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MHC on Fangoria Radio
Journal #18
World 3, Derek 0
Amie Talks to Painted Soul
Fangoria Radio Show - Denied
Grid #3 and #12
5 Per Solved!
The Host Screening
Amie in NYC
Journal Entires 19 & 20
Derek Screws Up Yet Again
A Lead on the Good Doctor
Valentine's Day Is Cold and Snowy
A Note from Dr. T
Creepy Fishes Keep Coming
Make a Video - Win Swag
One Last Envelope
Calling All Hackers
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Derek's Mom Comes to Town
Amie Does...Nothing
Sun-Yi Wishes Amie Luck
Journals 21, 22, and 23
A Meeting with a Mystery Man?
Still Hacking
Captain Library
I'd Like to Be Seated in the Emo Section, Please
Sun-Yi on Peanut Butter, Libraries, and Videos
"Yellow Eyes" Video Contest
A Break in M-A-R-A
Haneda AFB Files
Journals 24, 25, 26, and 27
Matt to Hook up with Nate
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Stalking Sun-Yi
Serious and seriouser
Silent Lucidity
6x6 Grid Complete
More M-A-R-A Logins!
Yellow Eyes Video Contest Submissions
Civilization Mutation
Cowgirl Sun-Yi
Turning Over a New Leaf
Another Possible Disappearance?
Journals 28 through 33
Dogs and Insurance Cards
Plum Island and Bergstrom Logins
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Playing Catch-Up
What We Know About Dr. Genero
Contest Winner
Smelling Salts and Syringes!
One Big Happy Family
Maybe Derek Does Care
Watch The Host on Friday (if you can find it)
The Miller Checks You In, But You Don't Check Out
Cryptidtruth's Answers
Some Crackpot Theories
R.I.P. Nate
The Big Meeting
Film Clips

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Stalking Sun-Yi
Okay, I don't know what the problem is, but it seems like half the time I download the videos from Sun-Yi's Myspace page they cut off, so when I go to transcribe them later, I'm missing stuff. Like this latest update. She's supposed to be talking about getting stalked, but my copy decided that wasn't important and cut off about 45 seconds in. I tried seeing if she had uploaded it to Youtube, but it looks like she stopped doing that a few weeks ago. But, I did find another audio clip that got shortchanged somehow, so I finished doing the transcription of that.

Update: Transcript complete. Now I know that Green Coat Man has been showing up all over campus and around Sun-Yi's dorm. Normally I'd say it's just a coincidence, like suddenly seeing the number 23 everywhere now that this Jim Carrey movie has come out, but internal coincidences just don't exist in ARGs. So you just know this has to be something big/strange/connected. Maybe it's a zmobie of Jon Paine, and he wants to eat the brain of Sun-Yi so he can have enough smarts to take down Amie.

Transcript §
Serious and Seriouser
Actually, I don't find Derek's post all that serious. A little whiny, a little slacking-off, and a little bit mocking, but not serious. He's wrote, recorded and posted a new song: The Gorgon's Head. I wonder where he finds the time between going to class, visiting every tattoo parlor in NYC, and doing research on body mods at the library. He's also still on the outs with Matt, but then again, I'm not sure he's actually done anything to put himself back into Matt's good graces. It seems like all he's done since even the initial Today Show fight has been to record songs and hang out with Amie. That's not anyway to patch things up.

To top it all off, I think Derek has started mocking me, what with the mention of donuts and his little "French" phrase. If he had mentioned mimes, it would have been a trifecta. I was wondering if I could get him to say "The rooster crows under the midnight sun" but as it now appears that both he and Matt are ignoring my emails and PMs, I doubt that will happen. I'd be upset, but as I just got a Wii for my birthday, I can now punch my fustrations away. It's a lot of fun. I highly recommened picking one up.
Silent Lucidity
Amie still hasn't come any closer to finding Jon. However, it does seem like she's falling back into love with Derek. Good news for him, bad news for Sun-Yi, possibly even worse news for Amie if Sun-Yi decides to kick her ass. After boxing on the Wii, I volunteer to kick Amie's ass for Sun-Yi if necessary.
6x6 Grid Complete
Matt hardly had any sort of update this entire weekend. The only thing of value we got from him was the back of 6x6 grid so now we can decode Dr. T's notes with confidence.

The rest of his update talks mostly about the M-A-R-A file we found with the HAFB login. He makes mention of the "CLSRETEP_2005_FDMD_ records file" line at the bottom of the HAFB text file, but we have yet to discover why that is important.
More M-A-R-A Logins!
I guess Matt's update gave us more hints than I had realized. He wondered what the 6x6 grid had to do with the Goose Bay/cold weather gear note and as it turns out, he practically hands us the login. Yet this one doesn't annoy me as much as HAFB login. Probably because it was so obvious that we deserved to get slapped upside the head with it since we hadn't figured it out on our own. §

Jason was the one that managed to figure out the GBL login. He also figured out the Clark Air Base password as well - based on the same GBL/cold weather gear note. §
Yellow Eyes Video Contest Submissions
There have been a few video submissions for the Yellow Eyes contest. Jason put together two: one with just the MHC clips and another with additional footage. Sylvia also put one up. And I did too! One other person made a music video, and that is cryptidtruth. And he included a puzzle in with his submission. It's another 5per puzzle type, but sadly it's so blurry that we can barely make out the letters, and as such, are having a difficult time trying to find a solution for the puzzle. He also shows us more pictures of the strange fish - including one where it is growing an arm. But probably the weirdest thing is all the pictures of Sun-Yi that show up. One looks like it might be of her and Matt at the NYC Comic-Con. The other shows the mysterious Green Jacket Man following Sun-Yi as she walks down the street. So is cryptidtruth no longer in South Korea? But then again, if he was the one that took these pictures, he can't be Green Jacket Man himself.

So I guess in the end, this wasn't that hard to solve. Luckily the grids were in the correct order, which helped out alot. That and people with a better ability to make out blurry letters than myself. § This leads us to a new website. Okay, technically it leads us to the first word of a new website, but around the time we found the M-A-R-A site, someone did a reverse search and found a second website registered at the same time. That is this new site. So it's off to http://www.civilizationmutation.com.
Civilization Mutation
There isn't a whole bunch to see on at the Civlization Mutation website yet. On the one hand, we did find it a bit early since we didn't get the clue that leads to the second word of the URL. On the other, we did point out that we found the site several weeks early, and it did update to a new background right after we solved the Yellow Eyes 5per.

The original background showed a bunch of file folders, and gave us the name of the webmaster, Scott Johnston, who appears to be a NYU graduate (small world, huh?) This original background was also named cmtempindex2.jpg, leading us to change/remove the number to find cmtempindex.jpg, which looks to be a magazine cover of Genetic Review. (By the way, GeneticReview.com is not a game site if you decide you want to check it out.)

But as I said before, the site updated shortly after we 'discovered' it from the 5per code. Now the background image is just a hand along with some yellow bits of something. Like the first background picture, this had a sort of 'funny' name: backgroundcm.jpg. By removing the 'cm', you can find background.jpg which is the pretty much the same picture, with something extra to the right of the hand. With a little Photoshop magic, it appears to be the word 'admission'. Sadly, we can't find a page, image, or directory that is called 'admission' so it looks like we're at a dead end.
Cowgirl Sun-Yi
So I was right. Sun-Yi and Matt went to Comic-Con in NYC. Almost makes me wish that I had gone down there. Almost. She is understandably freaked out that now there are two people seemingly stalking her. But not freaked out enough that she won't help out Derek by agreeing to go meet the mysterious guy that Painted Soul has been talking to. For some reason, the guy will only talk to Sun-Yi. How does he even know who she is? Maybe he's the Green Coat Man. Or he found MHC through Amie's site and Sun-Yi through MHC. I just hope Sun-Yi takes some backup when she goes to meet him. At least make sure her Buddy Beacon is turned on and the phone hidden in her boot or something so that when she is kidnapped, Derek, Matt and Amie can track her down.

The other really strange thing that happened in-between updates is that her dad called to tell her to stop investigating the strange Korean fish. Somehow his boss at the Korean Embassy found out that Sun-Yi was 'involved' in the sightings and wants it stopped. Sun-Yi is smart enough to ask all of the questions that I would have asked. That doesn't happen every day - an ARG character who doesn't really need help. Most are just pansy-asses who can't even get out of bed without someone telling them to do so. She kinda reminds me of Nisha, just not as bad ass. But then, Sun-Yi's just a freshman in college. It takes time to develop badassness. She could easily become Nisha within 10 years, if she wasn't set on doing the Film Director route.

Transcript §
Turning Over a New Leaf
Derek seems a lot less whiny this week. Maybe because everyone was ignoring him when he was channeling emo Amie that he decided to try something new. Doesn't seem like he gives us any new info, but then again, I'm trying to think when he ever did. I guess when he got the 5per messages. Other than that, Derek has been pretty useless. Let's move on.
Another Possible Disappearance?
Amie is still bitching that her life isn't as perfect as Sun-Yi's. Well, maybe if you hadn't thrown away the one good thing that happened to you in order to pierce and paint your way into the good graces of a fraud, your life would be good too, Amie. Derek and Amie are actually perfect for each other in that they basically do nothing. Yeah, Matt can't figure out codes, but at least he gives us something to do whenever he updates.

There is one possible bit of interesting news from Amie's site, and it doesn't even come from Amie herself. It seems she hasn't been approving the comments on the site lately, so her friends haven't been able to comment. She's fixed that now, and there are some new comments in the old blog entries. One of them is from Genome and asks "Anyone heard from Lancifer lately?"

The last time we saw him was February 9th, almost a month ago. We don't know much about him, other than that he seems to be in Palo Alto. He commented on Amie's post that talks about other body mod people going missing, so maybe he has become one of the victims to this mysterious disappearing disease. Or maybe he just went camping for a month. Dunno, but I'll keep an eye on it.
Journals 28 through 33
Matt has finally updated his site with some more journal entries. As it's been a week since we've had any new entries, this been a long time coming. Not only that, he must have hurt his hand as he was 'unable to scan' the handwritten journal entries due to his 'scanner dying'. Yeah, right. I know the truth. On the plus side, it does save me the trouble of having to go through and type it all up. Yay! Actually, after reading #31, I think Matt has broken his hand as it doesn't seem like we're going to be getting any more handwritten journals for a while since John has 'hidden it'. Here's hoping for a swift recovery, Matt.
  • Journal Entry #28, 10/10/66 §
  • Journal Entry #29, 10/11/66 §
  • Journal Entry #30, 10/13/66 §
  • Journal Entry #31, 10/14/66 §
  • Journal Entry #32, 10/15/66 §
  • Journal Entry #33, 10/18/66 §
Dogs and Insurance Cards
Along with the overload of journal entries, Matt gave us two new 6x6 codes to figure out. These must have been during Dr. T's extremely paranoid phase as he isn't quite as upfront about what flaps you have to fold down.
  • Dog Photo §
  • Insurance Card §
The great thing about both of these solves is that they give us a M-A-R-A login.
Plum Island and Bergstrom Logins
So, thanks to Dr. T's notes, we have two new M-A-R-A logins. I wonder when he was writing them if had any idea they would be so helpful in the future. I mean, what are the odds that he would nail the passwords so perfectly?

These things, creatures, many of them are labeled Lab 101 Plum Island, New York. - So it would appear that the most important thing in Plum Island (NY) is Lab 101 since I doubt the creatures would still have been around when M-A-R-A went to do their recovery work. § Genero conducted some secret program with the Chinese shortly after Paperclip at Bergstrom. This time around, the username would have been guessable just from the information on the M-A-R-A site. Although Dr. T's note certainly helps with the password. §
Recap #6
Very slow week, although we did get a new website (even if it doesn't have a lot of info on it yet). I guess everyone is too busy watching through the video submissions and recovering from Comic-Con. Next week seems like it should have some good stuff to it, with Sun-Yi going to meet the mystery guy and Matt going down to Florida.

Sites we've visited: (since the last recap) Civilization Mutation

Things that are unsolved:
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