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And So It Starts...
Monster Hunters Club
Domain of the Golden Dragon
Rainbow of Death
Enhance Yourself
Korean Film Fan
The Missing Toys
Journal Entries 4, 5, and 6
Domain of the Golden Dragon - Solved
Derek Tries to Help Amie
A Fifth Grid
Thing in the Water
Cryptid Love
The Today Show with the MHC
A Body Mod Conspiracy?
Journal Entires 7, 8, 9 and 10
A Lead on Jon?
A Toy for Me!
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A Breakthrough on the Grids
A Today Show Disaster?
Journal 11, 12, and 13
Sun-Yi and The Host
Grids Solved! (mostly)
Creature Captured!
Update Tuesday
Derek Is a Dork
Win a poster of The Host
Journals 14, 15, 16 and 17
Implant Boy Speaks
A Puzzle for Derek
Video Blogs from Sun-Yi
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MHC on Fangoria Radio
Journal #18
World 3, Derek 0
Amie Talks to Painted Soul
Fangoria Radio Show - Denied
Grid #3 and #12
5 Per Solved!
The Host Screening
Amie in NYC
Journal Entires 19 & 20
Derek Screws Up Yet Again
A Lead on the Good Doctor
Valentine's Day Is Cold and Snowy
A Note from Dr. T
Creepy Fishes Keep Coming
Make a Video - Win Swag
One Last Envelope
Calling All Hackers
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Derek's Mom Comes to Town
Amie Does...Nothing
Sun-Yi Wishes Amie Luck
Journals 21, 22, and 23
A Meeting with a Mystery Man?
Still Hacking
Captain Library
I'd Like to Be Seated in the Emo Section, Please
Sun-Yi on Peanut Butter, Libraries, and Videos
"Yellow Eyes" Video Contest
A Break in M-A-R-A
Haneda AFB Files
Journals 24, 25, 26, and 27
Matt to Hook up with Nate

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MHC on Fangoria Radio
Sun-Yi is quite the prolific film student. Okay, she hasn't made a ton of movies yet, but she's gotten cozy enough with a film studio that it puts the name of a club she's affiliated with on movie posters and she's writing film reviews for Twitch. And now she's going to go on Fangoria Radio to plug The Host and MonsterHunterClub.com. Maybe an influx of new blood will allow the hunt for Jon to go faster.
Journal #18
Only one journal today from Matt. The fight with Derek must have really affected him.
  • Journal Entry #18, 9/10/66 §
The letter § from Dr. T contains a code in it. It's a fairly simple code - if you have a ruler. §

I don't think Dr. T trusts Dr. G very much. Probably a good idea - but the question is, will Dr. T follow his own advice. Doubtful as I'm convinced that Dr. T is going to have a date with the fishies any day now. Is it bad that I'm intensely curious about his death?
World 3, Derek 0
It doesn't seem that Derek is having a much better time than Matt, although he sure writes a lot more. Between the mysterious puzzles, the enigmatic Painted Soul, and the weird cryptidtruth videos, I wonder how he finds the concentration to do his school work. I'm guessing that he doesn't as has filled that time with writing and recording a new song - Yellow Eyes about the 1995 Allegheny River Incident.
Amie Talks to Painted Soul
Derek isnt't the only one who has gotten emails from Painted Soul. Amie has been talking to him as well, and I think his responses to her are the most enigmatic yet. Alcohol-induced wrestling? Were they naked in a vat of chocolate syrup as well or just oiled up like ancient Olympians? And according to Mr. Soul, Jon's arm is healing nicely, which is a significant contrast to Amie's take on it. I'm kinda taking Amie's side on this one because I've never fully trusted people who speak cryptically. You only speak cryptically if you have something to hide, or want to appear as if you have something to hide.
Fangoria Radio Show - Denied
Sadly, Sun-Yi got bumped from Dee Snider's Fangoria Radio Show. § But not all was lost, as she was able to get a plug in for the free screening of The Host, plus Dee Snider said "MonsterHunterClub.com" on the air. Hopefully that will get a bunch of people out to see it.
Grid #3 and #12
AxysDenyed got one of the missing grids in the mail - several days late as sadly his apartment office didn't tell him he had a package. He also doesn't tell us what kind of goodie he got with the puzzle. It was probably too cool to share with the rest of us.
Wolfhawk got Grid #12, along with a Monster Hunters comic book and a deck of monster stickers.
  • Grid #12: LOREN COLEMAN §
Our meta solve now stands at T H - S - A C K F - R M. The first word is probably 'This' or 'Those' and the last word might be 'Farm'. We really need to get those last two grids if we want to find out what this says.
5 Per Solved!
Thanks to some clever grid arranging and an understanding of the directions '5 per' we were able to solve this a lot quicker than the original puzzle grids. § The only bad thing is - we don't know what it means. It's too bad we didn't get any more envelopes - because if you look at the grids sideways, the paths we took do form letters: Ne. A few more grids and it could spell something - like a new website perhaps. Unless it's talking about Neon. Neon.net is a cellphone site, but I don't see them selling Helio phones there, so perhaps not.
The Host Screening
Well, The Host screening seemed to be a success. § Quite a number of people showed up, and the movie got a good review from rose on UF - who also got a picture of Sun-Yi and Matt, along with the autographed poster. Derek wasn't there because apparently he had to pick up Amie from the airport. Great timing Derek. Let's see - if I had the choice between going to pick up an ex (who dumped me for a freak) at the airport, or supporting a friend who has promoted the beejezus out of my tiny little fan club - what would I pick? I think Sun-Yi needs to get over Derek and hook up with Matt.

Update: Full transcript now available.
Amie in NYC
Amie's has made it to NYC. Even though Derek was the one to pick her up from the airport, it seems she spent the night in Matt's bed - probably good news for Sun-Yi. I wonder if Matt was in the bed as well. How would Derek react if his best friend started sleeping with his ex? Now that would be some drama. That also wouldn't bode well for my wishing that Matt and Sun-Yi hook up. Maybe Sun-Yi is just doomed to spending her life alone with 15 cats.

Amie is sounding very...wishy-washy right now. She's questioning the email she got from Jon. She's questioning her reasons for being in NYC. She's questioning staying with Derek. She's also paranoid that someone is watching her moves and acting accordingly. I'm just trying to determine what makes Amie so special that someone would be watching her. Is it because of Jon? If so, it seems if they could hack into his email, they would have a better idea of where he was (unless his password is something like 'bodymodzrule'). And if someone was watching her because of Jon - why tip her off? It's much more effective to spy on someone if they aren't alerted to the fact that they are being spied on. Something just doesn't feel right with this new turn that Amie has taken.
Journal Entires 19 & 20
I know I say this every time a new journal entry shows up, but I think we're getting close to Dr. T's demise. I was almost certain he went missing in Bangkok in #19, but then he showed up in #20 - raving like a loon. And now he's seems to have disappered again, but at least he left a puzzle before he went missing.
  • Journal Entry #19, 9/13/66 §
  • Journal Entry #20, 9/15/66 §
The puzzle was an envelope full of torn bits of paper, each with seven letters written on it. degravity was able to put the pieces back into their original positions, but they didn't line up into anything understandable. But that's okay because Rogi was able to figure out what to do in order to read the message. §

Either way you look at this, Dr. T's in trouble. He's either a: lost his mind completely, or b: he's discovered something that is catastrophic. While it's more fun to think it's "a", I have a feeling that it's really "b". Unless we're going for a Conspiracy Theory redux where it's both "a" and "b". Crazy but right is also so tragic. My new theory is that Dr. T is gonna be found face down in the Mekong within a week.
Derek Screws Up Yet Again
So now we find out Derek's side of the story as to what happened on Monday night. It's not his version of events that is questionable, but his decision making skills. It's like he's incapable of making a decision that is beneficial to his true friends. Yeah, okay, NYC at night may be scary for someone unfamiliar with it - but on the other hand, Amie isn't some little naive smalltown girl who would be helpless once she landed. She grew up in Pittsburgh and now lives in LA. It's reasonable to expect that she can manage in a large city. Not to mention that her look would go a long way into sheltering her. Huge difference between wide-eyed blonde clutching a teddybear and a hard-core body-mod chick dragging a rucksack. I somehow think Amie would have been okay.

And another piece of advice Derek (like this guide even exists in your world, but work with me people) - don't allow strangers to sleep in the beds of your roommates. I don't care how tired she was, you shouldn't even have left her in Matt's room alone to begin with. And then you fall asleep so you don't even know if your roommate came home last night or if he was lying dead in a gutter somewhere. Let's see - movie was at 8:00pm. Figure it was two hours long, so it would have gotten out at 10pm. Amie's flight landed at 9:30pm. Add in 30 minutes for deboarding and all of that, and so Amie and Derek met at 10pm. Don't know how long a 100 minute train ride translates into cab minutes, but I'll use 30 minutes - so Derek would have been home by 10:30pm. Add in time to show Amie the place and make some food, and you can figure that Derek would have started watching tv and fallen asleep by 11pm - well after the movie ended. While it's very probable that Matt and Sun-Yi would have hung out after the movie, Derek could have at least called one of them to find out a: how it went and b: when Matt was coming home. But he was more concerened about not waking Amie because she was 'peaceful'. He really needs to get over this crush of his on her before it drives his real friends away.

But I'm digressing, because in the midst of all this whining about how he's screwing over his friends without meaning to, he barely touches on the most important fact - he got another envelope from the Puzzle Bandit (or as he is known to Derek, the Mystery Puzzle Stalker). As we now know how to solve these puzzles, it's just a matter of lining up the grids correctly and finding a valid path. §

Well, there goes my letter theory since this doesn't make a pretty pattern. Anyway, we now have three phrases which sort of seem like definitions.
  • #1: Object Made or Shaped By Man of Historical Importance - artifact
  • #2: Finding, Regaining, or Saving Something Formerly Lost - recover
  • #3: A business which serves other businesses or entities - agency
So we're looking for an artifact recovery agency? I knew a stolen art recovery agency, although they seem to have gone out of business. I guess stopping the biggest art theft in history before it happens nets you enough money so that you never have to work again.

So where do you go when you need to find a certain type of business? Google of course! As it turned out, if you did a search on "artifact recovery agency" there was a Google sponsored link for one.
Sponsored Links
Artifacts Recovered
Military Artifact Recovery Agency
Recovering the past since 1976
If there was any doubt that this is what we are looking for, a quick check of the Whois information quashes it. Sadly, it appears as if the sponsorship has ended since as the ad no longer comes up. The artifact recovery business must not pay that well to keep the sponsorship up indefinitely.
Whee! A new website! I've played way too many games with only one or two websites during the entire game that getting a new one here a few weeks in makes me smile.

So M-A-R-A was founded in 1979 by three friends who served in the Vietnam War: Frankie DiRenzo, Nate Shiffer, and Ted Harvey. In the early days of the company, they worked primarily with the US Government to reallocate and move military assets. Now they tend to work with private collectors or smaller government agencies. It's pretty convenient for us that not only are they a leading authority on Vietnam War era artificats, but they are also highly skilled in underwater rescue work. That'll help if we have to hire someone to go check out our mystery fish, or find some Operation CHASE payloads that may have survived.

Nate is the only surviving founder of M-A-R-A. Frankie died during a recovery dive off the coast of South Carolina in 2005. Ted died while on vacation in Bermuda in 2006. I wonder if he was diving at the time too. I'll bet a cookie that the answer is 'yes'.

M-A-R-A has records for 39 recovery locations. That's a little over one per year. Hope they get paid a bunch per recovery to cover expenses and keep them afloat for a year. § We can't actually view any of these entries unless we have a username/password, which is sad. It would be nice to see what they recovered in Thailand and in South Korea. Also of great interest is Slack Farm in Uniontown, KY. Remember our partial solve on the grid: T H - S - A C K F - R M? Seems to fit pretty well with The Slack Farm - even though it raises questions as to what the actual solve for Grid #3 is.

It appears that the Slack Farm is a real location - and it has connections with the cryptozoology world as well. Uniontown has had a number of Bigfoot sightings and local folklore claims that the forested land behind the Slack Farm is home to Bigfoot. In sadder news, this area was also home to the largest desecration of Native American burial mounds. I hope that M-A-R-A didn't have anything to do with that.
A Lead on the Good Doctor
No, you don't have to contact Clive to get this lead, just someone immensely creepier: Painted Soul. I swear he talks in riddles just to be annoying. Anyway, Lerinth was able to get a possible name for the doctor: "the Miller". But of course he doesn't have any more information than that. Typing in miller body modification into Google doesn't get me any sponsored links, but it does kick up a book: The Body Art Book: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Tattoos, Piercings and Other Body Modifications by Jean-Chris Miller. But as Jean-Chris Miller appears to be a woman, and Painted Soul seems to suggest that "the Miller" is a guy, this probably isn't the lead that we are looking for. But it's a start.
Valentine's Day Is Cold and Snowy
Ahh, Valentine's Day. For all the bitter, single people in the Northeast, the weather provided a perfect complement to their moods. My area got about a 18" of snow, which made loads of fun to leave the house and go to work. Especially when the village where work is doesn't seem to understand the concept of plowing the roads. When there is less snow on the road where I live (a very small rural road that connects two larger rural roads) than there is on a two medium sized village streets (home to two very large corporate facilites) - there is a serious problem. I think there was even more snow in the middle of the road than there was on my car when I got out of work.

Getting back to the point - being snowbound sucks. Especially when you had plans for a romantic night out or were expecting a special gift in the mail. Not quite as much as knowing that your significant other totally forgot the day, but luckily for him, Derek isn't technically dating anyone.

The one promise that Derek did keep was his give-a-way of his Bigfoot figurine. Congrats to thebruce for winning. I'd be bitter, but I think my stuffed Creature is ten times cuter than the Bigfoots.
A Note from Dr. T
Matt has given us his own Valentine's Day gift - a coded message from Dr. T that he had previously put aside as gibberish. § Hmm...Goose Bay and Clark Air Base. Both of those were sites that M-A-R-A has recovery information on. Is it possible that they somehow acquired artifacts that belonged to Project Yellow during their recovery efforts? And is that the real reason why Frankie and Ted died in 'accidents'?
Creepy Fishes Keep Coming
Cryptidtruth keeps posting all sorts of videos around. He posted one on Monday showing a variety of strange looking sea creatures and asking the question "Where are they all coming from?" His newest one shows another strange fish - this time filmed in a completely new area. Are they more prolific than we thought? And why are we only seeing them now? Where have then been before now?
Make a Video - Win Swag
Since Derek has released a new song, Sun-Yi wants to make a new music video, but she doesn't have time with school and the million other things she has going on. So, she is gonna provide us with some random clips that she's made, and then we can take those clips and assemble them into a music video. The best submission will then get a prize (probably a poster) from Sun-Yi. §
One Last Envelope
Derek received yet another envelope while he was in class today. This should be the last one since we have all the words that would lead us to the M-A-R-A site. And since we know the answer should be 'miliatry' it's pretty easy to figure out the path we need to take through the grids. §
Calling All Hackers
Redhatty was good enough to email the M-A-R-A people asking them if we could view the files for the Slack Farm. Normally, M-A-R-A only gives that info out to prospective clients, but as Nate is the only one left, the business doesn't mean as much anymore, and we can view whatever we want. If we can figure out how to get into the files in the first place.

You see, Ted is the one that set up the website to begin with, and since he's dead and all, he can't provide us any of the passwords. Nate has a memory like a ferret on foamy fries when it comes to anything on the internet, and so if it's not written down, he doesn't remember it.

But all is not lost, because Nate does remember that Ted set up the password system to be easier to remember (if only Nate didn't have ADD). Nate tells us that: "The name, the user or account or whatever, is based on the name of the place where we recovered the artifacts, in abbreviations, you know? The other part, the password, usually had something to do with the items we recovered there."

So it's a good bet that the username of the Slack Farm is 'tfs' while the password should relate to something they recovered there. A Bigfoot artifact? A Native American relic? Dunno yet. I guess if we really get stuck we can wait for Nate to get home (makes me wonder where is is now) and look up the password there. But it's so much more fun to 'hack' into systems. Okay, granted, password guessing isn't my favorite pasttime, but it's so much easier once you know the general way it's set up. And you have to figure it's gonna be an 'easy' password since Ted supposedly wanted it idiot proof (sorry Ted - that didn't quite work out as well as you had hoped). Poor dead Ted.
Recap #4
We've been puzzle solving machines this week. We solved the '5 per' envelopes, and figured out the meta solve to the Grid puzzles. We've even helped Matt decode a couple of messages from the increasingly paranoid Dr. T. The Host screening was a success and no one seemed to have died from the Valentine's Day Snowstorm (although I was wondering if I was going to make it into work without landing in a ditch first that day).

Sites we've visited: (since the last recap) M-A-R-A.org

Sites we haven't visited: none

Things that are unsolved:
  • When is Derek gonna sleep with Amie?
  • Will Sun-Yi wake up and switch her affections to Matt?
  • How is Dr. T going to be found dead?
  • Are the M-A-R-A people behind the toy stealing? If not, who is?
  • How many passwords are we going to have to guess to get into the Slack Farm file on M-A-R-A?
  • Why is Painted Soul so annoying? And does anyone care about finding Jon except for Amie?
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