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Derek's Mom Comes to Town
Amie Does...Nothing
Sun-Yi Wishes Amie Luck
Journals 21, 22, and 23
A Meeting with a Mystery Man?
Still Hacking
Captain Library
I'd Like to Be Seated in the Emo Section, Please
Sun-Yi on Peanut Butter, Libraries, and Videos
"Yellow Eyes" Video Contest
A Break in M-A-R-A
Haneda AFB Files
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Matt to Hook up with Nate
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Stalking Sun-Yi
Serious and seriouser
Silent Lucidity
6x6 Grid Complete
More M-A-R-A Logins!
Yellow Eyes Video Contest Submissions
Civilization Mutation
Cowgirl Sun-Yi
Turning Over a New Leaf
Another Possible Disappearance?
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Dogs and Insurance Cards
Plum Island and Bergstrom Logins
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Playing Catch-Up
What We Know About Dr. Genero
Contest Winner
Smelling Salts and Syringes!
One Big Happy Family
Maybe Derek Does Care
Watch The Host on Friday (if you can find it)
The Miller Checks You In, But You Don't Check Out
Cryptidtruth's Answers
Some Crackpot Theories
R.I.P. Nate
The Big Meeting
Film Clips
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The Aftermath
A Seriously Late Grid
Green Coat's Puzzle
The Final Journal Entry
crytpidtruth Connects the Dots
The Miller Is Not Pleased
Spring Break!
Two Final Codes
NKP Files
Genero Strikes Again
Sun-Yi Fights Back...
Hunting a Monster
The M-A-R-A Files
Sun-Yi Is Gone
Matt Finds Out About His Dad
Today Is the Day
Go Time
Au Revoir
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The Aftermath
The whole kidnapping thing has shaken up the shiny happy world of the Monster Hunter Club.

First, Amie is all upset that Jon is dead. Or possibly dead. Or not. In the end, she says it's over, so I'm guessing she believes the picture. Of course, in my little world where she killed Jon Paine, she's not so much upset over the fact that he's dead, but that someone has a picture of the body, meaning that they might have proof that she killed him and that she might go to jail and become someone's prison bitch.

But, I'm guessing I shouldn't express those opinions too loudly as otherwise I might get called "a pathetic little troll," "a friendless loser" and told to "Eat shit". Coming from a murderer, that really hurts.

Sorry, I tried to say that with a straight face but I couldn't. Where was I? Oh yeah.

Sun-Yi is also pretty upset over the whole thing. Her confidence has been shaken and now all she wants to do is curl up in bed under some blankets. All her bravado and she folded like a house of cards when she saw Green Coat Guy running towards her. Don't they pass out rape whistles at NYU? Was the park that deserted when she went there that there was no one around who could help her? And why didn't Derek or Matt follow her from a distance instead of waiting outside of the Park? §

Sun-Yi's account is the most detailed we have. Derek gives some lame update, and Matt doesn't even mention any of it. What is most annoying is they hint that there was a puzzle found in the coat of Green Coat Guy, and don't even give it to us. Arrgh!
A Seriously Late Grid
Remember those grids from way back when telling us about The Slack Farm? Despite being unable to come up with a keyword for #3, we've been missing Grids 5 and 10 as well. As it turns out, Grid #10 was mailed out to an individual who is really bad at uploading photos when he takes them. Almost as bad as he is at updating Porn Caches, not that I'm gonna name names or anything. He got a really cute lake monster though. §

So now all we're missing is the real solution to Grid #3 and the entire Grid #5. Maybe someday we'll discover them.
Green Coat's Puzzle
It only took three days, but Matt finally managed to get the puzzle from Green Coat Guy's pocket up onto MHC. He must have gotten that pesky scanner fixed. §

The only person we know in Seattle is Scott Johnston from Civilization Mutation, so I guess we're supposed to email scott@civilizationmutation.com with the subject "The Mutant" to get a response.
The Final Journal Entry
I guess since he had the scanner working, Matt decided to scan in the final journal entry from his grandfather. It explains what we see in the film strip. After reading the journal, I guess I would have to put the AO and AI clips at the end, showing the nonhuman creature trying to grab at John through the blanket.

Needless to say, John is pretty freaked out by the whole thing. The various creatures probably would have done it, but I bet seeing Dr. T burnt to a crisp made it perfectly apparent that he had to get out of there ASAP. He's packing up his journals and film and shipping them off to Grace before he goes AWOL. What's really interesting to me is that eight months pass before John is declared dead in a plane crash. Did they kill him right after he mailed Grace his journal and wait to notify Grace until much later? Did they wait until after they caught him to declare him dead? If he did live for another 8 months, what was he doing during that time? Did he contact Grace at all?
  • Final journal entry, 10/19/66 §
crytpidtruth Connects the Dots
We got the absolutely weirdest post from cryptidtruth today. He admits that he is the one that saved Sun-Yi from Green Coat Guy. GCG (I'm sick of typing his full 'name') works for The Miller, aka Dr. Genero. Dr. Genero is still alive? How old is he by now? World War II ended 62 years ago. At the very minimum, he would have been 20 by the end of the war, so now he's at least 82. Not out of the realm of possibilites that he is still alive, but it's highly doubtful that he was only 20 in 1945. John says in his ninth journal entry, "But to see a man of Dr. G's age do it was downright jaw-dropping." This was in 1966, 21 years after the end of WWII. If Genero was 20 at the end of the war, he would only have been 41 during his time at NKP - certainly not of an age where John should question his physical prowess. It's seems more likely that Genero would have be pushing 100 by now, making him 59 at NKP and 38 at the end of WWII.

Anyways, besides Genero still being alive, cryptidtruth drops another bombshell on us: Sun-Yi's father has connections to Genero. As it turns out, Mr. Park once raped and killed a young girl while he was engaged to Sun-Yi's mother. Oops! In order to get out of it, Mr. Park had Dr. Genero arrange for their passage out of the country. Not only did Dr. G get Mr. Park and his fiancÚ out of the country, he arranged a job for Mr. Park at the Korean Embassy. cryptidtruth speculates that when Mr. Park figured out Sun-Yi's involvment, he tried to back away from Genero, and that Genero attempted to kidnap Sun-Yi to force Mr. Park back in line.

Along with butchering children in Taiwan and conning body mod people into letting him work on them, he also killed Nate Shiffer (and probably the rest of M-A-R-A) as well. Lucky for us that cryptidtruth broke into Nate's place before he was murdered and got evidence of Mr. Park's involvment with Dr. Genero. I can't believe that was the only thing of value that he took, so I wonder what else he's holding out on us. §

And how exactly does he know all of this? The most logical theory floating around is that cryptidtruth is John Jr. (who didn't die in 1987). How messed up will Matt be if that's the case? Finding out that his dad is alive after 20 years will either make him incredibly happy, or push him over the edge. Oh, I know that there would be explantions like "I did it to protect you" - but can that really make up for it? And if it really was for Matt's protection, why didn't John make sure that Matt would never be able to follow in his footsteps? He could have gotten all of John Sr's notes so Matt never would have started Rainbow of Death. And why push him towards M-A-R-A and Civilization Mutation if he wanted him safe? Alone, John's journals are nothing concrete. It's only with independent verifiction that they become something more. I dunno. At the beginning, I was under the impression that cryptidtruth was fairly young - like Matt or Derek's age. He seems older with this latest statement, so I guess he could be Matt's dad. I just don't think I'm going to like it if he is. Too Hallmark Family Movie with too little believable explanations.
The Miller Is Not Pleased
Late on Monday, Scott finally responded to people who emailed to tell him that the mission to kidnap Sun-Yi didn't go quite as planned. He told us to look for hitori and that takes us to a new page on his website: http://www.civilizationmutation.com/hitori.html

This is a hitori puzzle - something akin to Sudoku in that you cannot have duplicates of the same number in any row or column, and you can't have any two blacked out spaces next to each other. The one we haven't isn't too difficult to solve, but it does take a fair bit of time to mark 289 squares. Luckily there are online solvers if you don't want to spend the time marking everything out, or want to have a prettier graphic made for you to show the solution (of course, you do have to make sure you type the matrix out correctly). §

The cedemean.html page seems to be from Scott Johnston. At the very least it's written by someone who has been using Dr. Genero to further his own research into mutants. Scott fully aware that Dr. Genero has become the monsters that he has created. But like all good little mad scientists, Scott doesn't care since Genero's work furthers his own research. The cedemean page seems to be a sort of insurance policy against Genero. If someone is reading it, it's probable that Genero took out Scott, so Scott has left the coordinates of Gerero's lab: 35.38N 128.42E, which is located in the south eastern part of South Korea.

Besides the location of Genero's secret base, we also learn from Scott that Genero has been seeding the world's water supply with chemicals and following the results. Presumablely he's trying create his own mutant/monsters spontaneously, although I'm still not certain what his purpose is in bringing about a world full of mutants. If everyone is a mutant, wouldn't that mean that mutants fail to exist? §
Spring Break!
Just when we're getting to the bottom of things, discovering the connections between seemingly unrelated things and uncovering a conspiracy that has been going on for over 60 years, it's Spring Break Time - so we're just gonna drop everything and have a vaction!

No, I'm not joking.

In the wake of Jon Paine's death, Amie has decided to move back to Pittsburgh and stop her nomadic ways. And not wanting to leave his poor fragile friend now that he has gotten her back, Derek's going with her for a few days. At least he's grown up enough that he wants to spend time with Matt and Sun-Yi as well, but I guess he thinks he has a better chance of getting some with Amie than with the other two.

One weird thing that both of them echo at the end of their posts is that not every story has a happy ending. I don't necessarily care about a happy ending, but I would at least like an ending. I kinda get the feeling that both Amie and Derek seems to think that this is as far as we can go, but it feels like a cop out to me. I'm not expecting anyone to travel to South Korea to take Genero down, but there has to be some sort of happy medium where the story gets told and Genero is severlely crippled in his efforts. Or at least an attempt at it and then everyone gets taken away by black helicopters and we're told 'none of this ever happened'. I could live with that. But to come this far and decide "It's too hard. Let's go drinking instead!" makes me question any of their motives in this whole thing.

Even Sun-Yi is giving up and running back home. I would have thought that she would have been the one person who wanted to stay in NYC. But I guess almost getting kidnapped overrides the fact that your father has connections to a monster (who was the one that was behind your attempted kidnapping in the first place). I'm sure there will be many awkward dinners in that household while she's home. §
Two Final Codes
Even Matt is has that defeatist feeling. After the last of John's journal entries, he believes he has come across the last of Dr. T's codes - and doesn't feel that they will be of any help in bringing Dr. G to justice. Of course he won't be brought to justice if everyone just throws up their hands and says 'it just can't be done.' Maybe he deserves to stay free if the people who have come this close to him suddenly decide to become typical college kids and run off to Spring Break. §

Like several other of Dr. T's codes, the Japanese folder code leads to a M-A-R-A password, this time for NKP.
NKP Files
Sadly, there isn't a whole lot of interest in the NKP files. It basically just is medical equipment, and between the film of Genero's lab and the stuff that thebruce got, we've seen most of it before. Is this the way things are going to end? With everyone going on Spring Break and us just getting passwords that don't help in anyway, shape, or form? §
Genero Strikes Again
Dr. Genero doesn't seem to take kindly to people going against him. There was a news video posted by cryptidtruth showing the aftermath of a parking garage explosion that killed a Korean Embassy worker and his wife. §

Oops! Although, I do have to say if I was Genero, it would probably have been more efficient to plant a bomb in a NYU dorm room and take out all of the toublemakers at once. As it is now, he runs the risk of the MHC gang going from frightened/dejected to angry/vengeful, and that's never good if you're trying to keep a low profile.
Sun-Yi Fights Back...
...sorta. She's understandably crushed by her parents death, but she's clearheaded enough to take all the information that she's learned and turn it over to the Korean Embassy. With any luck, all of the Embassy workers won't be on Genero's payroll, and at least one of them will use the information to take Genero out. §
Hunting a Monster
It seems that cryptidtruth is feeling a bit guilty about the death of Sun-Yi's parents. Not that he had anything specifically to do with it, but he wishes he could have done more to stop it.

His post does give us a buttload of information, though. First he tells us that through his experiments, Genero has been able to prolong his life and continue with his mad scientist ways. He's been using body modders as raw materials/body parts to keep himself alive. Ick!

But beyond that, cryptidtruth has provided a screenshot of Nate's computer showing a majority of the M-A-R-A login info. Why couldn't he have given us this weeks ago? The more he talks, the more he's sounding like he could be Matt's dad, and the less convinced I am of his reasons for doing things. If we had all this information earlier, would we still have been tracking down leads on Jon Paine, and would Sun-Yi have gone to see Painted Soul's contact (almost gettind kidnapped) and would her father have tried to back out on Genero (resulting in his death)?

There is one thing I do have a real issue with regarding that screenshot. All of the usernames are shown as lowercase. If you have to have a list to remember all the user/passwords to your netfiles, wouldn't you make sure that they were exactly like you were supposed to type them, rather than relying on memory to know that the username is capitalized?
The M-A-R-A Files
So many passwords, so little time before I leave work to go to a concert, so let's get started!
  • BarbersPoint: BPH / hawaiianmemorabila
    • Memorabilia from stay in Hawaii, including newspaper clippings from Honolulu
  • CameronStation: CSV / robertcampbellreort
    • Military records for Robert Campbell
  • CampGiant: CGK / assignmentpapers
    • Classified assignment records for Dr. Genero
    • Appears to have been a joint case with the Horn Island (HIM) and Slack Farm (SFKY) missions for someone named Wheeler in 2005.
    • The SKFY note shows the password given in the screenshot. Using this, we can get the HIM password.
  • CampLibertyBell: CLBK / militaryrecordbook
    • Military Service Record book
  • Charleston: CSC / dive
    • Diving videos
  • FortDetrick: FDMD / generorecordsfile
    • Erich Miller's application to the National Defense Program
    • Links back to the HAFB mission. The HAFB text only had 'records file' in the password location for FDMD.
    • Peters died in an auto accident before contract was fulfilled.
  • HornIsland: HIM / chemicaldumping
    • CHASE record of Genero dumping chemicals just off Horn Island, Mississippi.
  • LowryAirBase: LABD / payrecords
    • Old pay records from 1890 through 1907.
  • OakRidge: ORTN / flightplan
    • Personal military records
  • PeaseAFB: PAFB / oldmilitary
    • Pictures of the military artificats from the front page of M-A-R-A.
  • SlackFarm: SFKY / projectelf
    • Pictures of Dr. T's corpse after being exposed to Project Yellow.
  • TreasureIsland: TICA / vietnammap
    • Various regional maps of Vietnam
  • YongsanBase: YBSK / morguephotos
    • Pictures of morgue in Yongsan Base
Lots of neat little artifacts and a few new pieces of information about Genero, but nothing really eye opening (except maybe that Dr. T's body ended up at the Slack Farm). Not really sure what we're supposed to do now though.
Sun-Yi Is Gone
It looks like Sun-Yi has flown the coop. She left a message for Derek and Matt under their door telling them she had something to do and wouldn't be back for a while. Why do I have a feeling she doesn't mean making funeral arrangements?
Matt Finds Out About His Dad
Matt got an email telling him about the stuff we found in the M-A-R-A files, including the fact that his father's name was mentioned in a couple of the directories. He also then finds out about the theory that cryptidtruth is really his dad. I have to say, he takes it better than I expected him too, although he says he's pretty affected by the whole thing.
Today Is the Day
Figures endgame would take place when I'm out of town, half-snowed in at my sister's place. But the concert was really good so I can't complain too much.

So endgame started when cryptidtruth emailed konamouse to tell her that he was at Genero's lab and was ready to take him down, with our help of course. He then posted a huge 5per that we needed to solve in order to help him. §

So this is it. We get cryptidtruth into Genero's lab, and he'll take care of the rest. It's amazing how fast cryptidtruth gets around. He must have a ton of frequent flyer miles and he must not be flying out of any of the NYC area airports (unless he flew out before this storm hit).
Go Time
So, I'm not exactly sure what happened at 3pm since there isn't anything in the UF forums about it. There's a mention on the MHC boards about a login (user: emiller / pass: asperglen) to what I don't know. I guess that would take you to a video of cryptidtruth (although, for all I know, it was just found by accident). §

The weird thing about this video is that cryptidtruth only appears in shadow and has his voice altered. Why? He admits that he's Matt's dad, so why all the cloak and dagger stuff? Could it be that he really isn't Matt's dad and is just trying to give Matt some closure? Even if he is Matt's dad, I'm not sure that tiny bit of explanation/apology would really cut it for someone who has been missing for 20 years. In fact, I would have to imagine it would make the whole thing worse. Like checking to see if a cut has healed, not by pulling off the bandage, but by cutting it open again. If it wasn't for the fact that the camera zooms in on cryptidtruth's eye, I would have figured it was Sun-Yi making the video. Unless we see some absolute proof that cryptidtruth is John Jr., I'm not gonna believe it.

A little while later, the webcam page updates again and we get a shot of Genero's lab exploding. I guess that's the end of Dr. Genero and probably cryptidtruth as well. That is unless one of them escaped, which is always a possbility. So I guess that's pretty much game over. Now to wait for some wrap-up posts and the credits.
Au Revoir
Amie's going back to Pittsburgh to be with her family. She's learned that you have to face your problems and that the only person who can make you happy is yourself. This is starting to feel like an afterschool special. She also thought she could stick in a new post saying goodbye to Jon and date it a few days earlier without anyone noticing. Well I noticed because I know it wasn't there on Friday when I was working on getting all the updates for the week done.

Meanwhile, Derek has decided to grow up and called his parents and told them how much he loves them and blah blah blah. With the amount of death and destruction, I never expected this to get all sappy at the end. Where's the outrage over the senseless deaths and lies we've had to wade through the past few months? For someone who was preparing us for an unhappy ending, Derek is surprisingly optimistic about the future.

Even Matt is all happy-happy-joy-joy since his father said good-bye to him. I guess believing your dad has been dead the past 20 years allows you to skip directly to the 5th stage of grief when you find out a: he was a live but b: he's dead now. But I guess it's okay because, in the afterschool special The Monster Hunter Club and the Evil Nazi, Matt now has a new purpose in life: to spreading the truth about Project Rainbow.

But wait! The afterschool special can't end yet, because we don't know what happened to Sun-Yi! Luckily for us, she updated her MySpace blog to show us what she had to do. § So she's now a reporter with the Korean Independent News Network. They must not have a whole lot of reporters if anyone from off the street can start making their own news reports.

So that's the end. People are dead, lives are ruined, but everyone is still dancing in the street singing with the bluebirds. How lovely.
We got one last puzzle to solve on the MHC forums. Thinginthewater (wow, haven't heard from him in a while) got an animated gif which looks to be another 5 per puzzle. §

So the credits are up, so that must be end game. I do have to say, I think I'm becoming quite the Jim Gunshanan fan boy. I know a lot of people are always gun-ho over Sean Stewart, but I think Jim could give him a run for the money. I really don't think I would have been as into the game if it wasn't for his narration as Derek, Matt and John. So yay!
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