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Free Rebel Art
Free Rebel Art was the second site we found early due to the leaked Year Zero copy. It's written on the last page of the Year Zero booklet, so that was easy enough to find.

This is a website that aims to call people to work together in order for their voiced opposition to the government can be heard. Individually we may be squashed and broken, but a large group can become a force that cannot be denied. They even give you a handy dandy form where you can input your phone number and they will call you with more information.

Be forewarned, as soon as you hit the submit button, you will get a phone call, so unless the people in your household like getting woken up in the middle of the night by strange phone calls, I'd wait until a more appropriate time to call. If you decide to record the call, you should know that you are required to give a password (resistance) to advance the call, so plan accordingly. §

Seriously, the Government isn't very nice. They accuse me of commiting a crime simply by entering a phone number on a website and they expect me to be all happy that they are giving me a chance to reform by turning in my friends, family and neighbors? If anything, I think it would compel me to do more civil disobedience in order to have my voice heard. Sure, I might end up getting killed, but as it was said way back in the beginning 'Give me Liberty, or give me Death.'

If you decide to turn in some unsuspecting haps in order to get back on the Government's good graces, you get an email back from the BOM. Personally, I just decided to report my self via a secondary email address since I can't remember anyone's email address at work. §
Viability Index
On the flyers from the OSR meeting in LA and on the Year Zero booklets, there are these strange bits of white code. If you arrange them correctly, they spell out the name of the next website we have to go to. §

Viability Index is the place to go to if you want to figure out where you should live, or what parts of the country to avoid. With their 10-point scale, you'll know right away if New York City is a better place to live than Chicago. Or if your dreams of one day living in Paris should be put on hold. §

This is a weird website. I wonder if it was made quickly since there are more little errors than normal. First, Monsoon is mispelled on the front page graphic. Second, Green Bay is mentioned as one of the best cities to live in, but there is no VI entry for it. Third, St. Louis has a blurb about being on one of the most dangerous earthquake faults, but Earthquake isn't listed as one of the Risk Factors. I also like how every entry except Mexico City has Extreme Weather listed as a Risk Factor. If Extreme Weather patterns are the norm, should they really be considered extreme?
Brian Tsunoda
Brian Tsunoda is an attempt for three scientists (students?) to try and scientifically catergorize what The Presence is. We know from the scorpion shard that Tim Eskaran had his own personal experience with The Presence. §

It's weird though. I keep thinking that all these events are happening over a wide timeline, but in reality it's really only been a week since the beginning of events. The Presence shows up Feb 4th and John of Boston's daughter dies. He is arrested February 7th. He's presumably killed on February 9th, the same day the Star Chamber incident occurs. Bianca goes on the run February 11th. Maybe it's because it's taken so long to get all this information that it feels like weeks or months. Or maybe it's because it's hard to believe that everything is going to hell in a handbasket in such a short time.
Mining for Life
Mining for Life
Anglo-Johnson Ltd, in a joint venture with Human Resources Opportunity Ltd.

Out of Work?
There IS an Answer!

We provide compensation for conversion of:
Bone Marrow

The need for healthy tissue has never been greater.
Much can be convereted without serious risk to the donor.

Mining for Life
Where your family is our family...

Platinum Mining, providing the world with platinum for beauty, palladium for manufacturing and electronics.

Mining For Life investor information

For Information on Employment in the Mines:
Currently we are running at full employment with a long waiting list of fully qualified applicants. We do nnot expect to be accepting applications for the next 18 months.

Anglo-Johnson Ltd., providing life-saving options for families in South Africa

Experience the Anglo-Johnson Mining Complex

Conversion Options:
Non-Employees become a part of the A-J family!
Employees earn a fast raise and terrific family benefits!

Investor Information

Stock Symbol: ANJ-af
Current Price: $61.22         Change: + $0.15
02/10/0000 04:02 (20 minute lag)

Anglo-Johnson brings together the expertise of two major companies. Our initiatives span the globe and benefit thousands of employees.

Our Mission
To use real world business opportunities to address a wide range of profit opportunities and social needs. Anglo-Johnson Ltd. proves that it is possible to not only do business in Africa, but also to improve quality of life for its workers.

Our Profile:
We are identified as one of 19 stable African Investment Platforms with an S&P recommendation of BUY.

We combine traditional natural resource extraction with cutting edge biotech opportunities.

Our business model is transitioning to an innovative, sustainable approach via harvesting a natural renewable resource, thus reducing dependence on finite supplies and costly extraction methods. Its not just good for business, its ecologically responsible.

  1 Year 5 Years 10 Years
Sales 6.4% 9.2% 10.5%
Diluted Earnings Per Share 21.3% 11.8% 14.6%

Wall Street Investment Magazine says, Anglo-Johnson stands ready to more than double its profits in the coming year. This is a company that is not just on the rise, this is a whole new business paradigm.

Feel free to arrange a visit to check out Anglo-Johnson. Our five square mile secure compound can provide you with a luxurious stay.

Stay in our Bed and Breakfast.

We will provide safe transportation from Johannesburg to the compound in a military/freight transport accompanied by 2 Archangel gunships.

Play golf on our 18 hole course.

We can also arrange a stay at our seaside villa, a secure facility in the emerald zone in Cape Town.

Anglo-Johnson Ltd. is 54% controlled by Cedocore.

Come Live in the Anglo-Johnson Compound
"It's different in [?]"

Giving blood? Help yourself to unlimited soft drinks while at the clinic!

Giving more? Then come experience a different quality of life in the Anglo-Johnson Mining Complex! We provide:
  • Safe housing in a secure environment. A-J Security Forces patrol the perimeter 24 hours a day and are North American trained and armed.
  • Safe, healthy drinking water
  • Food for the donor and family
  • Education for any minors in A-J schools
  • Access to A-J clinic, providing vaccinations and health care for all family members
  • 24 hour snack commissaryincluding free soft drinks!
  • Showings of first-run American moviesfamily movie Saturday nights at 7:00, other first-run movies on Saturday nights at 10:00.
  • Preferential consideration for donor or any member of immediate family for employment by Anglo-Johnson.
Non-Employees: Become a Part of the Anglo-Johnson Family! We have conversion options to meet various levels of need and involvement:
Blood: The blood donation requires you be negative for HIV, Hepatitis, TB, or parasitical infection. The pay is 12₤ (paid in Anglo-Johnson certificates, good on company property.) Donations cannot be made more than once a month. Anyone who reaches the 2 litre donation level will receive a 50₤ A-J Certificate. During donation, donor will have access to free snacks and beverages.
Marrow: The bone marrow donation requires you be negative for HIV, Hepatitis, TB, or parasitical infection. The pay is 40₤ base with a 20₤ bonus for 55% or higher European genetic make-up as determined by genetic analysis (paid in Anglo-Johnson certificates, good on company property).
Cornea: A cornea donation requires you pass an opthalmic exam and be in overall good health. The pay is 120₤ base with a 30₤ bonus for donors under the age of 25 (paid in Anglo-Johnson certificates, good on company property)
Kidney: A kidney donation requires you be negative for HIV, Hepatitis, TB, or parasitical infection. As a special bonus for the conversion, during the duration of the conversion and follow-up, the donor will live within the compound and the donors immediate family (defined as legal spouse and children, or in the case of a donor between 14 and 18 years of age, siblings and parents*) will be issued meal vouchers (good on company property).
Skin: During the duration of the conversion and follow-up, the donor will live in the compound. Donor will also be paid 200₤ per day which can be used to pay for up to two other immediate family members* to live within the compound. Rates may vary based on quantity of conversion and demand. * Children will be subject to DNA QwikTest to determine blood relationship with at least one parent, or parent must show internationally recognized court documents of adoption. Individuals who complete three different conversion options automatically guarantee themselves or a family member employment at A-J, if a job opening exists.
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