Top Ten Twelve Reasons to Play Art of the Heist

12. Zombie Mimes - Can it get any better than this?

11. Culinary rewards - Solve puzzles, get cookies.

10. Interaction friendly - Emails to write, phones to call, places to show up. If you love interaction, there are more than enough ways to get your fill of being able to talk to the characters.

9. Lurker friendly - Don't like writing or talking to in-game characters? No problem! Emails are shared by the main characters, and you can listen (and watch!) along during live events.

8. Rich Back Story - These characters didn't just spring out of nothing. Virgil has suffered pain and loss. Nisha has childhood issues that gives her reoccurring nightmares. Ian is out to make a name for himself. Add to this the window dressing of friends and family talking to the characters, you no longer feel you're only playing a game. You feel as if you're really spying on their lives.

7. Real Time Updates - Hate waiting a week to find out just what happened after that live event or email you sent? Updates trickle in throughout the day - fast enough to keep you satisfied, small enough that you aren't overwhelmed if you miss a few days or even a week (and they are cataloged by players all in one spot to make it easy to find). Major updates have all been happening over the weekend - so that pesky thing called work doesn't interfere with your puzzle solving time.

6. Puzzles That Fit the Story - No more trying to figure out why someone from the future would be using ancient WWII codes. Unless you know there are puzzles to be solved, you would just think you were looking at someone's personal files, from their videos of flowers to their son's homework.

5. Real World Events - You won't be waiting around waiting for a phone to ring or a mysterious person to show up and hand you an envelope. You control the action while you steal stuff from cars. Plus you get to use nifty gadgets while thieving.

4. No Creepy AIs - Instead you have a real life, flesh and blood, creepy game programmer. And believe me, he is what every creepy AI aspires to. Love him or hate him - Virgil Tatum just gives this ARG an extra something.

3. Ultra Cool Swag - If the $500 Treos or tickets to Coachella aren't your cup of tea, there is always the nifty pin they hand out.

2. Kick Ass Heroine - No damsel in distress, Nisha can certainly handle herself. And she's not bad on the eyes either.

1. Cute White Boy Dancing - Need I say more?

Plus, as a Bonus Reason, it has strifey's Seal of Approval.