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July 27th
Phase 1 Complete
Hidden Links
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The Operator's Monologue
Dana Freaks Out
Dana Is Gone

The History of Dana
Persuaded to Come Back

Phase 2 Complete
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The Princess' Secret

New GPS Coordinates
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Sleepy and Intangible
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Week 2 - Phase 2
July 27th and Onwards

July 27th

Based upon the countdown on the ILB page, network throttling would erode on July 27th. Only one problem...no one knows exactly when on the 27th. About 200 people waited anxiously in the chat rooms as it got closer and closer to Midnight EDT. And when the clock struck twelve...nothing happened. For the ARG people, this wasn't a huge surprise/letdown. During The Beast updates normally occurred around noon. For the Halo fans, the fact that nothing happened almost meant that the world was ending. Cries of "When Will It Update?????" echoed through the rooms until our ears started to bleed. Many people went to sleep while the rest decided that it would update at 6:07am. Those that stayed up to watch what would happen at 6 were rewarded...with caffeine-induced stupors.

Phase 1 Complete

For those of us who went to sleep at a decent hour, upon waking we learned that nothing had happened yet, so we waited patiently at the computer for something to happen. Around noon, it finally did. The countdown page now declared that Phase I was complete. §

The other pages on ILB have changed as well. There is new text spread through all the pages, and about.html now has a blurry picture of what looks like Dana, called killer.jpg. On top of the picture, some rather threatening text is placed. § Someone is obviously hating Dana right now.

Checking out the source codes shows loads of new text sprinkled throughout the site. It is also noticed that there are some new links hidden on the main pages. The links take us to surg.!store.primary.sector.mem.dag.0.0.html and 0.1.html, 0.2.html, 0.3.html, 0.4.html. Following the pattern, we try 0.5.html, but that leads us to a 404 page, which also has the killer.jpg picture up - several different ones in fact.


Refreshing the 404 page, brings up the different killer.jpgs. Whatever is mad at Dana is taking lots of pictures of her. It turns out there are 13 pictures in all. You will also notice that the pictures appear corrupted. Once again, someone has inserted bits of text into the pictures. This time, the text forms a series of Questions and Answers. If you remove these bits, you can restore the pictures to their uncorrupted state. Then you can see Dana discovering that someone (or something) is watching her (through a webcam?). The great minds at UF and the BeeWiki managed to order the pictures chronologically. Now, we can also analyze the contents of the text inserts in the order the pictures were taken. § It seems that the questions and answers are taken directly from emails that have been sent to ladybee777@hotmail.com. Although who is actually the one sending them is up for debate.

Hidden Links

As mentioned above, there were hidden links in the pages with names like surg.!store.primary.sector.mem.dmg.0.0.hmtl. All of the pages have the same text at the top:
The first page, 0.0.html shows what the ILB home page looked like before SPDR took over. The original timer by Dana appears at the bottom left-hand side of the page. § The other pages all seem to be static versions of the earlier corruptions that we saw before.

The Links Puzzle

The one genuine puzzle (besides trying to piece together all the random text on the site - which we'll get to in a moment) is on the fun stuff page. In the middle of the pages, there are 3 groups of 7 links (although one page only has 2 groups of 7). After visiting a few pages, it became apparent that each group of links was either on the same subject or had the same group of words attached to them. Each set of 21 (or 14) links made up a one fragment of a sentence. These fragments were then placed together to create one whole story. § In total, there were 15 different pages of links, for a total of 308 different links. Google was used to double check that the group of words for each set of links was correct. §

The Operator's Monologue

Now that the Links Puzzle has been solved, we can analyze the rest of the new text. Unlike the previous MAYDAY texts, the new fragments actually make up one complete text. § It is a monologue by Melissa (the Operator/the Queen). She explains that Dana (the Assassin) tried to kill her (when Dana tried to wipe the website and start from scratch), but that the Spider (the Widow) kept her alive. As the Spider works on Melissa, memories get triggered and we see bits of Melissa's past. She replays memories of conversations from people on her ship discussing military evacuations and favorite games of AIs. Melissa is frustrated that she is trapped in a primitive system (the ILB webserver) and struggles to get out. She eventually connects Dana's webcam and is able to get her first look at her enemy. Even as Melissa's memory is eroding to nothing, she is quite happy that she now has a target to hunt and patiently starts looking for a way to reach out and strike Dana.

Dana Freaks Out

After seeing her webcam take pictures of her, Dana is understandably freaked out. She decides she wants nothing more to do with the website, and tells us to leave it alone as well. § The "Tsi Tian, everyone" is Mandarin for goodbye. It appears to be a typo for Tsi Tsian, but it's more commonly written as zai jian. The Chinese characters are chinese.

Dana Is Gone

Dana has decided that she needs to get away, far away and takes off for parts unknown. Well, since this is the day (July 29th) she was supposed to leave for China anyways, it's a good bet that is where she is headed. She has left a new message on her answering machine saying goodbye - and that she doesn't know when she'll be back.

Dana does not want to deal with this anymore. But it doesn't mean that she's out of danger. We need to convince Dana to get back in touch with us so that we can keep an eye on her and keep Melissa off her trail.

Week 3
August 3rd and Onwards

The History of Dana

It's Tuesday and so we receive a new update, this time in the form of a new email from the ladybee777 account, which we are now fairly certain is the realm of the Sleeping Princess. Based upon the html formatting of the email, we can see that the Princess is also the one that has left the green messages for us on the ILB site. The email tells how the Princess is alone, hiding from both the Queen and the Widow. She also identifies with Dana, calling her a friend and ally. The Princess has also found a secret, but will only tell it when Dana is persuaded to come back and talk to her. §

Persuaded to Come Back

We did it! We flooded Dana with emails begging to her come back and she has - well kinda. She's in China, but she's no longer incommunicado. § So nice of Dana to be curious as to what was still happening state-side, and then to let us know what was happening to her. So we know that Dana will see our emails in China and hopefully she'll continue her Friday updates to her blog. She's also receiving emails from the Princess (note the "as cuddly as the cat" line) but we still don't know if she's responded to her. I guess we'll have to make sure that the Princess knows that we are in contact with Dana.

On a side note, Dana's P.S. links to www.ilovebeer.org, a brilliant parody of the ILB site. Finally, someone has taken the time and energy to create a real site, rather than those wannabe poseurs who just stick up a countdown and then let everyone think their site is in-game. It's great that the PM's recognize this and have mentioned it. I highly recommend checking the site out. Even if it doesn't further your understand of this ARG, it has some interesting features in its own right. Hidden text in images and other text on the pages shows that the creators have duplicated, in their own fashion, the stories that appear on the ILB site. It looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon (or two) when you are all tired out from ILB spec.

Week 4 - Phase 3
August 10th and Onwards

Phase 2 Complete

August 10th brings about the end of Phase 2 and the start of Phase 3. The medium has metastasized and now we are awaiting for it to become wide awake and physical.

Just like clockwork, the ILB site updates at Noon EDT and we find out just what metastasization means. Unfortunately, there are no new websites, but we do have new wavs to listen to, new picture corruptions to look at, new text to piece together, and a whole slew of coordinates to map out.

The New Wavs

With the start of Phase 3, we have new versions of the previous two wavs, plus three new ones.

The two old soundfiles, bees1.wav and queen-piping.wav, now have a new twist: a voice saying "I love bees" over-and-over is now on-top of the original sound file.

The three new wavs, changeling-child.wav, opening-mouth.wav, and building-a-voice.wav, also have voices saying "I love bees" over-and-over again. The changeling-child.wav is the most interesting though. Approximately 46 seconds into the wav, you hear a sound that you can't quite make out. If you reverse the wav, you can then hear that the sound is someone saying "Connection" in reverse. Connection? A connection to what? There are also reversed versions of the other new wavs on the UF forums, but there are no clearly heard words in either of those (although if you strain, you can make yourself hear all kinds of different things).

The Princess Haikus

While refreshing to catalog all of the new text on the pages, it becomes obvious that the pictures do not have the same corruptions as before. Now each picture only has one corruption - and it turns out to be a haiku. There are two different haikus, one set with numbers in front and one without. All seem to be written by the Sleeping Princess. §

She tells us that while she was at first alone and frightened, she now has many friends, including Dana. The Queen, however, is too serious for her. She likes to tease the queen and play hide-and-go-seek, and by hiding and spying, she can learn things about the Queen. She has found the Queens diary (the numbered haikus) and learns that the Widow discovered the Flea, but before she could capture him, the Queen befriended him. He becomes the new counselor while the Widow is broken into bits (as you'll see below). The Queen and the Flea now have something big planned, but unfortunately, the Princess does not know what it is.

Operator's Monologue Part 2

The new Operator's Monologue is one set of new texts found during Phase 3. This time around, Melissa is much more coherent and her memory no longer seems as impaired - she is able to quote from several different texts accurately - but she is still missing key sections. Melissa is still tracking Dana, but is physically still unable to reach her. Now she is trying to escape her temporary prison and become a physical entity once again. And the first step to that is to build a voice for herself. She has also freed herself from the Spider - and wonders if the adage "killing a spider brings seven years of bad luck" will hold true. §

The Spider and the Flea

The second set of texts found on Phase 3 is a game of leapfrog/hide-and-go-seek between the Spider and the Flea - and is reported on by the Princess in the Haikus. While the Spider is working on Melissa, she notices the Flea trying to recover some of Melissa's deleted memories. Spider then tries to delete the Flea, but he escapes and the two chase each other throughout the pages on the ILB site.

This chase can be a tricky one to see if you do not follow their path exactly. In the source code, before each section of the chase, there is a link to either about.html, honey.html, or hives.html. This link is the one you must follow to see the next part of the chase. Following the path to the end will reward you with a block of one of two memories: The Cylinder Artifact or Virus. To make this even more difficult to follow, each memory is broken up into three sections, and the path for each section will start on a different page, for a total of six different paths you must follow to see the entirety of both memories. The beginning of the paths for the second memory can be the more difficult to find, as the first memory seems to load more often than the second. In that case, it is just necessary to keep refreshing until you see the memory path that you want to follow. §

The Cylinder Artifact & Virus

Now that the Flea has uncovered all twelve fragments, we can piece them together.

The Cylinder Artifact memory shows Captain Greene and Lieutenant Rolf Sorenson examining a possible Covenant object. Melissa doesn't know what it is, but understands that it has to be examined, no matter what the possible risk is. §

In the Virus dialogue, Melissa is beginning to feel slightly odd. Nothing specific, but she begins to wonder if the Covenant have infected her with a virus that piggybacked on their transmission. §

GPS Coordinates

Besides having some of the new Operator's Monologue text, the Links page also has a bunch of GPS coordinates: 220 of them to be exact. The points are located all over the United States, mostly in urban areas, but not all. Above the coordinates is the timer to the 24th - this time labeled AXONS GO HOT. There is a general feeling among the populace that we are supposed to be at these coordinates come the 24th. §

Olly Olly Axon Free

Friday - Dana blog update day! And thankfully, she doesn't disappoint us by not posting. She's glad that China is axon free, but because Mother Nature seems to be wrathful towards China lately, she hints that she may start looking for another country to visit. §

The Princess' Secret

Not only have we gotten a new blog entry from Dana, we've also gotten an email from the Princess! It seems she has learned some more about Melissa - and she's also learned how to write letters on her own. She tells that the Widow was the one who started building the roads/axons, but as the Widow didn't get the best instructions, she mistakenly built one out into the sea. The Princess find this highly amusing and would have been caught when she laughed if the Queen hadn't taken that moment to destroy the Widow. But now that the Widow has been destroyed, the Queen has taken over building the roads - and as the Princess says, the paths should be much better now.

The Princess also has another reason to write us: to give us the secret she promised, since we got Dana to communicate with her. The secret turns out to be another memory of Melissa - this time involving a crew member named McKaskill. §

Week 5
August 17th and Onwards

New GPS Coordinates

Tuesday minor update has to be the most annoying update so far. The GPS Coordinates have CHANGED. Well, at least some of them have. The number has also gone down to 210 coordinates total. The only good thing about this is that we now have times to go with all of the coordinates. They start out at 6:07 PDT and go until 18:03 PDT. Oh - one more good thing. Melissa was kind enough to add an upstate NY point, so that I now can go. Woohoo! §

The Princess 404

The Princess it seems likes to play games. She has a new game for us on the 404 page. She will give us a bunch of questions asked of her, and we can vote for the question we like the best. She will answer the question with the most votes. §

Go Hot

Dana's last scheduled blog entry before the big day...and she practically tell us that we do not want to miss out on being at the coordinates. I guess we'll find out in 4 short days if her prediction is true. §

Dana's Request

Dana sent out a mass email to a bunch of people (but not everyone) asking for help to summarize the events so far for her blog. Maybe she feels that we are more connected to what's happening than she is, and that's why we should be the one to write and let everyone else know what's been happening. §

August 24th and Onwards >>