0xff-ed         10L-A11         BCK_DR         DOK-MTR         DUGA-@         ECCM(DK         fe-13-a         GW5N         GW66N         S.E-CC°#

First Wave of Available Intercepts       Betrayal in Car       Bodies in the Temple       Moscow Test       Network Security       OLD.BKS Message       Political Assassination      

Betrayal in Car

DUGA-@:113 GW5N:64

Man 1: The decision has been made. We are leaving. Arrangements are already underway.

Man 2: You didn't even try to fight them, did you?

Man 1: How often must I remind you? We serve more than ourselves. All of South America will be cut off. They're right to be concerned.

Man 2: And where do they want us to run and hide, hmm? Moscow?

Man 1: Driver? Estación Corrientes. Si. Yes, they've finally fallen into our orbit. The city's going through its birth pangs even now.

Man 2: It's not even been 20 years since we made this city. We'll look like fools if we leave now. Worse! Cowards!

Man 1: Cowardice is able [unintelligible]. We are merely moving uphill as the tide comes in. You should be thrilled. Think what they will put at our disposal.

Man 2: Tanks and aircraft - what use will they be?

Man 1: Yes, I suppose. In any case, the decision has been made. We are all leaving.

Man 2: Not all.

Man 1: Uh, driver, I said Corrientes! The Obelisk! I wish to see...

Man 2: I'm sorry.

Man 1: What have you done? What have you done?

Man 2: You're old. You've forgotten how to fight, and what's coming is war.

Man 1: Think. Think for just a moment! What can you even hope to accomplish? If you betray one of us...

Man 2: You betray us all. It is as you said. We will be cut off. But we will fight!

Man 1: This is folly, do you hear me? Absolute folly!

Man 2: For three years and three months, one night and one day.

Man 1: Stop this...

Man 2: He bled. And the warrior was no traitor anymore.

Man 1: You fool.

Man 2: But a hero.


Bodies in the Temple

GW5N:23 BCK_DR:13

I cannot. More have come to Tamor.[?]

We did not expect them so soon. They are determined, it seems.

No, I think they will not. They will give up. It's not a good night for looking. They will return tomorrow, I think, and the bodies will be gone. Makada's[?] Chamber is not easy to see. We were careful replacing the stones.

He's talking to someone. Who?

Yes, I know her. She has been trouble before. We will kill her this time.

They are Westerners. They do not understand that all history is all history. And what happened here yesterday is forgotten. And they're seeing a new tomorrow is still the same. They will not see the path is still being tread. They're going inside. She is telling them! The Witch is telling them everything!

Soldier: There's nothing here but rocks. Where are they? What were they doing here? Where's my team? It's getting dark and the sandstorm's picking up. I have no time for riddles.

Woman: You are not asking the right questions. The King of Tyre gave unto Solomon cedar, stone and men of Gabal, from the temple in Jerusalem, but also where you are standing. Why? Because they were such good friends? Or was Solomon more than King of Israel?

Soldier: They built this one for him too? They were involved with Baalbek as well, weren't they? We know the Knights of Malta were active in this area making Krak des Chevalier from stones of Baalbek. What's the connection?

Woman: Hiram sent Solomon his master builder Hiram Abiff, or Hiram Abi, or Huram Abi. That's in the Bible. But Huram Abi translates as father of Huram. Huram's father was Abiba'al Lord Abi. So did the King of Tyre send his own father?

Soldier: There are bullet holes in the side of the temple. There was a fight here. Recently. Please, if you know anything--

Woman: Hammurabi, the king of Babylon, we now know lived in the same time as Solomon, and that Solomon and Hammurabi may have been the same person. Hammurabi. Huram Abi.

Soldier: Enough. Where are my men? What happened here? What I don't see-- Wait. There. Back at that sheet. Is it in there?

Woman: The gods entombed in stone, peering down as priests atone, stars awash in shadow from the candles' glow below.

Soldier: There's a zodiac on the ceiling. Look at the floor. The stones have been moved! Quick, give me a hand.

[Sounds of stones moving]

No, I assure you, Sire, they are quite dead. As per tradition, the bodies' dismembered and scattered amongst their own like meat. They have found them.

Yes, Sire. It is our pleasure. The night is nearly come. They will not see us in the storm. The Queen of Sheba shall have more company tonight!

Woman: I do not think we shall meet again, brave soldier. But if we do, I pray you have not found what you are looking for.

Soldier: Down there, do you see? Dear God. We-we found them. We'll camp here tonight and lift them out in the morning.


Moscow Test

GW5N:161 DUGA-@:24

Current estimate is 80,000 inside the perimeter. Are we for go?

All units: Test is imminent. Do not restrict access. Prepare for CS dispersal on my order only.

Duga One to Three: Status?

Confirmed. Initiate sequence on my mark. Mark.

All units: Dispense CS along the fine perimeter only. Do not target the main body. Do it now.

Woman: TK, you still there? If you can hear me, get out of there now. They're saying [unintelligible].

Kaipov [unintelligible] reporting. We are in position outside [unintelligible]. Large crowd entering Red Square by [unintelligible]. What is our orders?

Okay. Let them come. Lock on. Ready guards!

Take video of their face, huh? There is next generation riot control. [laughs] Crazy. Look at them. Moscow is Russia. What do they care? Moscow is Moscow. She hates everybody!

Guards! Lock them in there! Now!

[Strange humming starts]

Duga One to Three: Throttle to 100%. Okay, we've lost comms with participating field units.

[unintelligible] is now fully operational.

First scan. I only see three, four people left standing. We'll need to round them up for further study. Seizures widespread. Thermals show minimal mortality. Gentlemen, I'd say Moscow just earned its independence. Congratulations.

Line, fall back! Fall back! What the hell is happening?

Command, stop this test! My unit is being destroyed. My men! Don't go after them! Vasily, hold! Command, this is [unintelligible]. Command! My men are not your goddamned guinea pigs! Stop this test immediately!

Command, this is Capitan Roman Vaitkov[?] of [unintelligible] Spetsnaz Brigade. You [idiotic bastards] will pay for this crime.


Network Security

BCK_DR:47 BCK_DR:146

Man 1: I'm worried we're gonna come up short. How much line do you have?

Man 2: About thirty-one k [unintelligible], but it's just fucked. [unintelligible]

Man 1: [unintelligible] Yeah, but we still gotta run north, to link up. Figure on forty-two [unintelligible].

Man 2: [unintelligible] Yeah, [unintelligible]. I get it. I always said - fiber optics is a supply problem just waiting to happen.

Man 1: We can save on fiber. But we'll at least go down into the mains. Tie a tennis ball on to the end of the line. Let it drift downstream.

Man 2: No way, I'm not going down into that sewer. Forget it. We'll just have to [unintelligible].

Man 1: Listen, that's not an option. We have a potential contact inside the military lab. He'll give us zero hour, of course, but it needs to be completely dark.

Man 2: Well, I'm telling you, pattern [unintelligible] is the way to go. I use it everywhere. I've worked with no more than 10 [unintelligible] intercepts.

Man 1: What's your terminal hooked up to right now? You're on lasers, right?

Man 2: We read a line of sight into the safehouse [unintelligible]. A low-power setup, sure.

Man 1: Hell, you're using open to calls right now, and you didn't tell me?

Man 2: Relax, my shop's been running [unintelligible] from JPL. We went in together through the electricals but we plugged the gaps with packet works but that seemed fine.

Man 1: You know we've been losing people, right? Three disappearances in the last week.

Man 2: Oh, come on, people drop out - they change their minds.

Man 1: Orwell, I have to kill your terminal now. You need to run. Do you understand? Run.

Man 2: What about the fiber? Aren't you being a bit pa--

[A small explosion goes off]


OLD.BKS Message

0xff-ed:45 BCK_DR:122

This message is for the sender old books and photographs. I know now. I know what they're afraid of. When the world sees the truth, they will lose everything. All their work. Everything.

I'm ready to work with you. I'm ready to share everything I have. In order to do this, we have to move quickly. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up for. You know the location. Five steps down. Five steps up. The key is rotting.

682, twenty-three, 615, 7 sixty-seven.

When you've seen what I've seen, all your questions will disappear.

We found this message floating on an orphaned section of the DarkNet. Whoever encoded wasn't all that familiar with our protocols. The voice is scrambled, but there's enough of a cut-out to get a voice print on the speaker. He ran a NASA program. We don't know much. They used obsolete Blackbirds, sub hunters, to locate buried structures. Bunkers, maybe. MAINCORE has a record connecting the target to something called NSAP, the National Security Asset Program. There are over 10,000 people with this NSAP tab. Scientists and engineers, students, journalists.

That there. We think that was a ROT-5 encoded IP address. A honey pot. Traced it to JPL. As far as we can tell, the target is on the run. As for the rest of the NSAP targets, if we can hack their primary genetic records, MAINCORE will lose track of them. I suggest we do that soon. All indications suggest there's a round-up pending. We could lose everybody before we even know we need their help.


Political Assassination

BCK_DR:61 0xff-ed:153

Moving into position.

I am in a booth. Subject identity confirmed. The diversion is in place. Patch me into sat optic acoustic and tune on ambient.

Good. I hear Lupo.

Approximately 1,200 members and their staff. Celebrities, politicians. This is a wasted opportunity for just one man.

Understood. Five visible, at 11, 12, 3:30, 6, and 9.

I don't know. But I see Manuel Lupo. I find him unamusing, and his poetry is worse. But the public follow him like sheep.

Target still unavailable.

Agent: Alright sir, we're nearly ready. Are you sure about this? It's not too late to cancel.

Politician: No, I have faith. You have saved three souls now. I trust you.

Agent: Thank you, sir.

Politician: I must kick my people in the ass, hm? It would be easier if I gave the rest of the world the boot first. Tonight is my best chance...

Agent: Okay, okay, ears and eyeballs, people. Chop chop! Two and Six, west mezzanine. Three and Five, you have north and backstage. Four, you have the east exits. Hustle, this is no cakewalk like last time. P-Dué is still active. These people were responsible for the Bologna Massacre and Piazza Fontana.

Politician: [in background] [inaudible] We must stand up to evil, stand up!

Agent: We're on.

Politician: Perhaps, perhaps this is not a good idea. Stage fear is bad enough.

Agent: You'll be fine, Sir, but when I tell you to drop, you hit the floor, do you understand?

Politician: Thank you. I fear nothing with my guardian angel in the wings, hm?

Agent: It's the angels we're wary of. You are safe with us. Good luck. Package has arrived. Be sharp.

[The crowd starts cheering and music plays]

Wait. I've been made. Balcony has seen me. Okay. I see him now. Affirmative! I have him! [muffled shot] Balcony cleared. Situation is in play. I have to aggravate.

Agent: Remember, our enemy's been at this a lot longer than us, so watch your six. This venue is at capacity, so keep your shots. No collaterals or friendlies.

Politician: Buenos Dias. Hello world! Is it tomorrow yet?

[Loud shot fired]

He's taken the bait. [muffled shot]

It's done. Moving out. Rendezvous at primary. Unless word received otherwise, out.

Agent: Get down! Enemy fire! Mezzanine, it came from yours. what do you see?

Politician: Oh my god, I'm shot. Am I shot?

Agent: Six, do you copy? It wasn't a bullet, it's some kind of explosive! Decoy! This mission is a scrub, get the package out!

[Shots fired]

Politician: They have the [unintelligble]. Save me! I am next!

[Ranting and screaming, discord in the background]

[Crowd noise]

Second Wave of Available Intercepts     Abbey Fire     Building Breakout     Gideon's Interrogation     PBR Intercept - LA Basin     Pulling Down the Rat Line     Robbery Followup

Abbey Fire

fe-13-a:127 GW66N:141 0xff-ed:13 GW66N:54

On this fireground, I am in charge. You should never have sent your people in there. I will not risk my own men.


We're entering the Scriptorium. The Library is beyond. It is large and multi-level. The upper structure does not appear sound.

Did you see that? They actually went in. They're insane. The Voynich manuscript must be important to them.

My God, what a catastrophe! This is an abomination! I demand to speak with your superiors.

[beep] Understood. Proceed with haste. [beep]

Copy that. The Sanctum Sanctorum Incunabulum will be somewhere beyond the Baroque Main Hall. It will be hidden. Please advise.

Nobody's ever cracked it. Around 500 years old with biological, cosmological, and medical components.

You fool. You release us from that hell hole and demand we fight this?

What now? Put him on.

Chief, you forget with whom you are speaking. Do not take that tone with me.

Command? Please advise.

There's 7 missing pages. And these 5 surfaced a month ago. Copy that. The central section is the most important. Makes sense that it'd be here. The codex is also in there. Was in there.

I will talk as you deserve. You give me men I do not know. Incompatible equipment.

Please remind the good chief to mind his manners.

Situation deteriorating. Command, where is the Incunabulum?

And the plan - the most advanced of its day? Nobody knows if it was ever built.

Okay okay okay. Okay, please just...

Kommen Sie, Heifellin, come in. I need to move closer.

[beep] Yes, received. There's a hidden door to the far northeast corner of the room. Set in the floor. [beep]

Command, we have it, but access route collapsed.

Ooh, that's not natural. It's spreading too quickly. No, we didn't start it. So who?

I know, just do it! The Abbey is one of our greatest treasures, and we will save it.

Grab enough GPM from Centcom and maintain available flow.

There, there, they are out! How in the hell did they...?

[beep] There is a tunnel back to the main residences. It must come out at the original Abbot's quarters. [beep]

Damn this farce. Pitting billions against the Japanese for our own property. Now after 1300 years, this library suddenly ignites?

Understood. On me. Move! Move! Move!

Command, we are clear. Damage to the package appears minimal. We... Command, be advised. We are under... [sounds of gun fire]

3 o'clock. Unbelievable. Give up people. These guys are harder than cockroaches to kill.

Now what? Get out there. Get out! Are you still on this line?

[beep] Avoid contact. You were never there. Return to base immediately. [beep]

Yes, Sir. Move it! We have orders to retreat. Let's go! Let's go!

Move out.

Enough! You can play cops and robbers but I will not risk these men. You may kill me, but I will not allow...

Yes, chief.

Fine. [beep] Kill him. Have the news say it was arson. No, say it was an accident. Then blame the fire brigade's incompetence.


Three. Failing to engage. They're running.

Copy that. In pursuit.

Recording 1 (fe-13-a:127, GW66N:141, 0xff-ed:13) Recording 2 (0xff-ed:13, GW66N:54)

Building Breakout

ECCM(DK:157 fe-13-a:143


John: Which way?

Woman: There should be door, left of the elevator. You were on the Altar Skies project? I didn't see you listed.

John: Yeah, I-I was transferred in. Uhm, the door. It's locked.

Roger that. All targets in custody, minus one. Your fugitive logged out 5 minutes ago. He must still be on site.

This is an automated service of the National Security Asset Program. Access to this service is restricted by Federal law.

If you are a member, please enter your...


Woman: One sec... what was the project's purpose?

John: We, uh, Gideon got access to some old Pentagon satellites. Sub trackers, you know, bunker hunters? They can probe 100 feet below the surface, right? So.

Woman: Try it now.

John: That did it. Damn, you guys got in here in a big way.

Woman: Yeah, security gigs have their benefits. There's stairs, right? Go down. Two flights.

Hold up! We've got a live one. He just accessed the system. It's your missing man. I'll try to bring his signal up. Got em. Target is on a coworker's cell phone. He is... [sighs] Did we not get a lock down? Cause he's moving. North. He's north by the elevators!

You are fifty meters from the target. He's in the stairwell.

Thank you. Welcome, John Bueller. This is your first time accessing this system.


One moment please. Warning. Your status is currently listed as: No Contact. The Federal Government has reason to believe that you may be in serious danger. Based on the sensitive nature of your work, you have been declared a National Security Asset.

John: Okay, so, Gideon figured they can also find buried ruins. It started as an academic project, a side thing, but when we started actually finding... uh! There's a camera! Did you disable it?

Woman: Camera? Uhm, just go, okay? Go.

John: Got it.

Okay, he has somebody guiding him. I'm shutting down all telecom and data for this area.

You have been assigned a protective detail from the same agency that guards...


Administrative options. Welcome back, Agent Collins. You have three...


There are over 5000 assets currently managed by this system. Enter the first...


John: So, we found, I-I-I-I mean, it was incredible, but-but they wouldn't let us disclose. They said it would reveal their sats capabilities. Um, I'm here.

All teams, hold position! Jesus.

Bueller, John. For the agent in charge....


Woman: Okay, now open the door, turn left, down the hall to the end.

John: So, defense classified everything. Crazy, right? Old ruins, classified. And then we found out that our sites were being, well we-we thought, looted. Last week, one of them was destroyed, a whole cover story.

Woman: Okay, I believe you.

Everybody stand down. Do not pursue. Do not engage. Avoid all contact with the target.

All teams, return to primary rally. Action is complete.


John: You know the weird thing? Altar Skies became a priority - to somebody. They gave us access to next gen blackbirds.

Woman: John, listen. There's a car outside the door. If you get in...


John: I'm in.


John: I'm in.

Woman: ...there's no turning back. You understand? John?

John: Yeah, I'm here. Let's do it.

Woman: Drop the phone now.


Note: This recording has ECCM(DK:157 and fe-13-a:143 offset ~0.5 seconds from how it appears in D.MUX.R to better sync the audio.

Gideon's Interrogation


LaFontaine: Again, why did you come?

Gideon: [Long, agonizing scream] God, what did you do to me?


Gideon: It was inside my head, searching...

LaFontaine: We're all looking for the truth in our own way, aren't we? Why did you come? You know the answer. Tell me.

Gideon: You are the only one. You can restore my access.

Man 1: We can't just sit here, we have to do something.

Man 2: Pull yourself together, we don't even know where he is. Just listen and hope he sneaks something out.

LaFontaine: Gideon, the first rule of power is: lie to anyone but yourself. You knew we would never trust you again. Again, why did you come? If I promise to answer just one question.

Gideon: And... I want.... Am I...?

LaFontaine: Ahh, that's it, the pain helps the third eye to focus. Let be be finale of seem. Is that all you want?

Gideon: I want to know what I helped build!

Man 1: The voice is a match. It's LaFontaine.

Man 2: Ehh, he seems conflicted, like he actually cares.

Man 1: Oh, yeah, he's a real sweetheart. What's that supposed to mean? Doesn't sound right. And he said "it." "It" was inside.

Man 2: The Third Eye. I think he's talking about the pineal gland.

Man 1: [laughs] Oh, he's a new-ager.

LaFontaine: First, the back door on the satellite. How do we disable it?

Gideon: You can't, not remotely.

LaFontaine: My people tell me much the same thing. So be it. Let the trojans have their satellite.

Man 2: Quiet, did you hear that last bit? It can't be disabled. They can't take it from us. All we need now are the codes.

Gideon: What are you so afraid the satellites would see? The ruins? What danger could they possibly pose?

LaFontaine: Old houses attract all kinds of vermin. Speaking of which, Pahana gave you something. What was it?

Man 1: Which ones? Malta, Viria[?], Lebanon? What others are we looking at?

Man 2: There's also Davilis[?] and a number in Eastern Europe, Africa and South America. But, I don't think he means any of those.

Man 1: He's talking about that pain in the ass who says he's trying to help.

Gideon: Just some old books and photographs.

LaFontaine: You traded your destiny for baubles? What about promises? Surely he promised you something.

Man 2: Shh, there, just now, did you catch that? Yeah, he said that before, in the same way.

Gideon: He said we'd change history. The entire world would see the truth. I would see the truth.

LaFontaine: And the only real truth you've learned is that Pahana has his own agenda.

Man 1: He's not even fighting! He's just giving it up, just like that.

Gideon: He showed me more than that. I know now, I know what you're afraid of. You've gone unnoticed for so long, but it's out there, isn't it? Proof. The missing page. That's why you used me. To find the ruins so you could destroy them.

LaFontaine: We only ever wanted for you, not from you. Such wonders. Enough answers for ten lifetimes worth of questions. We would have shared it all with you. You're family.

Gideon: What family is that?

Man 2: There, again, that's from before! No, I-I think before was from now. Listen, here and there words repeat. That one was compiled from this one.

Man 1: This is a tape! Then how old is it? They have him on drugs of some kind. No way he would just give it all up like this so easily.

LaFontaine: We are non surrexit maior - and our time has come.

Gideon: What, you think you're gods?

LaFontaine: What's a god but power? And we are power incarnate. Six billion huddled in the dark.

Gideon: If you have such power, then what could you possibly want with me?

Man 2: Non Surrexit Maior... Ah, that's from the Bible, I think. Matthew? Maybe? But it's been changed, or... edited.

Man 1: This guy is crazy.

Man 2: Nah, I don't think so, his voice seems... I dunno. It's filled with... power.

LaFontaine: You're going to help us end the plague named Pahana, along with anyone else who'd follow in his footsteps. Treason will out, and then blood. Blood will out too.

Gideon: You want me to help you?


LaFontaine: You've already done your part, I'm afraid. But one thing. The access sequence - did you give it to Pahana?

Gideon: I gave it to you.

Man 1: Wallace Stevens, it's been on the tip of my...

Man 2: Shut up, this is big.


Man 2: The code.

Man 1: He says he gave it to him.

Man 2: Quick, rewind, let's work through it again.


PBR Intercept - LA Basin

fe-13-a:83 BCK_DR:47

This is a PBR intercept from the LA Basin.

The operation under discussion is running a ratline. They're running fiber optics through the sewers, secure comms, completely dark.

Man 1: I'm worried we're gonna come up short. How much line do you have?

Man 2: About thirty-one k [unintelligible], but it's just fucked. [unintelligible]

Man 1: [unintelligible] Yeah, but we still gotta run north, to link up. Figure on forty-two [unintelligible].

Subject B speaking now. We picked him up, but he didn't react so well to our process. Post debrief, you'll see him for yourself.

Voice in the background: And what about secondary surveillance protocol?

No ma'am. If they succeed, we have no eyes, no ears.

We know they've extended their network into several military R&D centers. They're patched into the electrical wiring, the pipes, anything that can carry a signal.

Man 2: [unintelligible] Yeah, [unintelligible]. I get it. I always said - fiber optics is a supply problem just waiting to happen.

Man 1: We can save on fiber. But we'll at least go down into the mains. Tie a tennis ball on to the end of the line. Let it drift downstream.

Man 2: No way, I'm not going down into that sewer. Forget it. We'll just have to [unintelligible].

Man 1: Listen, that's not an option. We have a potential contact inside the military lab. He'll give us zero hour, of course, but it needs to be completely dark.

Man 2: Well, I'm telling you, pattern [unintelligible] is the way to go. I use it everywhere. I've worked with no more than 10 [unintelligible] intercepts.

Man 1: What's your terminal hooked up to right now? You're on lasers, right?

Man 2: We read a line of sight into the safehouse [unintelligible]. A low-power setup, sure.

According to profile, the current speaker is ex-military intelligence. Probably a West Pointer as well. Thats all we've got on him. He's cautious.

Man 1: Hell, you're using open to calls right now, and you didn't tell me?

Man 2: Relax, my shop's been running [unintelligible] from JPL. We went in together through the electricals but we plugged the gaps with packet works but that seemed fine.

A Crucible team got the okay for 3 pickups in the last month. If any of you have friends in those circles, you might get further information than my agency can provide.

Man 1: You know we've been losing people, right? Three disappearances in the last week.

Man 2: Oh, come on, people drop out - they change their minds.

Man 1: Orwell, I have to kill your terminal now. You need to run. Do you understand? Run.

Man 2: What about the fiber? Aren't you being a bit pa--

[A small explosion goes off]


Pulling Down the Rat Line

0xff-ed:36 ECCM(DK:52

Woman: I'm putting together a team to rip down the rat line. You in?

Toby: Oh, come on! I'm sorry, but Mimmett[?] got rounded up 'cause he was being stupid and careless. The fiber's fine where it is.

Woman: Four-six-seven dash twenty, did you hear that intercept? They've got complete access to our backbone. No way, we're pulling it.

Toby: You do understand, right? The fiber itself? Without a terminal and a key, it's just... it's just carrying so much noise.

Woman: Give them nothing. Not a little bit, not one thing they can use, right? We give them nothing.

Toby: Yeah, but I mean... don't you think you're going just a little bit overboard?

Woman: We're all overboard, you need to accept that. The Darknet's our rat. And when the shark...

Toby: I get it, I get it. Yeah, the big bad ocean. Hell, you really hate their guts, don't you?

Woman: I thought we all did.

Toby: Well, sure, but it's personal for you. You almost sound like you've been, you know.

Woman: What? What?

Toby: Aw, hell, I'm sorry. You know what, it's none of my business.

Woman: I used to work for them. You know what dual-use weapons are? Nonlethals? Fifth-gen containment programs?

Toby: No! And don't bother telling me, either. I've got a hard enough time getting to sleep at night as it is.

Woman: Toby, I've still got people inside, you understand? I'm trying to get them out, and that's when they're the most vulnerable. If anything were to happen because we were careless.

Toby: Yeah, okay. So, the fiber. What do you want to replace it with?

Woman: Gwen and Alice.

Toby: Who the hell is that?

Woman: I'll contact you. Watch your drop.

Toby: Hey, something's been bugging me. Maybe you'd know.

Woman: What?

Toby: Do you think DARPA planned all this? Back in the 60's? You think they knew?

Woman: What, the net?

Toby: Yeah, the net. And Echelon, Main Core, the whole thing.

Woman: Hell, Toby.

Toby: What?

Woman: Go outside! You're starting to sound like some sort of conspiracy freak.


Robbery Followup

10L-A11:27 ECCM(DK:96

Woman: What exactly are you implying?

Inspector: Listen close. The exaggerated randomness suggests they knew exactly where to go.

Woman: I take great offense at your unfounded accusations, Inspector. My employees are beyond reproach, I assure you.

Inspector: There's no sign of forced entry. The alarm goes offline for 20 minutes. Very convenient.

Woman: Security is contracted out. Perhaps you should look into the people who installed the system.

Inspector: We have. They're legitimate. But you've used a number of firms. You sure about all of them?

Woman: Since the incident in 1997, we have overhauled security with upgrades by various firms. We have 160 cameras! We will find who did this.

Inspector: Sure, sure. The pattern of activity suggests the Lycurgus Cup went first. The rest following to make it look random. Did you get any recent unusual inquiries about it?

Woman: Now that I think of it, there was a company asking about ancient nanotechnology.

Inspector: And you didn't think that was maybe suspicious?

Woman: They're based in Sparta, in Illinois. I have the address here somewhere. Yes, they were quite insistent. Wait, what did you just say? How did you know about this?

Inspector: Thanks very much. You've been a great help. My office will be in touch.

Woman: We didn't mention that to the media. It wasn't on the list.

Inspector: I see here you personally contracted the latest upgrade. Were you aware that firm is a subsidiary of the corporation in question?

Woman: What insurance company did you say you were with again?

Inspector: And that would make you a suspect in a criminal investigation.

Woman: Who are you? Don't give me that, you're not the police! MI-5? CIA? Tell me! I'm calling the Ministry right now!

Inspector: Someone will call you. Thank you, miss. Have a nice day.

Third Wave of Available Intercepts       China Lake Base Takeover       China Lake Attack       Darknet History       Radio Broadcast Interrupted

China Lake Base Takeover

S.E-CC°#:12 DOK-MTR:37 ECCM(DK:12 GW5N:114

This isn't working. He's not going for it. Do we have our fallback in position yet?

Give me numbers and weapons. And can you hold them off?

Their company strength easy. Light mobile column mounted 50s-NBC gear. They've dismounted all around the main gate. Yeah, we'll hold them.

I don't know Louise. Harold didn't say anything was happening. Traffic is backed up the 178 for a mile.

Yes. Understood. You know what to do.


Good. I'm sure it's just a comms issue. We'll get it cleared up in no time. Until then, nobody passes.

[phone rings]

Secretary! What do you have for me?

Roger that.

What? Hang on. Oh my god, they're firemen. Hundreds of firemen. Huh, thousands.

I don't have time for this. For the last time, I am ordering you to stand down.

You get me an authorization code, that's an order. Or you get your people the hell away from my base. Is that understood?

Okay! Hold positions! The gate stays closed. Till we hear different, they are PNG.

Well, what could burn out here?

Sir, you need to understand. The protocols have been updated. You're out of the loop. That's why you can't contact anybody. You're cut off from Command Authority. From everybody!

Look, I don't care if you have to fly somebody here. If you want this base, I need proper orders. Until then, your men will rot out there.

Heads up. They're moving. Captain, stay with them. I want all perimeters ready. They are on the move.

Oh hang on, one of them's coming over. Uh, hi. Uh, can you tell me what's happening out there? I'm here to see my husband. He's at Irwin.

[muffled knocking] Why? He wants me to roll down the window.

We just don't have time for this. I'm sorry, General. You're relieved.

[door opens]

What? Who the hell are you? Get out of my office!

[two silenced shots fired]

Put some more light on. I want to see what they're up to.

Cease fire! Cease fire! Who was that? Who fired? God, no! We need backup! Flares! Give me flares over their position!

Hey! What are-what are you do... no! Get... [glass smashing] Oh my god! You can do that! Louise! Help me! Help me! Oh my god!


Shooter: China Lake secure. Continuing towards primary objective.

[Firefight commences]

[Car speeds away followed by gunfire]

Recording 1 (S.E-CC°#:12, DOK-MTR:37, ECCM(DK:12) Recording 2 (ECCM(DK:12, GW5N:114)

China Lake Attack

1OL-A11:72 DOK-MTR:12 GW66N:32 GW66N:167

What's his condition?

Yeah, they sent us away. Yeah, yeah [unintelligible] for some Colonel. No details, but they wouldn't let us on the base.

My one is in local custody. He's injured. Do I engage or walk?

Should be dead. Took severe chemical burns to the substation. But he's...

[Sounds of banging in the background]

Hell! Now he's gone 5150 on me! Where's that backup?!

Oh, you have to hold tight right now. We got calls all over the county. You just hold tight.

I know, right? That was about as un 10-30 as you can get. After they said a No Go Zone like that. What's that about?

Roger. The deputy's on a two-way. Can we get a block?

You get any hits off that ID? Stay down, mister. Take it easy.

That ID check? They changed my clearance. It didn't let me on. It just said it's classified MK-ULTRA, I don't even know, some government thing. Dale, honey, you all right?

No, it's-it's even bigger. They-they barred us from anything south of Bakersfield all the way to Vegas.


He shouldn't even be alive, but... Sir! Stop! Chelle, where is my backup? Sir! Sir! You are wounded. You are in shock. Calm down.

[in background] Hey Val, you got a live one again. Don't you be cracking wise with me. This ain't nothing to do with no football game. This is serious.

San Bernardino to Unit 3, is your bus still 10-48 or what?

Can't block access to LA. That cuts out all of Southern California. We...wait. Hold on. We got a call.

Naw, we're back taking the scenic route into town. Wait till I tell you what's going on down at the base.

Ready a chem-bath. My one is TKO.

Okay, I got a situation here. Suspect just armed himself with a goddamn sign pole!

Three, I got an 8-Delta-3, I repeat, Delta. Possible 25-Bravo-1.


Aww, come on. Are the cops gonna be there first this time? Last time I...

Moving in.

Officer down! Officer down! Dispatch! I am on foot. Running east, with aggravated injuries. Where's my backup? Dispatch! Come in! He has my weapon!

Deputies already on the scene, Donnie. It's Dale over at China Lake. Now back up just a few minutes [unintelligible]. You get your ass down there.

Dammit. Okay Val, we're still on the 395. We'll be there in two shakes.

The deputy is alone.

Hey! You! Help me! You! You! Do you know this man? Can you calm him the hell down?

Chelle, another vehicle's arrived. Black. I also have a second individual on foot. He's dressed similar to the suspect. 6'2", 30-40 years old. I don't... I... ah!

All officers, 11-99. China Lake Sub Station. Where in the hell's my response? Jim? Jim? You hearing this?

We're here. FEMA Hazmat is already on scene, but there's something....

Our extraction has arrived. An ambulance too. Local first responders unarmed.

[Shot fired]

Da-Dale is shot? Who's shooting who? Don, I ain't showing nobody there. Don? Who is there with you?

Oh my god! They shot Dale! Get us out of here! Now! Hey! No-no-no! Look we're-we're not armed okay? We're... please... don't!

Tell them that this area is restricted. No entry.

[Two more shots fired]

Hello, who is this? Mister, this is an Emergency Service Line and you ain't permitted... No Go Zone? What the hell is a No Go Zone?

Unknown man: Let's get that lightbar turned off. Radio too.

Let's get that light bar turned off. Radio too. Copy. Transmission station rigged. Ready for your go. Proceeding to next item.

Recording 1 (1OL-A11:72, DOK-MTR:12, GW66N:32)
Recording 2 (1OL-A11:72, GW66N:32, GW66N:167)
Recording 3 (1OL-A11:72, DOK-MTR:12, GW66N:32, GW66N:167)

Note: In Recording 2, the beginning part of GW66N:32 is edited out to make the sequence clearer. In Recording 3, the background chatter has been lowered in volume in parts.

Darknet History

GW66N:123 0xff-ed:113 S.E-CC°#:54

Man: Stop using Darknet? I'm in the middle of trying to help a hundred people disappear. Do you have any idea what's going on inside LA?

Woman: I'm just saying when you're in a hurry, that's when mistakes get made.

Man: Listen, telecoms are down, the net's down. There are roadblocks popping up everywhere. Without the Darknet, we're deaf, we're blind.

Woman: I understand that, but I still think we need to think this Forager thing through. Besides, things should get back to normal soon. As soon as they find their device.

Man: Eco, there is no device. No Fata Morgana. It's just a story.

Woman: If there's no device then what the hell does everybody... ? Look, you know what, never mind. All I'm saying is that we don't know what the hell we're getting ourselves into. Have you seen the territory map? Have you seen how fast people are spreading the Darknet?

Man: I've seen. All we need to know is: Can it shut the Darknet down?

Woman: No. No way.

Man: And does it let them eavesdrop?

Woman: No, our crypto's secure.

Man: Then what's the problem?

Woman: Jesus, it's piggybacked on military satellites now. Did you know that?

Man: What? How's that even possible?

Woman: Well that's the problem, it shouldn't be. I can't disconnect them either.

Man: What are you saying?

Woman: The Gwen network too, it's just getting into everything.

Man: You said that Gwen was shut down. Inoperative.

Woman: Not with Forager, it's not.

Man: I'll tell you what, there's a couple of Air Force guys who want to come in. Electronic warfare types. I'll send them your way. Maybe they'll have some answers.

Woman: It's funny. I was just thinking about this old guy I knew years back. He was Air Force. I've been trying to remember...

Man: Remember what?

Woman: Yeah, this guy, he was at Edwards in '54. When Eisenhower visited. Wow. What's in Alice? What's in Alice?

Man: '54? The Dark Ages.

Woman: Yeah. He told me the day after Ike's visit, all their systems had linked up. And this was before any type of network even existed. It had penetrated everything, no matter how primitive. They thought it was an attack.

Man: What was it?

Woman: They isolated it. Then they tried to reverse engineer it. The project they came up with became known as ARPAnet.

Man: ARPAnet? That was the first-gen internet, right?

Woman: Uh, well he called it something... it was so long ago, but I think it was either Voyager or Forager...

Man: Ah hell. Look, you need to keep this quiet, all right? I mean, I don't see any way we can shut down. We're committed, right?

Woman: Yeah. Committed.

Man: It's time to connect the things that aren't supposed to be connected. It's time.

Status: 22,493 nodes are currently active.

Expansion rate is currently 300+ nodes per hour.

Forager has spawned over 90% of all currently active connections.

Accessing node profile.

Node identified: MilStar-7. Throughput 12 mega VPS.

MilStar-7 disengaged. MilStar-7 re-engaged.

Node identified: Ground Range Emergency Network Relay. Throughput 55 kilo VPS.

Node identified: Moscow Central Traffic Control Grid. Throughput 3 mega VPS.

Node identified: Alice Shortwave Station. Throughput 33 mega VPS.

Expansion rate is currently 350+ nodes per hour.

Expansion rate is currently 400+ nodes per hour.

Expansion rate is currently 500+ nodes per hour.


Radio Broadcast Interrupted

S.E-CC°#:133 BCK_DR:103 ECCM(DK:114

Okay, our delay loop is still snafu. We're going to have to do it live. In 3, 2, Go!


[typing sounds]


Welcome to the top of the hour. Now, I'm sure many of you have heard these rumors coming out of L.A. It sounds like absolute mayhem! You've got blackouts, communication outages, and of course these sightings of god-knows-what! Well, we are going to let you in on a little secret here, okay? Because our sources, our sources in the Pentagon, have confirmed for us what happened. What really happened.

The system is called Fata Morgana. And the Pentagon's been working on it for years. What it does is quite simply this: It projects images onto the sky.

This is amazing. We're patched through their entire phone bank.

Term-check. It's sci-ops. Keep it authoritative!

Going to callers in three. All lines are green.

Now, imagine being able to project a thousand bombers onto the skies above an enemy city. It's called psychological warfare, people. Breaking the enemies will to fight without firing a single shot.

Now, our sources say, what happened in L.A. was a test, an unauthorized test. But, we believe, we believe that this may have been the greatest prank in the history of mankind. We believe that somebody in the Pentagon used this Fata Morgana to project images of UFOs, so that L.A. could show us once and for all just how truly insane a place it really is.

Ok, we are set. Now we just wait for them to open the door.

Leave it running. Pull everybody out, and flag this safehouse as being blown.

Okay, that last bit wasn't in my briefing paper. We can't just go.

But there is more. Okay? Our sources confirm that this Fata Morgana device disappeared shortly after the test. Go figure! All right, disappeared, as in stolen. And this is why the government has locked down the entire L.A. basin. This device is worth billions, and we can't let anybody get their clammy little hands on it. So today's big question: Is there intelligent life in L.A.? Line one.


And bring it up.

What the hell? Kill it. Line Two. Well, any line. I don't care. Just kill it.

They can't be on every line. You know what? Pull the board. Shut it down.

Just give us a second here.

What do you mean "all of them"? No! Pull it! Just kill the entire feed. Now!

What the hell is this?

I'm sorry people, we are obviously having some kind of technical problem, hanging up the phone.

Please bear with us. We will find out who is responsible for this act of vandalism.

This is a warning. In the last 24 hours, you may have seen heavy movement of federal emergency forces into the Los Angeles area. These forces have already assumed control of several military facilities. They have seized broadcast centers, electrical power stations, and other key infrastructure. This is not about any device. The plan that is being executed today, has been in play for a long time. If you, or anyone you know, is offered protection or declared a National Security Asset - you need to run. There are others. Find us. We will help you. This won't be allowed to hap...

There. we're off air.

No, it wasn't me. It...

What? Well, thank God...it took you long enough.

  • I have tried to break up the more complicated syncs into rough chunks to help align the various conversations taking place.
  • The orange text throughout the transcripts is meant to act as a rough guide in the audio passages where one party is speaking over another.
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