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Sleepy and Intangible
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Early, Early Update
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Cranky Old Man Has a Name
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Freeing the Princess
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Just Answer and Listen
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Communications Log
Dana Goofs Up
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My Very Own DVD
The Training Events
The Final Puzzle
November 9th - Halo 2

The Aftermath
Thank You

Week 16 - Phase 5
October 31st and Onwards


Seems weird to start a new week of ILB on a Sunday, but that's what we are doing.

First things first. Melissa has updated the index page with a new text box, thanking us for all of our hard work. §

Not only are we directed to her farewell message on the 404 page, § we are told that the humptydumpty page contains a complete log of the transmissions to date. § Does this mean we finally got those stupid Herzog wavs we have been missing forever? YES!! §

Just Answer and Listen

So now that we've all listened to the newly unlocked Herzog wavs, it's time to get down to business. Answer phones. Thanks to no longer being completely insane, Melissa has taken pity on us so we do not have to answer any questions this week. All we need to do is pick up the phone and the wavs will play for us. Talk about easy.

Recipe8 Wavs

Thanks to the complete ease of making an axon go hot, we hit a one day record of 1094 axons. Way to go Beekeepers! Today is the day the gang makes their inflitration of Chawla Base. Do they manage to turn off the Artifact? Or does their plan come crashing down around them before they even get in the front door. Just listen and you'll find out. §


Dana's latest blog sums up everything very nicely: I don't know what happens next, but I think we did the right thing. I think we sent a lost girl back home. I think we solved the right problem. And I think our fortunes will change as a result.

We're not completely done yet, but we're close. Dana mentions that there is still something on the site that will update on Thursday, so expect at least one more update day. Still, I can't help but feel sad that we've reached the end. §

!transmit truth

You know how we usually get axons on Friday for calls on Tuesday? Well this week, we get axons on Tuesday for calls on Thursday, at least according to contactme.html. Confusing, huh? Although, with Melissa gone, it seems that the Flea is the one in charge of sending us the file this week. Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all. He's even updated humptydumpty.html to include Sunday's Chapter Eleven: "Heros". What a good little Flea.

Communications Log

Dana has found one last message from Melissa. It seems the PMs have heard all the bitching and moaning about there only being 4 training sessions and because of the short notification and location of the events, a majority of the players cannot attend. So we're getting the next best thing: swag! That's right, we can get free DVDs of Melissa's communications if we live near one of the additional 27 cities listed on Dana's blog. The bonus thing about this? I actually live within a 15 minute drive from one of the locations! I don't have to drive all the way to who-knows-where to get one. Woohoo! §

Dana Goofs Up

Poor Dana. In all the excitement, she totally botched the date and times of the DVD release. Instead of on Sunday, it's on Thursday at the same time as the training exercises. At least it's still at a time when I can get there. Huzzah. §

Contactme Wavs

Well this is it. The last day of phonecalls and audio files. The last day of the game. While there is still a fair amount of excitement for those going to the training sessions and those of us who can snag a DVD, there is also sadness that we are going to have to say goodbye to Jan, Jersey, Kamal, Rani and Durga/Melissa/Yasmine. That we won't have any more puzzles to solve. And yes, beyond unlock these last 45 wavs, having no more phones to answer.

The wavs today reflect this bittersweet feeling. The storylines are all tied up and you are treated to a few moments of happiness before the end, yet you'll still end up at the verge of tears when the last wav finishes. As the Princess once said, I'm sorry. I wanted to make the story come out happy, but it didn't. They don't sometimes. I think I need to go now. §

I think I need to go now too, to get my DVD.

My Very Own DVD

So by pure luck (or maybe because I'm just that loved *smiles sweetly*), one of the DVD drop points was at my local Loews Theatre. So after work, I grab some dinner, then head over to the mall and browse through Barnes and Noble until it's just about 9:00. I even bought a new book by one of my favorite authors, so this is turning out to be a good night. I still ended up standing outside the movie theatre with about 5 minutes to spare, so I went to check out the ferrets at the petstore next door. Unfortunately, the baby ferret was sleeping so I couldn't play with him. I had to spend my five minutes watching a skittish chinchilla and an upset hedgehog.

Nine o'clock comes and I walk into Loews. At first I thought I might have to ask the cashiers for my DVD, but then I hear a bunch of girls giggling over by the manager's desk, so I knew that's where it had to be. I went over to the desk and the manger comes up and asks me all seriously "Can I help you?" which just starts all the girls standing there laughing again. I tell him, "The Operator left a message for me" and he smiles and hands me a DVD from under the desk. Success! It turns out that all of the girls there were getting the DVDs for someone else: boyfriends or in one case a mom getting the DVD for her son, so I couldn't talk to them about the last wavs today and how the felt now that the game was done. But no matter, that's what IRC is for. §

The Training Events

With my new DVD in hand, I head home to hear reports from those lucky enough to go to the Training Events. They got a DVD as well as a Halo 2 lanyard and an ILB identification card. How nifty. The San Francisco people lucked out in the fact that also got several of the Puppetmasters and Voice Actors to show up and were able to talk to them about the game.

The participants also got one more thing that they shared with everyone at home. Four clues to a new puzzle.

The Final Puzzle

Each of the four training events got a clue which, when solved, unlock one more page on ilovebees.com.
New York: x2 / a2 + y2 / b2 = 1
Chicago: Nary Wanderer - or possibly Merry Wanderer
San Francisco: The Game Is
Austin: Suture

x2 / a2 + y2 / b2 = 1 - equation for an ellipse
Nary (Merry?) Wanderer - Puck from Midsummer's Night Dream is known as the Merry Wanderer
The Game Is - Up
Suture - sew

If you take the answers and rearrange them in a certain way, you'll get the name of a familiar ship: Up + Puck + Ellipse + Sew = Apocalypso.

This leads us to a new webpage: apocalpyso.html. This is Melissa's last message to us, telling us goodbye and explaining that last nagging question we had regarding Herzog and the forged wavs. One word of advice though. Before listening to Melissa's last wav, make sure you have some tissues ready - more than one person has teared up at listening to her say goodbye. §

November 9th - Halo 2

Well, today is the day that Halo 2, the reason for this entire game, is released. It's been a long, always fun and sometimes strange, road to get here, but we've made it. Our time helping Durga, Jan, Jersey, Kamal and Rani save the Earth is over, and now we can join the Master Chief in kicking some Covenant butt.

But the game can't really be done with out one last Tuesday update. One of our old friends, who has been lost for a few months, is back to take her revenge on our newest "friend". §

The Aftermath

Now that the game is truly and finally over, the PMs can come out of hiding. §

This also means that we are finally able to talk to the PMs one-on-one. Besides the random conversations we had in #beekeepers when a PM popped in for a few minutes, we also had some more organized chats.

Mini PM chat with Maureen McHugh: A spur of the moment chat brought on by the mention of the Dating Game.
Official PM chat: Held on Sunday, November 7th with Elan Lee, Sean Stewart, Jim Stewartson and Jane McGonigal.
Phone chat: Conference call held on Saturday, November 13th with Kristen Rutherford (Durga), Yuri Lowenthal (Kamal), and Zan Passante (Jersey).

Thank You

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in I Love Bees (aka The Haunted Apiary - Let Op!).

When I am dazzlingly glad to have been part of this game, I do this :D

I think I need to go now.

And that's the end.

The end.

The end.