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The Last Gateway Link
The Notice Memo Is Not Secure
Wonky Email
Tokyo & Johannesburg
A Package
1008 Solved
Meet me in the lobby
Sounds of...
The Music of London
Anne's Nightmare
Back on the Chain Gang
Sheet Music Galore!
Information Obtained
Floorplans Solved
Ashes to Ashes
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 Gibberish Key  ¤  Directory Listing 

vThe Last Gateway Link

Well, the last link on the gateway directory has finally gone up, and it links to 5893.html. It's another binary puzzle. § The solution is fairly similiar to the original binary puzzle. § The memo is fairly disturbing. It looks like Sarah Belton is a complete failure and it's time to get rid of the all the evidence. I wonder if the same thing will happen to Anne when she's taken and screwed up via the portal.

vThe Notice Memo Is Not Secure

In other update news, there is an update to security.html which informs us that the NOTICE memo is no longer secure. Hey, we haven't seen that a notice memo yet. Shall we try gateway/notice.html and see if it exsits? § So we have some backwards writing and an underlined word which probably points us to another page. But first, let's work on the text. § Ahh, the Firekeepers. So they are the good guys in this. Kinda obvious why Vaporlofts think that they must be stopped. They don't want the Firekeepers getting their hands on all the data that is the Sarah Belton fiasco. Imagine what they could do with it.

Now let's try to find out where the underline word goes to. Since it's written and underlined in red, and reads red forward, how about gateway/red.html? Voilà! § Strange little page. The text doesn't really give us much, but the fifth definition is actually a link which takes us to yet another page, gateway/item.html.

The new page contains a picture of some suspicious objects. I don't know if they are that suspicious. We have a small note which reads THE FIREKEEPERS MUST NOT BE STOPPED!, a 1000 yen note, a United States passport, a Union Jack patch, a Zippo lighter, some rosary beads, and a fortune cookie fortune which reads Something wonderful is about happen to you. I have a feeling that all of this stuff belongs to our mysterious samurai friend.

vWonky Email

It looks like there have been some more security breachs over at Vaporlofts. Everyone who had emailed Vaporlofts before received a Twofish encoded email. § It's really too bad we still haven't a clue as to how to solve these encryptions. Of course, it's not as bad as being an evil company and having all of your secrets sent to the people who are trying to stop you.

vTokyo & Johannesburg

Ahh, Halloween. I wonder if I dressed up like Sarah Belton if I could scare all of the VaporLoft executives. Probably not. They'd just shoot me.

Anyway, two new updates today. The first is on the Tokyo page. There is a new link in the box. It reads Fhowrpg: Orygba which is a ROT-13 for Subject: Belton. Ooh, this ought to be good. The link actually takes us to two different pages. Fhowrpg: O takes us to 404a.html, which is just some funky 404 page. I guess they were counting on people to only click the first part of the link. Really, who teaches these guys internet security? The second half of the link, rygba, takes us to 404b.html which is the same wonky 404 page with some additional features. §

The morse code translates to TOKYO DIVISION SPECIAL MEMO while the two little pictures on the bottom appear to be a new cipher that is broken up into two parts. §

The second update comes on the Johannesburg page. The no additional information provided box is now a link to nodes.html. Oh great. More freaking Twofish ciphers. § Well, at least I can decode the morse: CFBBLOCK SHA / 512 / MARS
It appears to be more things releated to ciphers. CFBBLOCK is probably CFB block cipher. SHA-512 appears to be another hash algorithm. And MARS is another block cipher, like Twofish.

But what is this? Could it be we've had a breakthrough in these ciphers? We have! Caspian_x finally managed to get one of the blocks decoded. § While the actual decode really isn't anything we have't already guessed, it is encouraging to find out that we can actually decode these stupid encrypted blocks - if we can only guess the passwords.

vA Package

It seems that ThaJinx is quite loved by the VaporLofts people. He got a package in the mail today. It contained a VaporLofts T-shirt and two Hell notes. (1 | 2) Hell notes, according to krystyn, are used as part of Chinese New Year celebrations, as ancestor worship. They are sort of a prosperity/wealth wish for those who have passed through this life to the next - there are not only pieces of money, but household items and other objects made out of joss paper. These are burned at the (Chinese) New Year, a way to send presents to loved ones. Jinx also notes that it's considered a horrible insult to receive Hell Money as a gift while one is living - so maybe VaporLofts really doesn't like him that much after all.

v1008 Solved

Since we finally figured out that yes, we can decrypt the stupid encrypted text, we have been trying all sorts of different passwords on the remaining unsolved bits. pl_walker finally got the 1008.html bit solved, with what has to be one of the stupidest passwords. Seriously, someone needs to fire whoever is in charge of security, or else find their ATM card, because you just know they have their PIN set to 1234. §

vMeet me in the lobby

Well it looks like I was wrong. I hate it when that happens. Anne has survived her trip to Atlanta. She did not get sucked into the Portal for destinations unknown. Although, now Anne seems to have convinced herself that maybe there is nothing nefarious going on with VaporLofts, so perhaps that was the whole purpose of the trip? Get her lulled into a false sense of security before they go in and rip out her soul? Or maybe I'm just reaching again. §

vSounds of...

Two new updates today, one on gateway and one on paris.

The Gateway page has a new little line at the bottom that tells of an Addtional File: file0003.mp3. It's an odd little music file, like something you would hear in a horror flick as the stupid victim is walking up the stairs to certain doom. So in otherwords, this would be Anne's theme song.

The Paris page has a new hidden link, originally titled LINK, that leads to file0059.mp3. It's not quite fingernails on chalkboard bad, but it's close. Reminds me a bit of Close Encounters of the Third Kind played by a 3 year old on a violin.


They must have added a floor at the VaporLofts building, because there is a new floorplan link. Actually, it's not so much a new floor as a picture of a window. The interesting part is the text that's in the source code. §

The last little bit is another riddle, with the answer being coffin (by the way, if you're a vampire and you buy a coffin, you do use it, but that's just being nit-picky).

But regardless of the vampire deal (or if you just happen to like sleeping in coffins), the answer is supposed to take us to a new page: coffin.html. This is a rather interesting page. It references the same picture twice, coffin.jpg, however there is no picture in the directory. What we do have is a reference to another mp3 and *sigh* another encrypted block. § Despite our best guess that the password for this block is going to be coffin, we cannot get it decrypted. Either we don't have the correct settings, or coffin just isn't the password.

The mp3 is a nice little instrumental. Very atmospheric. Doesn't seem to be anything hidden in there, although I am not an expert on stegging mp3s, so I very easily could be wrong.

vThe Music of London

The VaporLofts team must have been hitting the studios lately, because we have another couple of mp3s to listen to. This time they are linked off the London page. §

While they aren't linked directly, the files are there. File0599.mp3 is an electronic little number that seems to have bit of static in the background. Something hidden perhaps? It does have a comment in it that reads: She pauses in her inspection of the portal. The door seems to be locked. She believes that she hears voices elsewhere in the building, but they are muffled, and she can't make out what the voices are saying. It sounds like they are calling to her. She believes that they want her to open the door.

File0346.mp3 sounds like something you might see at the beginning of a bad sci-fi flick when you have two imposing ships closing in on each other. It also has a comment to it. There is a bright light coming through the doorway, obscuring their view of what lies beyond the open door. There is a deep rumble from the nearby generators as they seem to come to life in reaction to their opening of the door. By the way, none of the other mp3s that we have gotten have comments. I went back and double checked. There has to be more to these then just music, but as to what, I don't have a clue.

One last thing to comment on. The letters TFKMBS is probably an acronym for The Fire Keepers Must Be Stopped. I wonder if this is to show that VaporLofts has finally gotten control of the London base (since we know our good friend the Samurai doesn't want the Firekeepers stopped).

The shadow page has also been updated today. It has some really annoying yellow letters on it that weren't there before. § I am beginning to think that the entire VaporLofts crews has been sucked into the portals and their brains replaced by mashed potatos because nothing is making sense any more.

vAnne's Nightmare

Anne's still alive, but now she's having nightmares. At least it isn't about a guy in a green and red striped sweater with a fedora. That's a scary nightmare. Ot at least I thought so when I was younger. §

vBack on the Chain Gang

At least that's what I feel like when I listen to the newest mp3 on VaporLofts, this time linked from the wiki page in the form of an error. One of these days we might actually get a hint as to what we are supposed to do with them, but for now, we can just queue them up on our iTunes and dance the night away.

vSheet Music Galore!

The Tokyo cipher page updated with a footnote that takes us to a new page: notation.html. The page has what appears to be small piece of sheet music. However, the notes are extremely odd - and there are only two types. § Could it be that Sarah is trying to communicate with us through music?

This page has its own footnote, which leads to alt_notation.html. This is addtional analysis from the Belton case, and VaporLofts believes that it is significant to the failure of the Belton project. It's another picture of "sheet music". This time we have four different set of codes. §

vInformation Obtained

The gateway index has updated, this time linking us to obtained information, instead of just teasing us saying it has been removed. The new link takes us to 4points.html. It's a memo that references our favorite GPS coordinates. There's also a nice bit of gibberish code at the bottom. § Personally, I believe the blurb below the coordinates is a lot more important then the gibberish text. So they left the coordinates on Anne's doorstep so that she would contact them. It also makes me wonder how they tried to contact her the first time, and why she ignored it.

The link at the bottom of the page takes us to theother.html which gives a little history about the legend of The Other. Not too surprising, Shinpu figures into the legend, protecting mortals from exposure to The Other and guarding against excessive tears in the rifts that would allow good and evil to traverse from The Other. There is a third link we can go to off this page, another block of gibberish text, and sadly, an mp3 to listen to. §

The mp3 sounds like it is backwards, but even reversing the file doesn't give us anything clearer. *sigh* At least there is a nice little haiku tagged in it: If ghost shapes can rise / Cherry blossoms and lotus / Hold little meaning The last link on the page takes us to a page that is supposedly logging our information. Nothing big there.

vFloorplans Solved

Wow, it only took a month and a half, but mapmaker finally decoded that encrypted comment at the bottom of floorplans.html. You do remember that from before, right? § All that time and all we get is talk to your team manager about locations? Will someone please explain to me why that needed to be secured information?

vAshes to Ashes

Holy updates galore, Batman! Now if only one of these will actually shed light on what's been going on, or move the story forward, it'll be a good day.

First up, the Paris directory has several new additions. A fifth converation has been logged. Someone obviously hasn't told the Paris webmaster that <blink> is an absolutely evil tag and should never be used. §

Towards the bottom of the page, there are a few small phrases. § The file name of course references another mp3: file0120.mp3. Whoever is creating these has really started making use of comments in the mp3 tags. This one says Who is he? What are his intentions? Non omnia moriar is Latin for Not all of me will die. Makes you wonder why Paris is so big on using Latin on his pages.

The security page has noticed some strange activity on the site. Nice to know they are up to date on things. Another mp3, file0186, has been leaked. I wonder if they know that they are the ones that leaked it when they put it on the page. This newest mp3, besides making me see robots marching down a hallway shooting things in time, has the longest comment yet found in one of these files.
"...Further investigation into the research department accident reveals that Belton was indeed the cause of the disaster, though her original personality has no memory of the event. The alternate personality, believed to be resultant of Belton's excursions into the Gateway, becomes irritated when questioned about the incident. Research division is scheduled to receive additional support from Germany shortly."
So Sarah herself caused the accident somehow, although she doesn't remember and the alternate personality isn't talking much. Not a whole lot of information there. Maybe we can get more out of the other reference on the security page: t<information on the leak: vaporlofts/correspondence>

Correspondence is a new directory that is very, very yellow. But, it looks like it might have some juicy information in it. § By the way, either someone has absolutely hideous penmenship, or these "notes" were encoded by the agent since we can't just read them by glancing at them. §

We have one other update today, in the Johannesburg files. Why do they put that there is no additional information available (right below where it says no additional information provided) when there so clearly is?

The new link takes us to archimedes.html which has a quote by Archimedes ( Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.) and a pretty pastel picture. Okay, maybe its not that pretty and maybe its not supposed to be that pastel. It clearly has something hidden in it. Shall we find out what it is? §


Whoever said that newcomers can't contribute to a game? Follow your heart posted on unfiction that they had found a new page about the firekeepers: fire.html Although it isn't any new information (it's the same story we got on May 19th in Anne's journal), it does show that there are still pieces of the puzzle out there for us to find. They also got a response from one of their emails, which contained some some funky capitalization in it. §

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