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A Breakthrough on the Grids
A Today Show Disaster?
Journal 11, 12, and 13
Sun-Yi and The Host
Grids Solved! (mostly)
Creature Captured!
Update Tuesday
Derek Is a Dork
Win a poster of The Host
Journals 14, 15, 16 and 17
Implant Boy Speaks
A Puzzle for Derek
Video Blogs from Sun-Yi
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MHC on Fangoria Radio
Journal #18
World 3, Derek 0
Amie Talks to Painted Soul
Fangoria Radio Show - Denied
Grid #3 and #12
5 Per Solved!
The Host Screening
Amie in NYC
Journal Entires 19 & 20
Derek Screws Up Yet Again
A Lead on the Good Doctor
Valentine's Day Is Cold and Snowy
A Note from Dr. T
Creepy Fishes Keep Coming
Make a Video - Win Swag
One Last Envelope
Calling All Hackers
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Derek's Mom Comes to Town
Amie Does...Nothing
Sun-Yi Wishes Amie Luck
Journals 21, 22, and 23
A Meeting with a Mystery Man?
Still Hacking
Captain Library
I'd Like to Be Seated in the Emo Section, Please
Sun-Yi on Peanut Butter, Libraries, and Videos
"Yellow Eyes" Video Contest
A Break in M-A-R-A
Haneda AFB Files
Journals 24, 25, 26, and 27
Matt to Hook up with Nate
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Stalking Sun-Yi
Serious and seriouser
Silent Lucidity
6x6 Grid Complete
More M-A-R-A Logins!
Yellow Eyes Video Contest Submissions
Civilization Mutation
Cowgirl Sun-Yi
Turning Over a New Leaf
Another Possible Disappearance?
Journals 28 through 33
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M-A-R-A Logins
  1. Aleutian Islands, Alaska
  2. Atlantic City, NJ
  3. Barbers Point Navel Air Station, Hawaii
  4. Bergstrom AFB, Austin, TX
  5. Braithwaite, LA
  6. Cameron Station, Alexandria, VA
  7. Camp Bonifas, South Korea
  8. Camp Edwards, South Korea
  9. Camp Giant, South Korea
  10. Camp Liberty Bell, South Korea
  11. Charleston, SC
  12. Clark Air Base, Phillippines
  1. Ernest Harmon AFB, Stephenville, Newfoundland
  2. Fort Detrick, MD
  3. Fort Devens, Devens, MA
  4. Goose Bay, Labrador
  5. Haneda Air Base, Japan
  6. Homestead, FL
  7. Horn Island, MS
  8. Hunter ArmyAirfield, Savannah, GA
  9. KI Sawyer AFI, MI
  10. Key West, FL
  11. Lexington Army Depot, KY
  12. Lowry Air Base, Denver, CO
  1. Mather AFB, Rancho Cordova, CA
  2. Myrtle Beach, SC
  3. Nakhon Phanom AFB, Thailand
  4. Newark AFB, NJ
  5. Niagara Falls, NY
  6. Oak Ridge, TN
  7. Pease AFB, Portsmouth, NH
  8. Plum Island
  9. Pucallpu, Peru
  10. Slack Farm, Uniontown, KY
  11. Treasure Island Naval Station, San Francisco, CA
  12. Yongsan Base, Seoul, South Korea
Bergstrom AFB, Austin, TX
username: BAFB
password: paperclip
  • BAFB.txt
  • op.jpg - List of people associated with Project Paperclip
  • paperclip.jpg - Photo of Paperclip members
Clark Air Base, Phillippines
username: CAFB
password: 25thinfantry
  • CAFB.txt
  • cafb_25thinfantrybooklet_001.jpg - The 25th Infantry (Tropic Lightning) Booklet
  • cafb_25thinfantrybooklet_002.jpg - Campaigns of the 25th Infantry
  • cafb_25thinfantrybooklet_003.jpg - Divisions of the 25th Infantry
  • cafb_25thinfantrypaper_001.jpg - 25th Infantry Division 1941-1965 pamphlet
  • cafb_25thinfantrypaper_002.jpg - Four Veteran Division Memembers Recall Memorable Events / 25th's 24 Years of History articles
  • cafb_hawaiichurchprogram_001.jpg - Church pamphlet
  • cafb_koreaninformation_001.jpg - What You Might See in Korea handout
Goose Bay, Labrador
username: GBL
password: coldweathergear
Haneda Air Base, Japan
username: HAFB
password: classifiedfolder
  • HAFB.txt
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_001.jpg - Outside of folder with Korean writing saying 'Top Secret'
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_002.jpg - Papers with Korean writing
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_003.jpg - Table of Contents for Nature Journal, 1987 July, Vol. 10 No. 7
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_004.jpg - Letter to Mr. Li Zi
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_005.jpg - 'Wild Man' - Fact or Fiction article
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_006.jpg - Investigation Report
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_007.jpg - Bigfoot connection another tall tale in mummy's past? Picture of Olaf
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_008.jpg - Mysterious Ape-Man Sighted in Russia article
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_009.jpg - Abominable snowgirl rapes Chinese farmer / Was it Abominable Snowman articles
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_010.jpg - Various pictures of Bigfoot
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_011.jpg - Various pictures of Bigfoot
  • hafb_chineseclassifiedfolder_012.jpg - Map of Tibet
Nakhon Phanom AFB, Thailand
username: NKP
password: medicalequipment
Plum Island
username: PINY
password: lab101
  • PINY.txt
  • piny_pn4-11-02-054.wmv - Now we know where cryptidtruth got those 'new' shots of the creature
  • piny_lab101.jpg - Memo on Lab 101
  • piny_photo_colmace.jpg - Picture of Colonel Mace
  • piny_photosheet001_piadc_4-11-02-051.jpg - Pictures of puppies
  • piny_photosheet002_piadc_4-11-02-051.jpg - Pictures of puppies
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