I know what most people will say: Must Love Robots isn't an ARG. There are no puzzles! There's isn't any mystery to solve! What are we supposed to do?

For a community based around a genre that can use anything in the real world to get its message out, we are certainly narrow-minded about what exactly we're willing to play. We'll read comics on the web and newspapers, watch comedies on television and the movies, and even play video games that have a humorous intent. But a comedic ARG that doesn't have a mystery to it? Doesn't even make a blip on the radar.

And that's a damn shame, because Must Love Robots is fraking hysterical. Cardboard box robots looking for love? How can you not love that? Plus, you have the geeky roommate/sidekick and the cute girl from next door. It could almost be a sitcom on tv except it's not as dumb as say According to Jim so it probably wouldn't do well on American TV. Holy shit! I just found out that According to Jim has been cancelled! Maybe this game can actually succeed after all!

But this is an ARG. It has all the classic elements: Storyline (get 011iver a date, What is Lugnut doing?), Interaction (twitter, emails, phone numbers and live events), Puzzles (What is 011iver yelling in that video?! Why all the passwords on MBILF? ), Multiple websites. It even has Authorship, Ruleset, and Coherence for you Chaotic Fiction peeps. The only thing it lacks is the whole Mystery wrapping that everyone seems to cling to like a life vest in the middle of the ocean. Why should we care about some stupid glyphs on a website when there is a real life fake robot who needs our help to get a date? Why can't we start rewarding games with actual substance rather than fawning over ones that gives us crumbs and insult our intelligence?

I've started a Guide for this game, because it's what I do best after all: http://www.wonderweasels.org/mustloverobots/guide.html. For those of you who haven't read one of my guide's before, in order to keep the page uncluttered, I hide a lot of things (like transcriptions or puzzle solves) behind hidden boxes. When you see this symbol: it means that there is additional text available. Just click on it and the text should drop down below.

And if all of that wasn't enough reason for you to play this game, Must Love Robots has also gotten the strifey Seal of Approval, an exclusive award which has only been given out once before. That's just how awesome this game is. So play it!



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  • 718.753.0635 - 011iver @ InactiveWare
  • 347.284.6782 - Ram Savage @ MBILF

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