The Buttermilk Is Alive! Introduction
Stay tuned for a rant about how people just don't appreciate a good game.
Resources Available
There isn't much in the way of resources since I can't find anyone else who's playing. You can maybe check out this thread on UF if you really feel like it.
Conventions Used

All links to in-game sites will be posted in Red.
All links to other sites, such as UF, will be posted in Blue.
All broken links will be posted in Gray and fixed when an alternate link is available.

When you see this symbol: § it means that there is additional text available. Just click on it and the text should drop down below.


The overall design of this guide is based upon the Cloudmakers Guide written by Adrian Hon. If it wasn't for this amazing guide, I never would have found ARGN, Unfiction or this ARG. This guide to the ARG The Beast is a must read for anyone interested in ARGs. I've also borrowed heavily from my previous guides to I Love Bees and Vaporlofts, so if you've read either of them, you should have no problems following along.


There is a session cookie on the guide. Its only purpose is to save your place when opening up the additional text, so if you surf away and come back, the text boxes should retain their open/shut state. Disabling cookies should not affect anything on the page and no information is passed on to me from the cookie.

I do welcome comments, especially if you find blatant errors such as typos, broken links, and site problems. However, please don't start emailing me going "Why haven't you put up such and such information/spec/whatnot?" or "When is this guide going to be updated?" While I will try to put up all hard information (i.e. things gathered directly from in-game sites), I will not be running wild with speculation. And I honestly have no idea when the guide will be updated. I only usually work on this a few hours a day, in between trying to catch up with all of the posts and the ideas swirling around on IRC. Just be patient. You'll see something eventually.

If you do need to reach me, you have a few options. One is contacting me on under the nick Rowan and/or nawoR. If I don't respond, it's because I'm not at the computer. You can also email me at Rowan.Lambelle on gmail. I'll try to get back to you, but I'm notorious for never returning emails. Just remember, it's not you, it's me.