Brief Intro
This guide is going to be a lot different from most of my other guides in that it's primarly going to be reposts of all the Facebook postings in chronological order so that you don't have to keep switching back and forth between all the different characters. When necessary (like when a new puzzle appears) I will provide commentary and a walkthrough on how to get from Point A to Point B to Point C, but for the moment there aren't any direct links to these commentaries. That mght change later depending on how difficult I deem it to be to scroll through each page to find a certain section.

All of the time stamps in the small print are EDT since that is the timezone for my Facebook account. Unfortunately, as Christina is (presumed to be) on Pacific time, the time stamps occasionally don't quite match up with what is going on in the posts. But as I had no desire to subtract 3 hours from every time stamp, the setup remains. I have broken up the guide pages into days, and because of the time difference, you will sometimes see posts for two different days since I want to keep all of Christina's days together rather than split them into east coast days.

It should also be noted that this doesn't update nearly as frequently as some of the other support sites like We're trying to save Christina Perasso or the Dropbox Flow Sheet so it won't be of much use for trying to find out what that cipher found 5 minutes ago means, but it's a great way to catch up for those that require a little more linear layout and additional explanation as to how things were found and solved. This guide usually isn't updated until late at night and then it still might not have everything that happened that day - but I promise that eventually it will, so keep checking back. You can also keep an eye on my twitter @rowan72 where I'll usually post when I update. I'll try to use an #TheInsideExperience hashtag for those that have no desire to follow me.

Before July 25
Of course it does. And you're going to look A-MAZ-ING. I can't wait!!!
July 13 at 8:36pm
You're too sweet. You're going to look amazing too!
July 13 at 8:38pm
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