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Youtube Talk
Back in July, Constructed Adventures had a live interview with Steve Peters on their YouTube channel talking about Steve's experience as a game designer. Midway through the talk, it was hinted that, just maybe, there would be some sort of clue in the talk that would lead viewers somewhere. After scrutinizing the desk behind Steve, a few interesting things were noted.
  1. The books above the desk are grouped very oddly.
  2. He has a picture of Carly Rae Jepsen and an old Yellow Pages ad pinned up.
  3. Two blue sticky notes (which due to poor video quality are unreadable).

[There used to be a higher quality image available where you could read the blue sticky notes and the book titles, but that sadly has been deleted and, being so out of practice at this, I did not save a local copy. If anyone has a better quality image, please let me know.]

The image of Carly Rae Jepsen comes from her music video "Call Me Maybe". Combine that with the old Yellow Pages ad and it is hinted we are looking for a phone number. And if you couldn't tell that was Carly Rae Jepsen or a Yellow Pages ad from the Youtube video - you are not alone. I kept thinking it was some surreal photo of a woman with a giant head and finger legs. Like I said, I am severely out of practice at ARGs.

Knowing that we now need a phone number, we turn to the book groupings, which again isn't that easy with the Youtube quality. amperandersen did most of the heavy lifting and came up with a phone number in the Youtube channel which, while it wasn't the correct number, was in the ballpark of what we were looking for. A couple of clues from Steve later and we got a phone number that was correct: 646-736-1377 (Transcript §)

If you're like me and had a hard time counting some of those books in the middle, here is an annotated image solution. It even includes what the blue sticky notes were supposed to say (based on my recollection from seeing the higher quality image). The left sticky note tells you how to read the right sticky note and that will give you 'BOOKSPELL' which was another hint that the books would give us the phone number we were looking for.
Admittedly, it took me a few tries to work out what the name of the company on the voice mail. Mezmerind Braid? Mesermain Braid? Mezmer and Braid? After finally stumbling across the Wikipedia article on Frank Mesmer, I was able to come up with

Mesmer & Braid is an architectural firm that really likes surreal, pastel colored design elements with lots of plants. Not exactly my style, but since all of their featured projects are from the future, maybe the world post-COVID is pastel colored. It will certainly be surreal.

  • Antehaus (2024) Conservatory pond courtyard. “A house is not a machine to live in. It is the shell of man, his extension, his release, his spiritual emanation.” (Eileen Gray)
  • Interspiegel (2022) Undulating mirrored washroom. “The straight line is godless and immoral.” (Friedensreich Hundertwasser)
  • Videhaus (2023) Stacked overlook deck. “Architecture arouses sentiments in man. The architect's task therefore, is to make those sentiments more precise.” (Adolf Loos)
  • Locaemia (2024) Suspended lagoon heater. “Architecture is how the person places herself in the space. Fashion is about how you place the object on the person.” (Zaha Hadid)

For being an architect firm from the future, Mesmer & Braid is actually a very old company since it was founded in 1898 as The Mesmer Company by Wolfgang Mesmer. His son, Wolf Mesmer, Jr., took over in 1965. The company became Mesmer & Braid in 1982 when Vera Braid became a partner. They have offices in New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Singapore, and Bristol. Business must be pretty good. §

Their Press page has the usual spiel of nothing but good things said by people and magazines you've never heard of. §
Mesmer & Braid Social Media
Besides the normal contact channels (phone number [646-736-1377], email [], and web contact form, they also have Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts. TikTok? Really? I guess that means they aren't banned in the US in the future after all. Buy some TikTok stock now!

Luckily, most of the content is posted across the three accounts, so if you don't want to use one of the services, you should still be able to see everything. There isn't all that much to see at the moment, other than more pictures of additional projects. They are going to be busy in the next few years. (Sidenote: I use Twitter much more frequently than I do Instagram or TikTok so, for the most part, I will be linking to Twitter content unless there is something unique on one of the other services.)

  • Egolaub (2020) Wall-mounted pedestal vanity. “I am an eyewitness to the ways in which people relate to themselves and to each other, and my work is a way of scooping and ladling that experience.” (Richard Neutra)
  • Pantauge (2020) Observation lounge oculus. “We are in a world where ideas are shared and migrate. There is no going back, so let’s go beyond.” (Farshid Moussavi)
  • Aquahaus(2021) Infinity shower den. “There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?” (Zaha Hadid)
  • Interspiegel (2022) Undulating mirrored washroom. “The straight line is godless and immoral.” (Friedensreich Hundertwasser)
  • Politrop (2023) Twin transit parlor. “The whole basis of the views of architecture prevailing today must be displaced by the recognition that the only possible point of departure for our artistic creation is modern life.” (Otto Wagner)
  • Videhaus (2023) Stacked overlook deck. “Architecture arouses sentiments in man. The architect's task therefore, is to make those sentiments more precise.” (Adolf Loos)
  • Macrobar (2023) Recessed hallway alcove. “I believe that sensory pleasure should take precedence over intellectual pleasure in art and architecture.” (Bernard Rudofsky)
  • Bioschloss (2024) Chateau imperial staircase lift hub. “When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality.” (Friedensreich Hundertwasser)
  • Antehaus (2024) Conservatory pond courtyard. “A house is not a machine to live in. It is the shell of man, his extension, his release, his spiritual emanation.” (Eileen Gray)
  • Locaemia (2024) Suspended lagoon heater. “Architecture is how the person places herself in the space. Fashion is about how you place the object on the person.” (Zaha Hadid)
  • Sinarchia (2024) Arched postern doorway. “We should design our surroundings as if they originated by chance.” (Josef Frank)
  • Protohaus (2024) Floral skull light fixture. “I once envisioned pills, like those used to treat claustrophobia or agoraphobia, that would let me experience a space that needn’t exist as a physical structure.” (Eileen Gray)

Collaborator Assessment Test
The big thing on Mesmer & Braid in the beginning is the Collaborator Assessment Test. Remember, if you want to work with Mesmer & Braid in any capacity, you have to take this test. This test is a little bit ... different, shall we say. It starts off normally enough, and then it just gets weird. But I guess if you are going to be hired by a surreal pastel architect firm, they are going to look for someone who can't see things in regular primary colors. Although, this entire test is in black and white clip art images, so you can be completely color blind to take the test. §

Once you finish the test, you are given your result and can submit your results to Mesmer & Braid to continue your journey. There are 5 different results you can get from the test. Sadly, it appears that the results are completely random, so it doesn't matter what you choose. That being said, the first two times I took the test and thought about my answers, I got the same result (Chronservator which totally fits me). So maybe there is some super secretive psychic web powers that will influence your results.

  • Nookfinder: Curious & Itinerant
    Exploratory by nature. A circuitous path is not the most direct, but offers an opportunity to give things another look and see them from a different perspective.
    “Heed your progress, lest you find yourself lost.”

  • Arcadeer: Open & Gregarious
    Brings people together. Every visited space becomes a gathering place, always finding ways to bridge chasms and unite the wayward.
    “A home for all can become a shelter for none.”

  • Glowright: Artistic & Sapient
    Impeccable taste. A discerning eye with superior attention to detail, revealing a certitude for incontestable truth, seeing things as others never will.
    “Be not the sun, seeing neither shadow nor self.”

  • Egressquire: Ambitious & Emulous
    Boundary challenging. Conscious of status with a competitive streak that looks beyond limits, always aware of exits.
    “The hand lies empty when gaze outreaches grasp.”

  • Chronservator: Vigilant & Conservational
    Protective of legacy. Sensitive to historicity and the value of time, prioritizing the preservation of knowledge to prevent the recurrence of previous failures.
    “Beware a future dictated exclusively by the past.”

Once you submit your results to Mesmer & Braid, you should get a confirmation email that your results have been received and they will contact you once your assessment is complete. §

You may be wondering what all of this is for. Underneath Mesmer & Braid's phone number, there is a -More- link that takes you to a YouTube video for an upcoming mobile game: HoloVista.

From the YouTube blurb: "HoloVista is a story-driven puzzle game in which you explore a dreamlike mansion, photograph mysterious objects, confront your deepest secrets, and confess them online. In the game's near-future social media world, you’re Carmen - a young artist photographing the inside of an opulent building on orders from a mysterious architecture firm. But beware: the house is getting to know you too, better than you know yourself."

It's obvious from the images in the video that the architect firm that Carmen photographs for is Mesmer & Braid. But beyond that, it's hard to say how much the HoloVista mobile game will be actively influencing the Mesmer & Braid ARG (or vice versa). So until there is more than just a meta link between the two, I won't be discussing HoloVista. But if you want more information, you can check out their website at or check out the company behind the game, Aconite.

The Waiting Game
And now we sit back and wait for something to happen. Which is always the hard part when you find a game well before its official launch.

On August 7, we received an email from Mesmer & Braid telling us that we are uniquely complex and thus it is going to take a little bit more time to join the Mesmer & Braid family. §

On August 21st, yet another email came out that we weren't alone in taking the wacky Collaborator Assessment Test and they are having problems processing all of them. So we need to wait just a bit longer. But we should hear something from them by the end of the month. §

A Visual Countdown
Beginning on August 25, the Mesmer & Braid Twitter and Instagram feeds started posting a new set of images, one each day. Some eagle-eyed players in Discord somehow noticed that there were some hidden numbers in each of the photos and that they are counting down. To make things even harder, some of the numbers were in different languages, so you really had to know what you were looking for.

If you're anything like me, even knowing where the numbers are, it is still extremely hard to see them (especially if you aren't using the full sized images). And some of them blend in really well with the background. Plus one is even rotated! So I've blown them up for you and adjusted the contrast to hopefully make it a bit easier to see them. For being just a simple countdown, it is surprisingly difficult to figure out. §

Per a reply on Instagram, the final image is called Immimentarium. §

August 31st - finally we are welcomed into the Mesmer & Braid family! §

We now have access to the Mesmernet Associate Portal at: (password: mesmer) That doesn't seem like the most secure password in the world, but I'm not an IT professional, so what do I know.

There is a lot to explore here, but luckily(?) the info dump isn't as bad as it seems at first glance. Unless you obsess over blueprints, in which case you'll be heaven.

8/31 Announcements
First things first - Announcements.
  • Reminder: Do not publicly discuss any projects not cleared to be featured on our main page, both on social media and in public. (Be aware of your surroundings if traveling off campus for meals.)
    • I guess they do care about security even if their passwords don't seem to suggest that.

  • All campus R&D divisions now require Lime level clearance for entry.
    • Of course they would use color names as clearance levels

  • It appears that some resourceful M&B folks have set up a social community on Reddit. While not an official M&B offering, it looks like a great place to meet your fellow Collaborators.
    • With the demise of Unfiction (I still miss it), Reddit seems to be the place that ARG people congregate when they want to make posts about games:
    • Another big change - instead of IRC, players now use Discord for their real time discussions:
    • That being said, since we're going old school with the ARG style and this guide, we do have an IRC channel if anyone wants to stop by: #mesmer (or #unfiction if you're feeling nostalgic)

  • It has come to our attention that someone is replacing instructional signs around the offices with almost exact duplicates. as some sort of prank. Instructional signs are important and are to be posted by HR ONLY. If you see such a sign, please send us a photo so we can replace it. Thank you.
    • Stop replacing signs people! Do you know how many hours it took HR to vet the wording you see? Hundreds. And you go and ruin it with a 2 minute photoshop job.
Inquest Status by Region
This is an interesting little section that could either be just window dressing or something we're going to need to do something with later on. We know that New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Singapore, and Bristol are the five office sites of Mesmer & Braid, but no idea at this point what Animotabula, Vigorcapta, or Mitavique represent. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that San Francisco has the highest numbers while Bristol has the lowest? What's going on in Singapore that their Vigorcapta and Mitavique values are almost the same, but everyone else has much lower Mitavique? §
Promotional Video
Mesmer & Braid really seem to be wanting a new crop of Collaborators, so they have put out a promotional video inviting everyone to take the Collaborator test. §

They are also looking for someone to help moderate and respond to comments on their YouTube channel. I'm not entirely sure you could pay me enough to moderate a YouTube channel. Although, considering this is an architect firm social media account, it probably would not turn into your normal online cesspool. One hopes anyway.

If you did check out the comments on the YouTube video (although I question your sanity a bit if you did), you would have seen a comment from someone named blurbex49 asking if Mesmer & Braid has anything to do with The Mesmer Company as he found a weird sign with that name on it. §

Oh yay - a TikTok video. In it, blurbex49 is wandering around an overgrown area surrounded by a fence. As he approaches a locked gate, he sees a sign that says Private Property - No Trespassing - Wanderlust Estate - The Mesmer Company, along with some weird glyphs printed on the sign. §

Huh, that's pretty odd. Wonder what the Wanderlust Estate was and why it has fallen into what appears to be disrepair. And what do those glyphs stand for? That's a puzzle to be solved if I've ever seen one. Maybe there will be something in the Asset Repository on Mesmernet that we haven't checked out yet.

The rest of blurbex49's videos just appear to be your standard urban exploration type video. Nothing more about The Mesmer Company or the Wanderlust Estate. He also has a Twitter account at @blurbex49 where he crossposts his TikTok videos.

The Asset Repository
We've now reached the jackpot - the Asset Repository. This is where Mesmer & Braid stores information for their new hires, office management, current, and past projects. Although most of the folders are locked (we are just new hires after all), there is still a lot to go through.


Once you start actually looking at things, you realize that there isn't as much as there appears since it is mostly just the folder structure that is making it look bigger than it really is. In the end, we really only have the following:

  • 4 pdfs
  • 3 news articles
  • 4 invoices
  • 28 blueprints
  • 21 locked folders
  • 40 test images

Since we are new employees, we really should start with the Onboarding section. Sadly, we can't see what benefits we are eligible for, or even fill out our W-9 forms (does that mean we aren't even actual employees?) but we can view the Code of Conduct, the Dress Code, and the Employee Handbook

The Code of Conduct has your normal stuff in it. Don't watch porn at work. Don't torrent files at work. Don't cyberstalk people at work. Don't commit corporate espionage at work. You are allowed to use your cell phone (except while driving) but again, don't watch porn on it while connected to the work network. You can also access your social media accounts at work, but please refrain from sharing intellectual property or confidential information. You can date coworkers, but not managers. Family members can be employed by Mesmer & Braid, but you can't be involved with their hiring or firing. If you want to invite visitors to see you, please go through the Office Manager. And finally, please don't hit your colleagues up to buy some candy to fund little Suzie's pre-school field trip to the zoo.

The Dress Code is Business Casual. Please don't wear don't wear your gym workout clothes or your favorite ripped jeans that show half your ass. No one wants to see that no matter the setting.

The Employee Handbook is an interesting read. While we may not be able to access the benefits folder to sign up for some health care, just working at a Mesmer & Braid office seems to come with some pretty nice fringe benefits. Breakfast. Yoga sessions. Massages. Pinball. Gym Access. You can even work from home if you want, although they wonder why you would want to do that and potentially miss out on your massages or pinball games. You also won't be fired for making a mistake - every mistake is an opportunity to learn.

The Handbook has a glossary of terms that contain some unique to Mesmer & Braid:

  • Collaborator — an umbrella term encompassing all Mesmer & Braid clients, employees, volunteers, interns, and research subjects.
    • This does nothing to clear up what our employment status is
  • Memserglyphs — CLASSIFIED
    • Why put this in the employee handbook if it is classified? Could those weird glyphs on the Wanderlust sign be Memserglyphs? And is Memser a typo of Mesmer? Or is it supposed to be like that?
  • Obsthrojection — a symbolic visual extrapolation of synoplacia-induced pattern recognition.
    • This is a mouthful
  • Synoplacia — a state known only once achieved.
    • Not the most helpful of definitions

Mesmer & Braid in the Press
For being a 122 year old company, there isn't a lot of press material for us to go through in the repository - a single newspaper clipping and two magazine articles. There is a also a different version of the about page available that is a little more colorful that what is currently available to us.

Per the Edifice Magazine article, Mesmer & Braid won firm of the year in 2017. We also find out that they have an African Grey Parrot that greets you when you walk into at least one of their offices. The article also touches briefly on Wolfgang Mesmer's process - he didn't build buildings. He conjured them. His first conjured building was Hausi Imagini in Vienna in 1893. Apparently, if you visited it, you would have beautiful dreams for days afterwards. §

The Mesmer Demystified article is from around the time that Wolf Mesmer took over the company from his father. It seems that people were not happy with increasingly bizarre designs that Wolfgang Mesmer was coming up with. Considering that the current designs of Mesmer & Braid are a tad bizarre, I can't imagine what the father was coming up with. §

A little more background information on Wolfgang and Wolf Jr. in the Metropolitan Living Homes article. There were rumors that Wolfgang "dabbled in the occult" while building, sorry, conjuring his designs. Wolf Jr. says that is all just nonsense, but that might explain why Wolfgang was being forced out the prior year. Whether or not mystic forces exist, if Wolfgang was acting like there was, or the board thought that he was, that certainly could be grounds to remove him from the company. The official line is that Wolfgang gracefully retired, but rumors suggest that it was not a peaceful transition. Also something important to note: Wolf Junior has a golden retriever named Nigel. I once had a ferret named Nigel. He only had one ear. He was a sweetheart. §

The original about page is a bit different than what is currently published on the Mesmer & Braid website. They've removed any mention of ages, from the fact that Wolfgang was 22 when he founded The Mesmer Company to Vera Braid being 25 when she became a partner. Do they have something against young people? The language is also much more muted. We don't hear that Wolfgang was "the stuff of legend", that Junior's "talent would reshape Mesmer", or that Vera's "ambition mirrored Mesmer's founder". They also changed the motto of the company from "We invite you to join us in our quest to build the perfect home" to "With you, we can build the future." Which is weird because we've only ever heard the original phrase. It's in the voicemail, the emails, even the teaser video they put out. The parrot even greets people that way in 2017. Why change it on the about page but no where else? §

Test Phobias
Before we get into all the past projects of Mesmer & Braid, let's take a detour into the test folder. The locked folders seem a bit concerning. Gaze data? Audio captures? Were they accessing people's webcams while they were taking the tests? Jokes on them - I don't have a webcam on this computer.

This folder also gives us the names of all of the images that were used in the Collaborator Assessment Test. The Discord channel quickly realized that the names of all of the files are phobias and they (more or less) match the image associated with them (some of them seem like a bit of a stretch). Was the C-A-T designed to find out what we were afraid of? §

The Project Archive
The Project Archive contains information on twenty-one of The Mesmer Company's past projects, dating from 1918 to 1978. We mostly get pictures of blueprints (and can see the ever changing company logo) but a few projects also contain invoices. Most importantly, one of the past projects is the mysterious Wanderlust Estate from blurbex49's TikTok video. One interesting point of note - the blueprints all have their Project Name and Code redacted on the blueprints. All we can see is a Draft Date and possibly the Designer's signature (which is presumably Wolfgang Mesmer's since the signatures are all the same and it doesn't appear after 1964). §

There are also a few invoices associated with projects. There was some lumber bought for the Gourmand and the Vicenary projects. §

The Endolymph project saw some glass jars purchased for the project. There are some pencil drawings on the Gourmand blueprint that show a labyrinth and possibly a pyramid. I hope these glass jars weren't supposed to be canopic jars and Wolfgang has been practicing mummification as a side hobby for many years. §

The last (or first if you're going alphabetically) invoice is from the Bedlam project for a bunch of plants from the Tokorozawa Nursery. Actually, most of them seem to be trees of some sort: Black alder, Umbrella sedge (more of a grass than a tree), Satine Bloodwood, Redhart, English Elm, and English Yew. Maybe he is trying to grow his own lumber? It feels like there might be some sort of puzzle in this invoice, but no one has come up with anything yet. §

The Wanderlust Estate
Taking a closer look at the Wanderlust Estate project information, someone didn't do the best job at redacting the Project Codename information. You can see that the same type of glyphs that blurbex49 found on the No Trespassing sign are also on the blueprint. That's a bit of a strange thing. Are all of the redacted codenames glyphs? Why use glyphs? It's not easily readable (unless you are fluent in glyphs, but how many people would that be) and usually codenames are a way to talk internally about a project without outsiders knowing what you're talking about. How would you even pronounce those glyphs? Could the glyphs be the way that Wolfgang "conjured" his buildings? They certainly have an alchemical feel to them.

Per the Lower East Quarter blueprint, it looks like there are at least three structures on the Wanderlust Estate. The Central Manor is in the northeast, some sort of structure (maybe a tower?) is in the center of the estate, and a another elaborate building in the southeast. Perhaps the blueprints for those other structures are in the locked folders. We also have a utilities cross section, but we don't know where on the estate it is located. Part of the Central Manor? The presumed tower? The southeast building?

There is also a giant missing section from the Utilities Cross Section. Some of the blueprints in other projects had minor damage (see Endolymph, Multibranch, and Pseudomyth, but nothing like what the Utilities blueprint shows. And why is so much redacted from that blueprint? More glyphs? Proprietary information?

The Glyphs
The glyphs seem to be made up of the following elements: an empty circle, solid blue dots, a plus symbol, and straight lines. § All elements that can be found in the eye symbol that Mesmer & Braid uses as an icon. There are enough glyphs to spell out Wanderlust, but we would need more information to confirm. Besides, if it is just a simple substitution, why only redact the glyphs and not the name you can actually read? It would make more sense to leave the glyphs and redact the name. Obviously, there are more to the glyphs than meet the eye. Maybe they do have mystical powers.

It's a little hard to tell, but the glyphs on the blueprint seem to be the same ones that are on the No Trespassing sign. There seems to be the same number, and you can match the taller elements to the slight unredacted bits. So it at least the glyphs are consistent, even if we don't know what they mean.

Breaking Corporate Rules
A few people contacted blurbex49 on Twitter to let him know about the Mesmer & Braid website. There may have been communications over on TikTok as well, but I don't have an account there (nor do I want one) so Twitter conversations it is. @YankeeWhite tells blurbex49 we even have a blueprint for the Wanderlust estate. If we can figure out a way to get blurbex49 past the locked gate, he might go all the way back out there to explore. Otherwise, it wouldn't be worth it for him.

blurbex (I'm dropping the 49 from now on, because we haven't seen 48 other blurbex's that we need to keep track of), was also apparently given the Mesmernet login information by someone. Someone who obviously does not respect company policy. I bet they also torrent porn on the office network. Unfortunately for blurbex, when he tried to access Mesmernet, he was blocked with a message saying "You are trying to access this directory via an unauthorized I.P. address". Which is not the same message you get if you search through the source code of the webpages (or read Discord backlogs) and find a link with the phrase "blackhole" in it and a message saying you will be blocked for following it and then click that link. That is an angry red full page message and then you have to email the admin saying that you were an idiot and could they please unblock you. Which they nicely do even though I'm sure they have far better things than rescuing your dumb ass. I may or may not be speaking from personal experience. But I thank the Puppetmasters again for their help.

Anyway, blurbex's message was something different and he was nice enough to film it and post it on TikTok. (You can see the videos on Twitter, but those videos are square whereas TikTok videos are rectangular (ugh vertical video), so you lose a bit of information at the top and bottom if you only view them on Twitter. But since you don't need a login to view the videos, I can bring myself to grab them from the website.) Maybe if he had taken the Collaborator Assessment Test he would have been able to get in. Too bad he doesn't like tests. However, someone broke the rules (again!) and sent blurbex a copy of the Wanderlust Estate blueprint. So he is going to go back on his next day off to see if he can't find a way into the estate. §

Back to Wanderlust
True to his word, on his next day off (Friday, September 4), blurbex was able to go back to the Wanderlust Estate. §

Well, now we know what that center structure is. It's not a tower, but a fenced off pyramid that says Mesmer. Maybe Wolfgang was practicing making mummies after all! Or maybe he wanted to be mummified and that is his final resting place (since it is doubtful he is still alive at 144). It's obviously not a new structure since it was on the original 1964 blueprints.

Sadly, blurbex isn't able to climb the gate to get a closer look at the Mesmer pyramid or that weird stone book on the ground. You can easily read that the pyramid says Mesmer, but the text underneath it is a little blurry, especially if you just viewed it on the Twitter post. That video almost makes it look like there could be more glyphs underneath. Viewing the video on the TikTok desktop site, you get a slightly better quality, where you can make out that there are actual letters underneath the Mesmer name, even if it still hard to read. Using a couple of different screenshots with some enhancements, you can just about see that it reads PATIENTIA STATERA. All credit to the Discord channel for having better eyes than I do (and knowing that you can get better quality videos on the TikTok desktop site).

Patienta Statera is Latin for "Submission of Dish" according to Google translate. However, if you look up each individual word in a Latin-English dictionary, you get Endurance Balance. Or if you hang out in the Discord channel when the Latin expert Wren is around, they will also give you translations.

Balance also happens to be the name of a locked folder in the Blastoderm project. And what do you know - endurance works as a password to that folder!

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