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 Gibberish Key  ¤  Directory Listing 

Franklin Parrish

I guess it's official now. Franklin Parrish, aka Mr. Paris, has ties to VaporLofts. Go figure.

This new revelation started when Abraxas started trying out different urls in the gateway directory. As we already had 5193.html, he tried 5293.html and 5393.html - both of which exist.

5292.html is a memo which has as it's subject one Parrish, Franklin, our very own Mr. Paris. § It's not much, but at least it's something. (Plus, we no longer have to worry about Franklin being a troll like that Labbat idiot either.)

The 5393 memo is about database clearances. Sounds like some more housekeeping in trying to keep spying eyes (like ours) from seeing their dirty little secrets. §

Abraxas has also seen that the original gateway page updated. It contains quotes asking about the Gateway and what it is. § Like the original paris page, this has an underlined word in blue, suggesting a weblink. If we try using quote.html as a new page name, we find that it works. Huzzah! § And despite what you may think, Rezso Bälint was both a real person and really did say that quote. But why does VaporLofts like it so much? Are they trying to focus our attention on one thing, while something else goes on right under our noses?

Anne Is Scared

Anne has gotten a bit spooked that VaporLofts removed the Wiki as it had once contained a link to her own blog. She's now theatening to make the whole thing friends-only so that the VaporLofts people can't see it. I hope she doesn't do that because I don't have an LJ account, nor do I really want one. §

One of the comments to this entry happens to be from Mr. Paris. He's coming to the States soon and wants to hook up with Anne. Too bad she has absolutely no interest in him and too bad for her he can't take a hint. §

Don't Follow Me

Now that we know Franklin Parrish has some sort of ties to VaporLofts, the floodgates have opened. Now we are getting a little more insight into what his relationship is. It starts when we see that the Paris directory had an update. It looks to be just a big black page, until you select all and you see there is a hidden message there. § The hidden link takes you to conn.html. Great, more gibberish. § Actually, it's backwards, ROT-24 French. Ai yi yi. § The really long line of gibberish text at the bottom that makes the screen scroll is neither backwards, nor ROT'd, nor French. It's just a simple substitution cipher. §

So what exactly does this give us? Well, we now know that Franklin Parrish is working for VaporLofts and that he is instructed to gain the confindence of someone (or something) without letting them know that he is working for VaporLofts. I don't think that's very nice of him at all. He's also on a timetable and must secure the subject's confindence before then. Why do I get the feeling that our poor little Anne is the subject?

But let's not forget that we have a couple of other pages to visit that were linked off of conn.html: 1303.html and 300.html. Both of them appear to be memos to Franklin consisting of a odd photo.

The 1303 memo consists of a picture which appears to be Atlanta with some of the gibberish writing at the bottom. It's shares some of the same symbols as the conn.html page, but this time it looks like it is written in all capital letters, so we still need to figure out what some of them are. That on top of the fact that the letters are small and blurry does not help. §

The 300 memo is even stranger than the 1303 memo. All it consists of is a blurry playing card - the king of hearts. Lucky for us, it's camouflaged so we can get a little more information out of it. Then again, maybe not. The password is 884p-86f-81, which is the id number in the memos. When you uncamouflage the picture, you get 300.txt which is not something I would think belongs in official memos. §

vLove Notes Gallery

While snooping around Anne's LiveJournal, soliloquy found a another picture gallery: Love Notes. All of the pictures appear to be people writing "I <3 point_system". I wonder if we sent in a picture to her, if it would get posted?

The Second Voice

Well, it seems that there really is a second voice on the VaporLofts video. Shows what I know. Mr. Paris has followed through on his request from Anne to take a look at it himself, and he came up big. Do you think that's maybe because he had access to an original source or something? § After listening to it a few times, I can pretty clearly hear "What do you want?" And no, I didn't read the comments in the LJ before listening so I wasn't influenced by that. If the voice is saying "What do you want?" it may be that the ghost is on to us and may not necessarily be happy with us bothering it.

Floorplans Are Back

It seems that the floorplans have finally been put back up on VaporLofts - sorta. The first is a revised version of the original that we saw. They now have the "classified" information blurred out. Question: why not just remove it all together? The second floorplan shows Sublevel A, wherever that is. Again, classifed information is blurred out, so we kinda have to guess at what it says. §

The third floorplan isn't a floorplan at all. It's a picture of three doorways with what appears to be more gibberish writing. Too bad it isn't the same keyset that we already have. § And despite the ==s at the end of the lines, they are not Base 64 either. Whatever this new keyset is, there is a third message in the source code of the floorplan page in the same style. §

The picture itself is fairly dark, but if you adjust the levels in Photoshop, you can see some details in the shadows. The lefthand door in particular seems to hide something ominious.

A One Night Stand

It seems our little Anne wasn't completely level with us regarding Mr. Paris. All this time I thought it was limited to just some random encounter in the Gare du Nord. But she writes to GlitchTybalt and tells him a little more of the story. § So Anne got her groove on while she was in Paris. Good for her. Too bad the guy turned out to be such a creep.


Anne is feeling rather isolated today. Her sister seems to have found what she was looking for, so that now just leaves Anne alone and looking. Her parents and grandmother are both gone, and her sister might as well be since she's in New York. I just hope that she doesn't start looking to Franklin to fill the void that she seems to feel in her life. §

As a side note, Weredactyl started poking around Anne's LiveJournal picture gallery and found a picture of point zero. According to one travel site:
It’s a simple bronze milestone, sealed in a stone of the parvis, about twenty metres from the cathedral. Completely concentrated looking at the western façade of the church, the tourists just trample on it, pass by, don’t notice it without ever seeing it. It is true that nothing announces its presence; only that discreet inscription: ”Point zero des routes de France”. But this milestone is important: it materializes the zero point of France, since several centuries, from where distances are calculated between Paris and other French or foreign cities. The stone was sealed on 10th of October 1924 on the proposal of municipal adviser Georges Lemarchand.

A Binary Puzzle

The Paris directory has updated with a huge bunch of binary (and if you didnt understand that it was binary, the comment in the source code told you). § The first step to solving this is to break up the binary into smaller chunks so we can deal with it. Most of the time with binary you break it up into groups of eight. Once you do that, you see that every other block is 00000000. This should mean that those groups are either for spacing or padding purposes.

If we say they are padding, we can then just treat the sequence as blocks of sixteen. § Running them through a binary to text translator gets us nothing but gibberish, but what about a binary to decimal translator? § As y2kbozo notes, there are 105 numbers, with the first 96 being 0-95 out of order. The last 9 numbers are are all repeats. The next step is to find where each of the last 9 numbers appeared in the previous 96. § The last step involves converting these numbers into letters. You can either add 38 to get ASCII values, or subtract 26 to get positions of the alphabet. Either way, you end up with the same result. §

Now that we have solved the puzzle, we can use the answer to find a new page: paris/imp.html. It's another memo to Franklin Parrish, complete with our gibberish writing. § When we first apply our previous cipher key, it seems that the code is changed because nothing makes sense. That's because, this time around, the text is reversed and ROT-13 (not to mention they stuck a period at both the beginning and end of the text making it that much more difficult to figure out what is going on). Why can't they just stick with one method instead of changing it each time? §

The paris/imp.html page also has a link to 1008.html. This has the same gibberish as what was on floor1c.jpg, which we still haven't figured out yet. § This page isn't a total bust though. In the source code is a comment: <!-- "twofish" --> This leads us to a newpage, twofish.html. This page only has two pieces of information: an encoded line and a comment in the source code. § When we finally figure out what this cipher is, we're going to have a lot of new information from it.

No Global Sites - Yet

Lesser Atuin tried to pump VaporLofts for information on their three other sites: London, Tokyo and Johannesburg. Unfortunately, the response he got was not a good one (for those looking for new sites at least. § Don't they understand how much we like websites to go through?

VaporLofts London, Tokyo & Johannesburg

Well, it's not a new website, but it is something. The three global sites now have pages on the main VaporLofts site. All three pages are basically the same - telling where there are located and a little about the company. The London and Tokyo pages both have some ROT'ed text, while the Tokyo and Johannesburg pages both contain the comment <!-- The Fire Keepers Must Be Stopped. --> Are they just trying to stop Anne, or is the legend actually real? And if it is real - how exactly do you stop a god? §

The two ROT'ed texts on the London and Tokyo pages are actually riddles. The answer to the London page is shadow, which leads us to shadow.html. It's a pretty empty page except for this reference: Mk 5:9 This refers to the Bible and the Book of Mark, chapter 5, verse 9.
And he asked him, What [is] thy name? And he answered, saying, My name [is] Legion: for we are many.
This leads us to legion.html which is a story about how Shinpu Ofuda saved the city. §

The answer for the Tokyo riddle is cipher.html and of course it leads to another cipher for us to solve (at least when you check the source code or do a select-all). § Well there is Shinpu Ofuda again. According to Wikipedia, the ofuda, gofu or shinpu are traditional Shinto religion items, used for protection from or banishing and sealing away evil spirits. They are most often slips of paper with mystical kanji brushed on their surface in the ancient style. And let's not forget that Anne's friendly neighborhood bartender is named Shinpu. Could it be that Anne is being protected from VaporLofts by the people around her even though she doesn't even know it?

vAnne Spills the Beans

Anne doesn't seem to be able to keep a secret for very long. She emailed VaporLofts telling them about the ghost and attached both the video clip and the audio sample. Yes, it's always good to tell the big bad company just what you have on them because they never do anything about it. §

vGateway Errors

We have a new update on the Gateway index page today. There is a new line at the bottom talking about a new memo: Additional Memo Clip on Errors It's a small reminder not to upload images with data errors in them. § This leads us to check the gateway/images folder. There are seven new images there, all of which are corrupted with inserted text. Obviously, someone isn't paying attention to this memo. § It's another story with Shinpu Ofuda, this time helping an earthbound spirit to move on. Could it be that VaporLofts view themsleves as Shinpu - helping to move spirits onward?

By the way, as it turns out, each of the pictures are fragments of a larger picture. If you carefully remove the inserted text, you can recreate the picture. Or you can just check out y2kbozo's version.

A little while later, another update shows up on the gateway index. We now have a link (5993.html) to Execrpt 1, talking about Sarah Belton. You remember her, right. She's the one that survived the plane crash way back when. § Well, that certainly gives us a lot of information on Sarah. She did work for VaporLofts, testing the Gateway in some capacity (wonder why they lied about that). However, we don't know if this memo is from before or after her encounter with the plane exploding. Was it an experiment gone wrong within the Gateway? Or was it a side effect from traveling through it so many times?

Now let's check out the link on this page. It takes us to security.html. § So we now have information on three different security clerances at VaporLofts. If we are going to get any sort of good information, we will need to find someone with a Tertiary Stage Clearance and possibly someone with a Portal Access Key. I wonder what sort of clearance Franklin has and if he would give it up if Anne got him nice and drunk?


The Paris index page has also updated today, this time mentioning that conv1 and conv2 have been logged. No links, but it's not too hard to figure out that conv1.html and conv2.html are valid page names. § Are these conversations between Anne and Franklin? And if so, why are they on this page? They don't seem to be bursting with important information.

vAnne Adds an Image Backup

Anne has added an image backup folder to her personal VaporLofts directory. Most of the pictures are either from her Paris trip, or are of the VaporLofts Atlanta property. There is one interesting one of a samurai, that has some text stuck inside of it. §

So we have a fourth person now working for VaporLofts besides Anne, Franklin and Sarah. Although whoever this is obviously doesn't like, or at least trust, Franklin. Maybe we can count on him/her to help out Anne when VaporLofts get their little grubby paws on her (beucase you know it's just a matter of time.

Stupid side note: I'm pretty sure this picture is from the movie The Last Samurai, but I'll be damned if I can find a copy on the web anywhere.

vMr. Paris Speaks Latin

Wow, Mr. Paris has finally put an entry into his LiveJournal instead of just commenting at Anne's. § He also has a (new?) comment in his profile that is also in Latin. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? "Who watches the watchers?"

vThe Invitation

VaporLofts has invited Anne to Atlanta to take a tour of their project grounds. And all this time I thought she was in Atlanta. Looking back, I don't see anywhere where she actually says where she lived, so it must have been the idea that she would apply to a company in the same town. Regardless, Anne has decided to take them up on their offer and travel to Atlanta. Is she crazy? Doesn't she watch any horror/suspense movies? You never, ever, ever take the evil company up on it's offer to visit them unless it's absolutely necessary. Anne is such a goner. §

v2 More Conversations

The Paris directory has updated to say that two more conversations have been logged. Both of them are absolute pains to read on the page, since the the text shows up about 1 pixel high. § So Franklin is back in the States now. Watch out Annie or you're gonna be the next ghost in the machine. Oh wait, she's already travelling to Atlanta so she probably already is.

vTowards Death...err, Atlanta

So Anne has a week to live, I mean, she has a week before she heads off to Atlanta and certain doom. Because you just know she's gonna end up kidnapped. Right after her rental car explodes. Or maybe right before because if she was in the rental car when it explodes, there wouldn't be much to kidnapp. Then Franklin will take her back to VaporLofts, stick her through the Gateway and send her wherever it is that it goes. Then our mysterious little samurai friend will start to contact us some more, hoping that we can save Anne's soul from wherever it's being stored. Yep, that's what's gonna happen alright. §

vTwofish Solution

Sad that it's taken us this long to solve that little string, but I have had other things to do, like writing this guide.

In case you have forgotten, our little friend from twofish.html reads:
For the longest time, we thought it was in the same cipher key as floorplans.html, floor1c.jpg, and 1008.html. But it's actually just a ROT-10 version of our standard gibberish key. § So it's entirely possible that we have to use a more secure method of cryptography to decode those entries. Too bad I don't have the first clue as to how.

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