33

                       INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT

                          Q = SECOP GAMMA
                    A = NIKODIM VESILYEV, PH. D.

Q:	So the KGB is not aware of this operation.

A:	Not of this, that I am here. No.

Q:	But were they aware of your research.

A:	KGB, they are [all?] say - ridiculous. What you do. 
	These report are, uh, fiction. False. As if
	for children.

Q:	Fairy tales.

A:	Yes, fairy tale. Or lies from CIA. Dis, uh, dis-
	Disinformation. My group, my scientists, we have work on
	rockets together. We say - there is truth here.
	American is target now. But - how long? How long only
	America? Enemy of enemy - he is not always our friend. Yes?

Q:	Maybe this is a common enemy, Nikodim. A bigger threat
	than either side. Like the Nazis were.

A:	(suspect laughs) Nazis were - not so much. Not so much
	compare to this, hah? (a pause) I wish to help you. I
	wish. As you say - bigger threat. But I must make
	sure I have - some guarantee.

Q:	Yes.

A:	Some, uh, protection. KGB, I talk to you like this.
	(pause) They, ah, they will not understand.

Q:	I understand, Nikodim. Don't worry. We can arrange

							     Page 2
PEU-58-R#6 con'd			  		 PANC-HQ 33

                       INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT

                          Q = SECOP GAMMA
                    A = NIKODIM VESILYEV, PH. D.

A:	Good. Good, because - there are things we have learned I
	think you have not yet. These attacks are - they will
	grow worse, I think. They learn. You know this?

Q:	Who learns?

A:	These things. Whoever, whatever make these 
	happen, they have, uh -- intelligence.

Q:	Okay. We were afraid of that.

A:	They XXXX
	XXXX This is why I am alone here in America now. 
	Because the others were XXXX

Q:	All of them?

A:	Yes. And now they - you know about XXXXX?

Q:	XXXXX? What is that?

A:	The XXXXX. Oh yes. You must be very careful 
	because XXXXX

Q:	(a long pause) You mean XXXXX?

A:	Precisely.

Q:	As if they XXXXXed?

A:	No. I think you will find it - much more than that.
	As if they were XXXXX. XXXXX.

Q:	And you have proof of this.

A:	Yes. On microfilm. I tell you where film is, if you,
	uh, if you make arrangement.

Q:	All right, Nikodim. All right. Mr. XXXXX, get a phone
	in here. Get Washington on the line.

Other Missing Persons

Gray Dossier


WEST BERLIN - Maurice V. Méliès, a high-ranking French embassy official, remains missing after local residents reported a fire at his modest home in West Berlin. At 7:00 yesterday, the fire department responded to calls in the bor- ough of Wedding. Black smoke had been seen near the Méliès home. Fire officials report structural damage and signs of a hurried escape, including overturned furniture. However, Méliès himself has not been seen. The U.S. Army is assisting French officials in an ongoing investigation. The investigators have declined to comment on speculation that the fire may have been the result of a kidnapping attempt or burglary. An official statement has not been released.

Front --- Back

Gray Dossier


New Scotland Yard London
#XXXXX           Date: XXXXX


Red'd from POLICE CALL BOX #0137 -
Stoker St. @ Cowdrie

(Victim missing / call box found damaged beyond repair.)

01:25 HRS


*Phone ringing*

Woman: (breathing heavily) Oh God.

Man: Hello, West London Police. You have an emergency?

Woman: Fog, there's black fog.

Man: Do you have a fire?

Woman: It's going to kill us!

Man: What is your location ma'am?

Woman: I'm at the call box.

Man: Your address.

Woman: On Stoker. (screaming) Oh God, I've left him in the house!

Man: Ma'am?

Woman: (screaming) My baby! He's in the house!

Man: The address, ma'am.

Woman: On Stoker. 1415 Stoker. Please hurry! (screaming) The house, it's tearing it apart! Send help! *Screaming*

Man: Ma'am, please stay on the line! Can you come...

Woman: (screaming) It's too late! It's coming this way! It's coming! *Screaming*

Man: Please calm...

Woman: *Unintelligible screaming*

*Odd background noises and crashing sounds*

Man: Ma'am? Hello?

*Dial tone*

Man: Hello ma'am? Ma'am, are you on the line?

Youtube recording


(Coalburg, PA) The body of area resident John Mariyai, 31, was found after he was reported missing some 48 hours earlier. Mariyai vanished from a construction site where he had been left on his own to complete a flooring project. When fellow workers returned for him later in the day, they raised the alarm. The dependable Mariyai had left the job half-finished - and he'd left his personal effects behind. In the hours that followed, Mariyai's family waited anxiously for updates as friends checked with local hospitals, police stations
and morgues. Police were contacted Tuesday night and organized a manhunt sweeping the neighborhood. The body was found in a rarely used alley 300 years from the construction site, covered by a substance intitally believed to be roofing tar. Mariyai's fellow workers do not recognize the strange substance. Police now suspect it may be an organic mold or mud. As a crowd gathered, police removed the body. It is unclear whether Mariyai's death was accidental as was first assumed, and the investigation continues.
Other Lightning Storms / Black Goo Sightings

Gray Dossier


MILLHAUS COLLEGE - A night game for the Millhaus Mavens was cancelled when a freak lightning storm overloaded a power grid. In the fifth inning, fans were treated to a nail-biting stand-off between the Mavens and long-time rivals the Finney College Cougars. It was the top of the inning, the scored locked at 5-5, two outs, two batters on base and wild card left-handed hitter Bryce Gibman stepping up to the plate. A few fans in the upper tiers were distracted by distant lightning. Suddenly, just as Finney pitcher Tobias Duke released the ball, something crackled and the stadium lights

Note: This is on the reverse side of the 'Representative's Daughter Found Dead' article.

Gray Dossier


Of mysterious accidents, truckie says "blame the weather" PERTH - Last night, police questioned a professional driver in regards to the spate of accidents on the road to Perth. In recent months, there's been a pro- nounced uptick in the number of aban- doned vehicles dotting the long, lonely stretch of road skirting the Australian coast. Some have speculated that there may be bandits about. Not Garvey Grogan, a truckie hailing from Sydney. Grogan was overhead at many stops along the way, claiming he had some notions about the mysterious forces that haunt the road to Perth. He claimed his runs has coincided with a number of the strange incidents. Intrigued, police decided to meet the driver as he unloaded groceries during one of his weekly runs. Afterwards, Grogan bristled at hints that he may somehow have been in- volved with modern-day highwayman ambushing unsuspecting motorists. "There's no bandits about," Grogan told us. "Anybody who's been on this stretch of road has seen what I've seen. They've seen the black clouds."
Grogan claims that globular black clouds and isolated lightning strikes have plagued the highway for months. "Anyone who's ever heard of Nick Tesla knows what's going on," said Grogran, referring to electrical genius Nikola Telsa whose fame rivaled Thomas Edison's. "Someone is experi- menting on the weather. It's stopping cars and killing people, and the govern- ment had vetter tell us who's behind it." Perth police say that Grogan has been cleared as a suspect. However, there is no word yet if they intend to follow up on his theories regarding the matter.
Note: This is on the reverse side of the 'Britian To Continue Atomic Tests' article.

Gray Dossier


FLORENCE - Local police are used to in- vestigating odd occurrences at a local lover's lane. With a scenic view overlooking the River Arno, the spot has drawn generations of amorous couples. They have left behind nu- merous mementoes for local patrolmen to remove. But this weekend, someone left behind an entire automobile - and police are baffled as to how it got there in the first place. "The car is not in drivable condition," re- ports a desk sergeant. "It appears to have
been in a fire or explosion." The only clue regarding what happened are reports from local residents regarding black smoke and electrical activity spotted near the site. Damage to a nearby power transformer sug- gests the possibility of vandalism or attempt- ed sabotage. Local residents ominously hint that the vehicles owners were anarchists in- volved in the attack. Perhaps their getaway vehicle was thrown back into the lane by a badly timed explosion. Others wonder if two unlucky lovers were electrocuted by a fallen power line. Some speculate that the couples' deaths have been covered up to avoid official embarrassment. The police have a more mundane theory, believing that the damaged vehicle was towed and dumped here by a frustrated owner eager to be rid of it. The curious neighbors may never know the answer. The vehicle's identifying plates and marks have been destroyed or removed, and police have bene unable to locate the owners.
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Gray Dossier


The Littlevale Police Department is looking for the person or per- sons responsible for a random act of vandalism at Littlevale Memorial Park. Last night, a mysterious black goo was splattered around the tennis court in a circular pattern. The cause or purpose of the marking remains unclear. While most believe it is the work of a gang of local juvenile delinquents, others point to a group of Communist-affiliated rabble-rousers named in another recent vandalism case. Others claim that the circular markings resemble ritual markings for a witchcraft or voodoo ceremony. The park groundskeeper reports that the tarry stuff has been resistant to clean-up. "Whoever did this should be responsible for the mess," says the groundskeeper.

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Gray Dossier


Weekly notes from our friends in the country Maggie at the Elfed Tavern wonders: what's become of Old Bob Crwth? The wandering jack-of-all trades has been a familiar sight in the country for a number of years, offering his services for food, board and (mainly) drink. With harvest season around the corner, Bob could normally be relied upon to hold court at Maggie's corner table. If anyone's spotted him a-wandering, please drop a line. We wish Bob well and hope to hear of his doings soon. ********************** Rev. Allan Glyndŵr walks far and wide in our fair Welsh countryside. He reports recurring patches of an unusually dense fog. He wonders if this aught to do with the recent restlessness of the livestock that so concerns his parishioners. For our own part, we are curious if the odd clouds are connected to the strange black ooze that farmer Giles Owain discovered in his fields last week. All in all, it's been an odd season unsettling the normally unflappable folk of the valley.

Note: This is on the reverse side of the The Novel of the White Powder article.
Government Programs

Gray Dossier
-ject Cirrus." As part of the experiment, Navy planes flew directly into the brewing hurricane off the Georgia cost [sic] and re- leased a payload of "dry ice" (carbon di- oxide cooled to a solid subzero tem- peratures). The "seeded" clouds seemed to be dramatically altered, bolstering scien- tists' theories that the process could weaken the storm at a critical point. However, shortly afterward, the storm suddenly changed course, careening into the outskirts of Savannah. When residents learned about the ex- periment, many were enraged, especially those who had suffered massive prop- erty damages. Calling the experiment "reckless," they attempted to take the government to court. A new bid to challenge the experi- ment has failed in the discovery process because most of the documents related to the experiment have been classified. The government contends that the project is a matter of national security. Attorneys for the plaintiffs counter that the classification is a blatant abuse of se- crecy policies in an attempt to protect the agencies from legal scrutiny. Attorney Jack Scalley, representing a group of Savannah homeowners, com- plains about the timing. "A number of these documents weren't classified until after the experiment," says Scalley. "That's the locking of the barn door after the [...] run off. Obviously somebody realized they'd made a mistake[...] wanted to hide it. They're not[...] worried about the Russians, th[...] worried about American cit[...] getting their due." However, government sp[...] men refute the claim. One Pentagon official says[...] tragic that the hardworking [...] behind the project have [...] wrongly blamed. What's wors[...] United States' efforts to inves[...] this area have been utterly de[...] Other governments are bou[...] continue looking into weather[...] trol, which would give them huge advantages in agriculture[...] we dare not overlook the m[...] potential of this technology." At this point, the lawsuit has [...] effectively quashed unless la[...] for the homeowners are succ[...] in a bid to have the documen[...] classified.

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Gray Dossier


PIONEER MESA - Today, retired Colonel Jameson Jeter launched his official run for Congress with a speech questioning his rival's role in foreign policy. In a nearly hour-long speech before the High Desert Freedom League, Jeter repeatedly hammered home his belief that Communism represents America's number one threat here and abroad. According to Jeter, too many politicians have grossly underestimated the danger of Soviet infiltration. Communist takeovers in Eastern Europe and Asia are only warning signs of a worldwide plot, says Jeter. The Americas are clearly next on the international Communists' agenda. "We are already in the midst of a secret war," said Jeter, pounding his podium for emphasis. "There are things I know that I cannot discuss because the information is classified. But I promise you this: the enemy is among us, in hiding. They will use whatever weapons they have at their disposal. And they have access to weapons our government refuses to research. We need to realize that our civilized treaties and our Geneva Protocols aren't worth the ink they're signed with. Words mean nothing to these barbaric bolsheviks." The crowd responded with a thunderous standing ovation. After a clash with party leaders last month,

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Gray Dossier
streets with unleashed dogs as a matter of public safety. Sincerely, Mrs. Eleanor Grimesby _________________________________________________________ To the Editor: As a veteran of the Great War, I saw first-hand the horror of the battlefields fogged over by poisons like mustard gas. We were told that these kinds of weapons would never be used again. Then the Second World War came and revealed that the German scientists hadn't forgotten how to concoct poisons like Zyklon-B in their hellish "showers." I ask: what became of all those German scientists? We know that some of the rocket scientists were brought to the U.S.A. We have to imagine that other scientists were grabbed by the Russians. We know that the Nazis engaged in perverse research beyond the scope of all humane restraint. Chemical weapons, diseases used as weapons and products of "borderline" research - we have to assume the Nazis developed it and that our Russian foes have taken it for themselves. Remember: rocket powered missiles and atom bombs seemed like "science fiction" before the war. Worse stuff is on its way. America must prepare for an ugly new kind of war with weapons we can barely imagine. Signed,

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Gray Dossier
"we know that sympathizers and agents behind the lines can be absolutely vital to victory," he continued. We couldn't have won on the European front without the ef- forts of undercover Resistance fighters." He concluded the meeting with a quote from his influential new book. "The Cold War is being fought here and now, in ways both subtle and violent, with the most modern technologies available to both sides," he said. "The war will be fought in secret, and its shadowy standoffs may never surface in the headlines. "Yet the future of the world will be defined by unknown soldiers, forgotten heroes and silent battles. If they are remembered at all, it will be in sealed, classified files hidden in the depths of government vaults for decades." ____________________________________________________________________________________________


New York - At the urging of the Secretary General, the United Nations began a debate based on investigations regarding chemical and biological weapons. The motion originated when the interna- tional organization stalled out in negotia- tions to outlaw atomic weapons. It was hoped that member nations could find common ground on the less controversial subject of chemical weapons and so-called germ warfare." An independent panel was founded to assess the extent of research in these areas in various parts of the world. Both the U.S.S.R and the United States have been accused of
Representatives from the United States envoy cited the Geneva Protocols, which al- ready offer firm policies on the use of chemi- cal weapons. However, the United States and Japan were the only nations that refused to ratify the 1925 Geneva protocol prohibiting biological weapons. Both the Americans and Soviet envoys hinted that the other side was engaged in such research during a heated exchange on the floor. Part of the debate focused on the necessity of researching dangerous bacterial, viral and other agents, not the hostile pur- poses, but strictly to create defense in the case that an enemy nation used such weapons
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Silver Dossier


TO: XXXXX DATE: XXXXX National Security Council FROM: Deputy Director, Internal Defense Directorate SUBJECT: Soviet Weapons Capabilities Per recent reports, we reiterate our concern about areas of military research in the U.S.S.R. Forthcoming report #XXXXX collates data regarding Soviet research in the following areas: 1) biological warfare; 2) chemical warfare; 3) weather control/manipulation; 4) XXXXX 5) XXXXX phenomena including XXXXX 6) psychological reprogramming, a.k.a. brainwashing; 7) electrical, plasma and XXXX weapons; and 8) XXXXX Evidence mounts that Soviet research is pursuing avenues dismissed by the United States military as being nonscientific (e.g., XXXXX or offensively inhumane (e.g., biochemical warfare). It becomes increasingly clear that the Soviets are achieving advancements in these areas and may already be implementing them against internal domestic targets as evidenced by XXXX XXXX It is imperative that the United States begin research into these areas, if not to create offensive weapons, then to prepare defenses against a present and looming threat. We urge the Joint Chiefs to review the data and to XXXXX XXXXX PROJECT XXXXX XXXXX OPERATION HERMES. We will update your desk with new information on this matter as additional concrete intelligence emerges. XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX

Gray Dossier


[...]ts to "remain patient" [...]local residents that the power outages [...]investigated by the electrical suppliers [...]cal authorities. [...]til we know the cause of the recent re- [...]interruptions of services, we will not [...]said a company official. "We seek to pro- [...]ur rural customers with consistent and [...]e power service." [...]til then, residents will keep stocking up [...]dles while refilling the old gas lanterns [...]ave recovered from the back shelves of [...]heds. [...]ight's liable to be a dark night," laments [...]armer Billy Thring. [...]e just prepare for the worse and make


CANBERRA - At a press conference yester- day, a British minister confirmed that Britain will test atomic weapons in Australia. The tests will occur in isolated areas, in- cluding the Montebello Islands. The minister cited the need for multiple tests for the pur- poses of scientific measurement. Tests will assess the effects of the weapons on radar, motor vehicles and other implements of modern warfare. Australian ministers responded to con- cerns about safety. "All areas used in testing will be unpopulated and the general public will not be affected in any way," they said in an official statement. Though the program of testing was ini- tially met with government denials, the exist- ing of Operation Hurricane was confirmed by British and Australian government officials. The necessity of atomic weapons for defense was cited as a vital issue in the changing state of the world. "As long as we are at risk of being tar- geted by such weapons, we must arm our- selves to deter other nations from consider- ing a first strike."
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Gray Dossier
scientist has become a hero in Yugoslavia's Communist regime. "Tesla spent most of his life and career in America," said one supporter. "He was vin- dicated in the U.S. Supreme Court. His patents are the basis of radio as we know it." Others dismiss the idea of a memorial because the inventor was "a crackpot." He fa- mously pursued seemingly absurd projects like the "Death Ray," a projected beam of energy that he claimed was the ultimate anti-aircraft weapon. However, the U.S. War Department and countless other nations passed on Tesla's proposal. Another quixotic project proposed to deliver electrical power through massive towers, without the use of cables or other transmission devices. At the end of his life, Tesla was still proposing startling and bizarre new concepts. His supporters have developed a whole legend around the "80 trunks of paper" the electrical wizard left behind when he died. Some claim the papers included plans for in- credible new weapons. Literally thousands of papers were classified by the War De- partment as the F.B.I. recovered them from various locations where Tesla had hidden them away. However, the papers ultimately made their way to Yugoslavia after a diplomatic

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Gray Dossier
[...]Welshman crafted a work bound to elicit genuine goose-flesh. The book provides a framework for several self-contained tales of dread. Perhaps the most famous, often anthologized by itself, is "The Novel of the White Powder". In the story, a young man takes ill and is prescribed a white powder by his chemist. The man's loving sister becomes concerned as her brother becomes increasingly reclusive. Apparently addicted to the substance, he slowly undergoes a grotesque transformation. It would spoil the tale's effect to mention any more. Yet perhaps more interesting than the loathsome horror is the inventive mechanics by which it is arrived. Ultimately, we discover, the young man's addle pated chemist followed archaic recipes and used ingredients fouled by age. Thus, he accidentally recreated a universal solvent described by the ancient alchemists. Is such a substance an actual possibility? The possibility chills the bones. Yet it is well-known that our Welsh author translated many odd manuscripts of ancient vintage, and for a time, belonged to an occult organization devoted to the studies of the ancient science of meta-physics. If our modern scientists obtained such a formula, one is unnerved by how it might be unleashed. Such thoughts, it appears, occurred time and again to our author. He composed numerous tales juxtaposing results of the occult science with matters of warfare. His novel "The Terror" is a prime example of this mode of storytelling.

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