Nate Is Alive

It took a couple of days, but Nate has finally let us know that he's okay. He's still on the run, and quite scared, but relatively safe. And he gives us another bathroom video as he changes clothes. He wants our help, so if you have any to give him, you can email him at §

Not All Is Lost

Joy of joys - RK has updated his blog. Can't wait to see what tasks he makes us perform this time for the crowd. It seems that he's thrown out a bunch of cryptic clues through most of his websites. §

Taken separately, they mean nothing, but together it's obvious that he's pointing us towards a specific date: June 17th. The only question is what is going to happen then?
Please Call

While checking out Nate's a message. She linked to a YouTube video where she was begging him to call her on her non-Holomove cellphone. §

She seems really distraught. I'm almost willing to believe it's not an act. Maybe she wasn't as in charge as she thought she was and Erik has threatened her big time. Probably told her that if she didn't get the laptop with the working code on it that he'd give her picture to the Starsky and Hutch goons. Or that he'd sell her to the government so they could dissect her.

On the Run

If you emailed or commented on Nate's blog, you got a quick little email from him stating that he was no longer in San Diego. He doesn't say where he is, but he wants us to keep a lookout for what he should be doing on June 17th. Like we didn't know that June 17th was important to begin with. I'm just curious if this is gonna be a nice live event for us, or if it's even endgame. Doesn't seem like we've done all that much for it to be endgame. It'll only be 6 1/2 weeks at that point, and we still don't even know what this game is for! I hope it's something cool and something that I could even drive to.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Erik seems a bit put-off by the fact that his goons haven't found Nathan yet. He held a press conference asking for any information that will lead to the arrest of Nathan and recovery of stolen Holomove property. It should also be worth noting that George isn't mentioned at all. Either they don't care about what he knows or they already caught him. Poor George. He's probably sleeping with Dr. Gough and the fishies. §

So if you have any information (or disinformation) you would like to give to Holomove, please call 858-812-2838 and be ready to talk to a live operator.
Safeguard the Code

Blah blah blah - another update from RK. Sent out an email with the subject 'Safeguard the Code'. Contained some sort of computer program that he probably wants us to get the result of. Because just telling us would be to easy. §

He also went and updated his blog page, because one stupid puzzle just isn't enough. And this one gives me bad flashbacks to the Evil Cube. §

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